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Cloudsea - The Chronicle of Alice Van Vaugen
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 RE: Cloudsea - The Chronicle of Alice Van Vaugen
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Too Busy Reading

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> Wonder where your life went wrong, immediately realize that it was probably when you died.

Spoiler :
Bear, have I ever told you how much I love your prose especially in stuff like this? Because now you know and I love.

[Image: IMG_1277.png]
[Image: IMG_1342.png]
07-21-2017 03:02 PM
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 RE: Cloudsea - The Chronicle of Alice Van Vaugen
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>A blank stare at first. Then a sharp draw of breath. Oh-no... A window-shattering wave of sound explodes outwards. For miles and miles everyone stops what they're doing to listen to what can only be described as the scream to end all screams.

Alice, oh Alice,
where did your life go wrong?
Was it when you cried?
Could you have died?
Perhaps it's your new throng.

Maybe it's malice?
We'll have to wait and see,
with storms on the way
all we can say
"Welcome to the Cloudsea".

Noise Lights: A Text Adventure
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 RE: Cloudsea - The Chronicle of Alice Van Vaugen
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Alice opened her mouth, and then closed it. Then she closed her eyes, and counted to five. One. Two. Three. Fou-
Spoiler :
Viss Wrote:"Aliss has gone all quiet! Has Viss won Aliss over with just a single hug?"
Alice Wrote:"Viss.""
Viss Wrote:"A-Aliss is doing something funny with her voice. . ."
She always got this urge to just- scream her lungs out, but it was always quickly over-ridden. She wondered what part of that was the universe, and what part of that was Empty helping keep her emotions in check, and how much of that was her own doing.

She turned to look down at Viss, and slowly opened her eyes. Viss let out a quiet gulp, and flicked her tongue a few times.
Spoiler :
Alice Wrote:"I do not know where I am. I can only presume I am on the Brasstack. I'm not sure why, but I do not want to have to explain to the rest of your crew why I'm screaming, especially mostly naked and with you holding onto me."
Viss Wrote:". . .Is that all? Yes, we are on the Brasstack- I was worried Aliss was going to start shooting. . ."
Alice Wrote:"Please, Viss. I'm here as a Guest, aren't I? That would be awfully rude. Plus, your blood burns."
Viss Wrote:"Ah. Aliss is. . . Correct. Aliss is taking this quite well!"
Alice Wrote:"Viss. LET. GO."
Viss let out a sad sound and released Alice, spinning about dramatically on one foot and hopping up to sit on the edge of the bed.
Spoiler :
Viss Wrote:"Rejected by Aliss again! My heart, it breaks, again! Am I doomed to forever be alone, kept at arms length by those I love?!"
Alice Wrote:"How could this happen to me? oh right. I made my mistakes."
Viss Wrote:"What was that?"
Alice Wrote:"Nevermind. I don't suppose it would do anything to ask you to leave?"
Viss Wrote:"And leave Aliss all alone?! What if Qhen was to wander in, with thoughts impure and- and-"
Alice Wrote:"I do not believe Qhen has the capacity for such thoughts. Just like I don't believe you have the capacity for actually caring about how irritated I am right now."
Viss Wrote:"Aliss, so observant. So Smart- so-- BADLY WOUNDED! What is THAT?!"
Alice Wrote:"Uh?"
Viss had hopped off the bed again, and had pushed up Alice's undershirt. She was unhappy with this, but was curious about what Viss had- Oh.
Spoiler :
Alice Wrote:"That's some of the scars I received when I fought you and ENVIOUS. Just some burns, that's all."
Viss Wrote:"That's ALL? Aliss- You- Didn't this hurt?"
Alice Wrote:"Um, Did you miss this one?"
Viss Wrote:"HeeeeeisSSSSS?! What did this?! Aliss, You need to let Viss treat you!"
Alice Wrote:"That's where I was- presumably, stabbed through the heart with a foot long claw, if my hazy memory of the events is to be remembered. That's when I met Qhen-. . . It just occurred to me that I have NO idea what you were doing at my home!. . . Whatever. I'll ask later. It doesn't even hurt anymore, Viss-"
Viss Wrote:"Viss does not care about the- well Viss DOES care about the pain, but your poor skin! It is very pretty, and does not deserve to have so many terrible looking scars."
Alice rolled her eyes a little. Undershirt down. She finished pulling on and buttoning her overshirt. Then she found that they had picked her out a very nice green vest from her clothes. White shirt, black undershirt, green vest, green trousers and black boots.

