Wizard Battles

Wizard Battles
RE: Wizard Battles
Tropella raises her gloved fist to the air, boisterous in joy at having a third member of her Ragtag Bunch of Misfits.

"すごい! We have now formed our Power Trio, as three is such a wonderful number in case heroes do not come in groups of five! Hang on, I think not being unable to understand bird might be a problem..."

She mentally admonishes herself for not realizing that she is a wizard, and wizards have almost unlimited potential. A tiny box is pulled out of the small Bag Of Holding placed on her waist, inside of which is...nothing.

"T-There was supposed to be a pill that contains Translator Microbes. With it you could have your speech be...easily understood by us! Yes! We're wizards, we have many other solutions to such insignificant inconveniences."

Tropella dramatically points towards the nearby exit and loudly proclaims "Alright! I, Tropella the Triumphant, have begun my adventure with my acquaintances! Open the Game!"