Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure

Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
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You decide you’d rather go ahead and eat alone. You’re not familiar with anyone yet, and you’re pretty sure everyone else has their own lunch buddies at this point. You entered school pretty late.

You wander over to the cafeteria and get some food. It’s mediocere compared to your chef’s, but by school standard’s, it’s probably good.

You’re finding yourself pretty lonley, so you decide to contact Xul.
There’s no response for a minute or so, before your phone pings.
You did not. Tome is a rather obscure god. No one really talks about them. They've been around longer than they should, you're pretty sure you've heard someone say.
You look at the back of your phone. Strangley, you see the case has been altered slightly. It’s not the simple case you had before, but rather, there’s a design on it. And there’s something familiar about it. Something...

[Perception check: Jack rolled a 15. Check passed.]
[Intelligence check: Jack rolled a 15. Check passed.]


Of course.

It’s Lux‘s symbol.

This... certainly explains a lot of things.

It is 12:30 PM. You can still talk to Lux, but you should probably talk about a topic. Alternativley, you can befriend others, or do research.


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RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
>Ask Lux what it's like to be a god. Do they need to satisfy biological limitations like hunger and sleep like humans do?
>Knowledge check: What other gods are there that Jack knows of?
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RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
[Image: tumblr_ost37vmHyD1vhmgkso5_r1_1280.png]


There's no answer for a while. Lux starts typing again, then stops. She repeats.
You get the feeling she’s choosing her words carefully.

At this friendship level, this is the most Lux is willing to say to you.

This topic slowly reminds you a bit about your history lessons.

You then face a question. How many gods do you know of, really?

[Jack rolled a 13 on a knowledge check.]

You definetly know some gods, but all of them are related to Lux some way or another. You do live with a mother who worships her, in the lightest sense of the word.

[Image: tumblr_ost37vmHyD1vhmgkso1_1280.jpg]

Pato, for instance, is Lux's predecessor. He was the god of Sun and Light before he retired, and passed his mantle to Lux.

From what you know, he's a relativley benign god. He wasn't very strict, but he always did his duties.

You think maybe he was like a father figure to Lux, guiding her through the steps.

He was depicted as a dog like figure with wings like a bird, with his wings radiating light.

[Image: tumblr_ost37vmHyD1vhmgkso2_r1_1280.png]
Luna is Lux's sister, and the goddes of Moon and Sky. Despite being the younger sister, she holds a greater responsibilty when th two of them manage the sky, leaving that mantle to her.

She and Lux are often recorded to be having a small rivaly, but nothing significant.

Luna is rarley seen, and rarely talked about. She performs her duties quicker than other gods, to the point no being has ever really seen her, excluding her fellow gods.

She is often depicted as a deer putting light in the sky.

[Image: tumblr_ost37vmHyD1vhmgkso3_r1_1280.png]
There's also Lux's apprentice, Ban. The god of crime and drugs. Typically, it’s customary for a god to choose someone to mentor before they have to step down and have someone take their mantle. Lux chose a quiet half-sheepcreature to mentor.

Initally, she and Ban got on well together. She usually talked to him beyond what a mentor would, treating him like a son. He would then proceed to remind her while she was a god longer than he was, it makes him older than her due to the slowed acceleration of time experienced by gods.

Unfortunatley, he found out his second mantle had an astonishing effect, and soon became what his own mantle. He then grew hatred for justice, the very thing he was meant to stand for, doing a complete 180°.

Lux says that if he stops taking drugs, justice will be restored, and a golden age will begin once again.

It’s been a few years since she’s said that, however. More than a few years.

You guess she’s trying.

You're not sure how he's depicted as, but he's definetly depicted as a sheep.

[Image: tumblr_ost37vmHyD1vhmgkso4_r1_1280.png]

Of course, there's the god of Present and Presents. You can't remeber their name, but you're often inclined to believe they're santa. They preserve the present, making sure the world doesn't fall.

You don't remeber what they were depicted as.

There's also the god of the Past. They're usually making sure the past is correctly preserved, and that any word about it is truthful.

Or at least, for the important events.

They are depicted by a rabbit holding a pocket watch.

The god of the Future's form is constantly changing. Their job is to preserve the world's future, making sure it is still there to look forward too. They also have other jobs you're not sure of.

They are depicted by a clock, held by a seemingly shifting figure. They are often seen with several other clocks on their being.

For the most part, you don't know much about the gods of time. A true enigma, they are. You could probably suggest things that they might be.

That's all the ones you remeber.

You have to get to class in ten minutes. There's no reason why you can't ask Lux one final question, or look for someone to walk to class with. Pio must stand out, at least.