Viss was continuing to freak out the entire time, to the point where Alice heard someone come down to the door of the room, but they didn't open it. Probably was just listening. That's rude. She adjusted her collar, and brushed herself off.

She turned, knelt down, and put her hands on Viss' shoulders. Viss stood there, mouth open, tongue standing straight out, before she couldn't hold it anymore, and her tongue flopped against her bottom jaw. It was cute, and weird.
Spoiler :
Alice Wrote:"I understand your concerns- But. . . Well, It's not like it matters, right? I know I'm not exactly the most appealing person- both in looks and personality. Just a fact of growing up a frumpy library girl."
Viss Wrote:"SsssSsssss! SSS! No! Viss thinks Aliss is amazing! Aliss is so tall. Taller than Qhen. Viss would like to see the world from Aliss' shoulder. Yes. But Aliss is so appealing, she has captured Viss' pure, innocent heart!"
Alice Wrote:"I do not believe you understand what those last few words meant."
Viss Wrote:"Aliss knows what Viss means! Viss and Qhen- Well- Viss anyway, Viss really loves Aliss. Viss' reasons might not be the most pure in the world, but it is the only thing Viss knows- and by Viss' values, Aliss is wonderful."
Alice Wrote:"Are you saying that you love me less though, because of the scars?"
Viss Wrote:". . .No. Viss just worried. . ."
Alice Wrote:"Viss, I just woke up, I haven't eaten, Qhen has been standing outside the door listening to you ramble while I got dressed- and I still need an answer as to why I'm on this airship."
The door slowly opened. Qhen put a hand through the door. Viss instantly pulled away from Alice and jumped up on the bed and looked- particularly subdued all of a sudden.
Spoiler :
Qhen Wrote:"Decent?"
Alice Wrote:"I'm dressed. Viss was groping me, and then she started crying because I have scars."
Qhen Wrote:"Oh, Yeah. Like that wound on your chest?"
Alice Wrote:"Are YOU the one that has been redressing me when I pass out?!"
Viss Wrote:"What?!"
Qhen Wrote:"I'm not sure why this is a revelation. Empty can't interact with the physical world, right? No muse can, unless they've become merged with their host, and at that point, is that the same thing?"
Alice Wrote:". . .I- . . . Do you at least have something to eat?"
Qhen Wrote:"Yeah! Come up top. I wanted to talk to you, I'll serve you up lunch."
Alice Wrote:". . . Lunch?"
Viss Wrote:"Ah- Aliss has been sleeping for quite some time- or rather- she slept in. It's why we didn't ask before bringing you on board- or rather, it was convenient because Qhen and Viss wished to talk to Aliss about-"
Alice Wrote:"Food first. Food, and then we can talk about how angry I am."
Viss Wrote:"aaa no aliss we mean well"
Alice was decidedly less angry than she was when she started this day. Lunch- It was breakfast. Breakfast was tasty, and simple. She never thought about it much, but a steam-powered airship would definitely be able to afford redirecting some of that heat into a oven-steamer. As such, breakfast was soft steamed buns with a spread of oven roasted fruit and honey. Turns out Qhen is fairly handy around an oven.

She was even willing to forgive Viss her. . . Exuberance. But don't tell her that. Alice is aware that Viss' concept of affection was- flawed was a cruel word, and not what she intended. Damaged? Different? Different. Viss is from a difference place and upbringing than herself. Qhen as well. Alice is pretty sure the last person who had otherwise seen her even partially nude was the doctor who had to remove a piece of metal piping from her shoulder because- well let's not dwell on that.

