Terrene Spire

Terrene Spire
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>Scan the statues first, then focus on the strange flashing panels.
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So Terrene Spire comes back with another update and SHOCKER it's another railroading update. At least this time I can with finality say this is the last one.

Not the last update, just the last railroading update. From this point on, the hero's journey is in full swing! Trials and tribulations! Dungeon crawling! COOL LOOT!! Zest's adventure into the menagerie of stupidity begins here!

Thank you all for reading Terrene Spire! I cannot believe you guys still stick with me! Thank you, thank you a thousand billion times!

To my Patrons: Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. Your financial help in these last three months has been invaluable, holy fucking shit you guys have bailed me out time and time again. Sorry for not delivering on specifically what you pay for for so long. Life has been beating the crap out of me as per usual, but I am constantly trying to keep going. Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for reading Terrene Spire.

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RE: Terrene Spire

>Psych up, matter mold some ice skates, and then when you're close to the ground, create a some diagonal mood spikes. With luck you could turn your fall into forward momentum.