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we gotta find someone to walk to class with, get our social on
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There's currently a few people you can recognize here who you can talk to.

There’s Shirley, seated a bit behind you. You‘re not sure what she’s doing, but she's on her phone.

The two arguing rune students from earlier are on the table beside you, studying.

You guess Leon might be in that garden from earlier. You can't see them here.

Who should you ask, if ever?
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We need to chill with Leon more
RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
>Gotta get to class. Ask Shirley to walk to class with you.
>As you walk, perhaps talk about gods. Ask Shirley what gods she knows about, if any.
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RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
The universe picks up a coin. Leon is assigned to tails, while Shirley is assigned to heads.

The coin lands.


You decide to go over and talk to Shirley. More friends the merrier, you guess. Plus, if Pio is Leon's friend, you might see them on your way!

You walk up to Shirley. Immideatly, she tucks in her phone and looks at you questioningly. You absently note she wasn’t wearing her eyepatch.

[Image: IMG_0036.png]

And under that eyepatch was....

[Image: IMG_0028.png]

A completely normal eye.

”Do you need something?” She asks.

You shake your head and try not to look dumbfounded. ”I... just wanted to ask if you would walk to me to class.“


Shirley laughs. “What? Are you serious?”

“Er. Yes?“

She raises her eyebrows. ”Oh. Alright then. Which class are you going to?“


“Funny! That’s my next class as well. I might as well.”

Shirley picks up her things and gestures to the hallway.

[Image: IMG_0035.png]

Both of you walk in silence for a while, before Shirley speaks up.

“I’ll be honest, do you really need something? Like an answer to a question, or?”

“Well,” you shrug. “I’m only a little curious what gods you know.“

She snorts. You notice her shoulders have sagged a little. “I don’t believe in them too much, like a lot of people here. I just think they‘re there.“

“Do you know any, though?“

Shirley ponders for a moment. “I usually give some offerings to the god of Lost and Found. I like to think it helps with requests sometimes.”

“You take requests?“

She seems surprised. “You.. really didn’t know? I usually get things for people they can’t in Lunetta or via shipping. Knowledge, and other things.“

”So you‘re an knowledge breaker.“

[Image: IMG_0048.png]

“Something like that. Don’t frown upon it! It’s not illegal. Plus, I can get you regularstuff faster than Feta.”

You tilt your head. “How can you get something faster than a shipping company..?

She grins. “I just steal it from their shipments.“

You eye her carefully.

“Just kidding!” Shirley adds quickly. Then she pauses. “I’m surprised you’re trying to talk to me after I told you to go away.“

“I was interrupting a private conversation..”

“You were!“

[Image: IMG_0047.png]

After a moment she adds in a low voice, “Don’t talk about it again.“

[Shirley has passed the charisma check.]

You nod quickly. You know when not to involve yourself.

Up ahead, you can see the theatere door. You can also see Leon about to leave, if you want to talk to them. Additionally, you can ask a final question before class starts.


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(07-15-2017, 09:33 AM)wiltingMyosotis Wrote: »AA, would you like me to send you various god lore in pms if youre very curious?

I suppose I was being a little pushy with my lore fishing. Nah, I don't want any special treatment.

>Wave to Leon, then go to class.
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RE: Lovestruck: The Visual Novel Adventure
You refrain from asking Shirley any other questions. She doesn't seem to care, and continues on smiling as that never happened.

On your way in, you give a wave to Leon. They nearly brush past you, before almost tripping on the floor.

They sigh and give you a wave back. They don't offer a smile, but you feel like they're happy to see you. You hope.

They turn away, grey hoodie and all. In a blink of an eye, they've left your vision. Shirley merely raises an eyebrow as you watch them leave.

"Are they a friend of yours?"

You nod. "More or less, yes."

"Hm." Shirley hums and doesn't meet your eye. "At least you're befriending the right crowd."

With a shrug, Shirley bows towards you and opens the door. She extends an arm towards you, grin wide.

"Shall we go in, my lady?"

You take her arm with a grin mirroring her own.

"We shall."

Your classroom, surprisingly, is rather bright. Though perhaps you shouldn't have expected it to be like a true theatre room. There are leather seats and plastic chairs laid around for students to sit on. The center of the room remains clean of any furniture, however. You assume this is where they practice.

Additionally, you note the lack of a teacher.

Beside you, Shirley clicks her tongue. "She's usually not late."

Her voice trails off. She taps her foot on the floor impatiently. Her gaze darts around the room, as if she was searching for something.

You can try and find Pio and complete your task now, or you can try and assist Shirley. That, or you can still find other people to befriend.


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