She was even willing to forgive this impromptu kidnapping. They hadn't like, taken her and run. The airship was slowly doing circuits over the island. Occasionally, Alice had looked over the side to see some of the crew below, still helping with the search and salvage situation. . .

. . .What was her plans now? Surely, this ride on the airship was something to do with that, but she had remained silent, Qhen was further back and up, navigating the ship. Viss was sitting nearby, but not too close, and she looked like she was deep in thought- Alice didn't want to disturb her. But she wasn't going to get anywhere just watching the scenery go by.
Spoiler :
Alice Wrote:"Hey, Viss?"
Viss Wrote:". . .Hssssmm? Mmm? Yes, Aliss?"
Alice Wrote:"So. . . Why did you two bring me up here? Why are we the only ones on board?"
Viss Wrote:"Well- We should probably let Qhen know to put the ship to drift for now."
Viss waved an arm at Qhen. Qhen waved back and turned the wheel sharply, to point the nose of the ship towards the center of the island, then the entire thing went silent. Qhen had pulled something from the wheel, something on a long chain, which they slipped over their neck. A few moments later they were pulling a box over on which to sit.
Spoiler :
Qhen Wrote:". . ."
Viss Wrote:". . ."
Alice Wrote:". . ."
Qhen Wrote:". . ."
Viss Wrote:". . ."
Alice Wrote:"Okay, I'm starting to lose my patience again. . . I should be helping out in town. . ."
Viss Wrote:"No no! Sorry- This is. . . Hard for u- Hard for Qhen."
Qhen Wrote:". . ."
Alice Wrote:"Qhen. You may find this hard to believe, but I'm not a mind reader."
Qhen Wrote:"No, you're a heart reader, right? Viss is probably closer to a mind reader, even though it's more muscle memory and those weird eyes of hers."
Viss Wrote:"Qhen is not one to talk! Qhen's eyes are like pools of darkness now! Even the pretty yellow part is gone!"
Qhen Wrote:"Oh-? . . . Oh. Hm. . . Well. . . *sigh* Alice- Would. . ."
Alice Wrote:". . ."
Qhen Wrote:"Would you- be my. . ."
Alice Wrote:". . .Are you. . .Proposing to me?"
Qhen Wrote:"No! Not all all! How could you think that?!"
Alice Wrote:"Oh- Wow. That kinda stings. Viss, is this how you feel when I'm super rude to you? Or am I just disappointed that Qhen couldn't tell I was joking?"
Viss Wrote:"Aliss was joking?"
Qhen Wrote:"I just wanted you to take this!"
Qhen thrust a key on a chain out at Alice. Alice looked at the key. Then Qhen. Then the Key. Then Viss.
Spoiler :
Alice Wrote:"Okay, Viss, I need you to do the talking, because Qhen seems to think I understand what this is."
Viss Wrote:"It's- Uh. It's the key to the captain's cabin."
Alice Wrote:"Oh."
Viss Wrote:"We had been talking with the crew, and- things have been kinda strained, emotionally, since we lost the captain- and some of them have been wanting to settle down, and we were going to just approach it like a business deal. . . They were offering to trade you the airship, if you'd allow them to settle down on the island. At least for the time being- you're still hoping to find the missing people, right?"
Alice Wrote:"Wait- So- What was Qhen asking?"
Qhen Wrote:". . .It's not important."
Viss Wrote:"Aliss, the crew has been trying to push Qhen to be the new captain, and Qhen has continued to refuse, because they do not believe they deserve to be the captain. Even after we talked about what actually happened that night- Qhen still feels bad that they couldn't stop what happened from happening- and that by relation, they could not stop what happened to Viss and Qhen."
Alice Wrote:"I don't think I need to tell you this, but I don't know the first thing about airships, or being a captain."
Qhen Wrote:"That's a lie! You read the same books I do! I've seen them on your shelves! It might just be theory and second hand knowledge, but you're really sharp! You know how things work, and when things get real bad, you know how to handle the worst and make it manageable. . .
Alice Wrote:". . ."
Qhen Wrote:"Look. The crew is done. They're done exploring and not having a place to stay- and I didn't ask you first, but I thought you'd understand that we're all just looking for a place to belong, you know?"
Alice Wrote:". . ."
Viss Wrote:"Aliss. . .?"
Alice Wrote:"Oh my god, just give me the key, and take us down. What class is this boat? Never mind, we can talk about it later- I just need some time to think about all this."
Qhen and Viss looked at each other while Alice looked out into the clouds. Viss smiled at Qhen, and Qhen allowed themselves to smile back, while they got up and walked back up to the wheel. They were all hiding something from each other. They knew that.

Viss was thrilled with the possibility of getting to go out adventuring again. She only truly felt alive when she was being threatened with danger. She tried not to think about how messed up that was- but recently, because of Alice, and the developments with Qhen. . . She was starting to become a little more aware of how many scars she had covered up, or simply healed. She was absentmindedly rubbing one of the worse ones- it always ached when she wasn't keeping her mind preoccupied with other things- like how good Alice looked in that little black top. Also her skin is quite smooth. She sort of just wanted to nuzzle up against her and----

. . .Viss really is kinda trash. She knows.

Qhen was relieved that Alice said yes. It was like- a weight had been lifted off their shoulders. Figuratively and literally. It was something that Qhen had argued with the captain about often. . . Even on the night when he died. The captain had wanted to retire- and Qhen adamantly refused to take the job. . . Said they didn't have any right to be in charge of other people's well being, when they couldn't even take care of themselves. . .

When- when it all happened, the captain gave Qhen the key, and told them to run. Captain said it didn't matter that Qhen didn't want to be the captain. Qhen would know what to do with the key, and would either take the job, or find someone good enough to take their place.

. . .Qhen wouldn't have dared admit it- But sometimes Alice's eyes make them think of the captain. Sometimes when Alice was thinking very hard- she had this. . . amazing gaze. . . It made Qhen pause sometimes.

Alice. . .

Alice wasn't sure what to think. Everything was still moving so fast. Was this what life was like outside her shell? It kinda made her want to crawl back in. But she has the distinct feeling that 'the universe' would give her guff for it. . . Of COURSE she wants to explore! She wants to see things, things like she's read about in her books! Beautiful, amazing things. . .

But that also means having to see the less beautiful, more horrifying things. Qhen had asked her if she knew what the Imperial Sphere was like. Sometimes she forgot she even lived in it. The island barely had a presence of them, she had honestly forgotten. . . She's not even sure she's really seen anything about the Imperial Sphere except what she's read in books. It's not always the most flattering things.

But all of that aside, Alice was secretly thrilled- and honestly a little touched that Qhen had worked up the courage to do that. She was also a little touched- literally, but still- by Viss. Viss seemed genuinely worried with Alice's well being, which was something she was not particularly good at. Like, she could get up, do some exercise, eat well, but she still spent most of her time indoors, alone.

Whatever. She can figure out what she's going to do, after she talks to Qhen and Viss about the ship.

So. An interesting bit of participation, I'd like your help designing the Brasstack! Just log your choices after anything you might have to suggest to Alice, Qhen and Viss (yes, Viss can hear you again.) and I will use the suggestions to help put together the pieces.
Spoiler :
Part 1: Ship Body
A: Old Leisure Cruiser - Short Fore to Aft, Thin Port to Starboard, 4 Floors:
- Deck (Navigation and Captain's Quarters)
- Top (Quarters, Kitchen)
- Middle (Engineering, Combat)
- Bottom (Cargo)
- (Holds the Most)

B: Imperial Scout - Long Fore to Aft, Med. Port to Starboard, 3 Floors:
- Deck (Navigation)
- Top (Quarters, Captain's Quarters)
- Bottom (Cargo, Combat, Engineering, Kitchen)
- (Fastest)

C: Mysterious Design - Med. Fore to Aft, Wide Port to Starboard, 2 Floors:
- Deck (Navigation, Captain's Quarters, Navigator's Quarters)
- Interior (Cargo, Combat, Engineering, Kitchen, Quarters)
- (Unusual armored exterior)

Part 2: Extras - Each ship will have room for a couple upgrades. Pick your three favorites!
- Landing Gear ( Not just landing GEAR, like struts, but also deployable harpoon/rope guns for quickly lashing to a dock/another ship! )
- Cargo Loading Door
- Deployable Sailwings
- Additional Cargo Space in the form of attached pontoons, that can be detached in an emergency.
- Mysterious secret weapon
- A really fancy Breeze-Map for the navigation station
- Balloon-less design
- A Tabernacle! (In this case, a small room with a weird little shrine/cabinet in it with tokens for the ten great adventurers. Supposedly This can be used to upgrade abilities. . . But it's probably not compatible with Muse users. . . . Musers? Not like you're going to find many more of those, right? What are the chances you would get an entire crew of nothing but people with strange psychological hangups?)
- Feel free to suggest something you think an airship could use.

Also there is a perfectly fine 4th and 5th choice for Ship Design:
Optional D: "Who cares? That sounds like a lot of stuff to worry about."
Optional E: "This ship isn't nearly that cool. Alice should look into getting a new one custom built!"
Thanks for humoring me. ' <'
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 RE: Cloudsea - The Chronicle of Alice Van Vaugen
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Design? MYSTERY!
Balloons? The Mystery is Where did they go? And Why do we have so many propellors?!
and then the Breeze Map. For Easier Travel TO Mystery!
Unless not relying on Balloons 'd free us from being as dependent on aircurrents to get us places in a timely manner, in which case, maybe, like Bomb Bay Doors? Like, we have our own personal Alchemist on Board. Having something on our ship allowing for easy Ability to huck explosives out the bottom'd allow us to better UTILISE that.

and could probably, in a pinch, be used to load cargo more easily

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 RE: Cloudsea - The Chronicle of Alice Van Vaugen
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> Congrats Capt. Alice. Maybe you could be like those people in your books! Adventure! Drama! Awkward romance! ... Well eesh you're most of the way there already without having a ship. Take a look around, get to know the ship. At the least you can find a nice spot for your void space door.

> Are you ok, Qhen? A lot has been going on. Do you think the crew will be happy on the island? They have a lot of material they can recycle.. Were there any buildings that came out intact?

> Viss! Viss Viss Vissssssss, you trash-lizard, you are a treasure. Maybe ask Alice later after she's had time to decompress if you can help with the scars. She's still new to this whole touchy-feely thing.

> C. Mysterious design, my favorites for extras are Landing gear (especially harpoon rope!), Cargo loading door, and Balloon-less design!
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 RE: Cloudsea - The Chronicle of Alice Van Vaugen
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Part 1:
>Option C, it may look add and mysterious, but it still packs a punch with an imposing silhouette. Any aggressors would think twice before engaging.
Part 2:
>Deployable sailwings
>Secret Weapon
>Balloonless design
>karaoke bar

>So Alice, congratulations on your new job promotion, mon capitaine. Most librarians need to work their way up to the captain position and have at least 2 years of Sea Shanty School.

>Alright, and bear with me here, now that you have a ship, is it out of the question to immediately become a bunch of shanty-shouting, rum-swilling pirates? Just asking...

Noise Lights: A Text Adventure
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 RE: Cloudsea - The Chronicle of Alice Van Vaugen
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Alice sat alone. Not that her house was empty. Viss was nearby- After such a short time, she was quite aware of how it felt when Viss and Qhen were in her proximity. She also had learned this unusual prickling that meant that Viss was watching. For now, Viss was not.

Viss was outside, on the other side of the wall, talking with some of the crew. When they learned that Alice had agreed to the exchange- Well, the 'temporary captain' at the time had come by to find out what it was Alice wanted. They were. . . Relieved? To learn that Alice intended for them to finish their work before they were allowed to properly settle in, and that she was also going to look at everything they salvaged, and made a decision on what they could have afterwards.

Jules, their name was? Jules thought the entire thing amusing. Agreed that Qhen had found a 'proper captain' for the ship. They had even brought a peace offering. . . Apparently Jules was originally the engineer, and had been given the captain role because they knew the ship best. So she gave Alice the best thing they could think of as an offering.

They gave Alice the designs for the airship.

Jules used to work for Her Imperial Majesties, in the royal research society. Jules didn't offer up a reason as to why she was no longer with them, and why she had taken a ship and all of it's design documents with her. . .and Alice didn't ask.

She had spent a couple hours pouring over the designs. The ship was fascinating. It was steam-powered, which is. . . rare. Mostly because charge stones were fairly plentiful and powerful enough to drive the propellers to move even a larger ship for at least a week or so- it and were small enough that it was easy (but not cheap, maybe. . .) to keep spares on board.

At least, that's how she understood it. But this design- It was fascinating! The ship's exterior shell was made entirely out of high strength steel! It was a costly material, but it's strength meant you could have thinner walls, and it was reinforced with wood and metal struts that helped absorb impacts. . .

And this steam engine. . . If it did what it looked like, to Alice's novice eye- this thing could practically last forever! It only needed elemental stones to keep the heat going, and it even had a coal box for emergency heating. . . And it only needed water if the 'Main Cannon' was fired? She hadn't really figured out what that was all about yet, and she wasn't sure if she cared right now. She closed the folder of scrawling and scribbles and diagrams and blueprints, and flopped back in her chair in the downstairs study.

Before she chased everybody outside, Viss and Qhen had stopped to let Alice know what they thought. They respected her, and cared for her, and making her the captain was just as much for her as it was for Viss and Qhen and the rest of the ex-crew. It wasn't anything exceptional, but it had made Alice think for a while, which she was doing again.

Alice has no idea what the outside world is like. She's been living on this- picturesque island for so long. . . There have been no problems. . . No worries. . . No-

. . .No, wait. Something feels off. Something. . .hurts. . .

No! Can't think about it. She needs to get out of this room. Out of this house. Outside! She can go out the back door and have a breath of air.

She nearly tripped as she threw open the back door and stumbled out, catching herself on a support for the back porch. She held onto it and breathed. Her head stopped hurting, little by little.
Spoiler :
Qhen Wrote:". . .You alright, Alice?"
Alice Wrote:"AH. H-Hello, Qhen. What are you doing out here? I thought you'd be out front. . . with the party."
Qhen was sitting on the grass. It took a moment for Alice's eyes to readjust, but she was quickly aware of the small red cape hanging around Qhen's shoulders.
Spoiler :
Qhen Wrote:"Oh- I was. . . Talking to Free. Viss and I haven't told the crew anything. They don't need to know about the weird crap we've been seeing, and I've never been particularly close to any of them, aside from the captain."
Alice Wrote:"Ahh. . .Mm. I'm sorry. I just needed some air, and I couldn't remember how to open a window that didn't involve breaking it with something. If I'm interrupting, I can go back inside-"
Free Wrote:"Nonsense. Please, Miss Vaugen, I insist. Sit with us."
Alice Wrote:". . .Qhen?"
Qhen Wrote:"I wasn't saying anything you couldn't hear, Alice. I just saw you were deep in thought, and I didn't wanna bother you earlier. I don't have any problems with you sitting."
Alice smiled. Free wasn't there, but Alice could see them bow politely when she walked over and plopped down- Right next to Qhen. Her head fell on their shoulder. Qhen blinked, then coughed politely, to themselves.
Spoiler :
Alice Wrote:"Sorry. Your shoulder is comfortable, and despite all this sleep I've been apparently getting- I don't feel all that rested."
Qhen Wrote:"Ha- I know how that feels- well. Maybe. Feel free to use my shoulder as a headrest then. I'll try not to move."
Alice Wrote:". . .Mm. So. What were you talking about?"
Qhen Wrote:"Hm? Oh! Free and I were discussing- amusingly enough- the concept of freedom. What it means to us. It is part of our identity, I thought it would be interesting to see what Free thought, and in turn, discover what I thought."
Alice Wrote:"Ahh. . . That sounds. . . Enlightening? Maybe fun, depending on how much you like debate and discussion."
Qhen Wrote:"Well, I suppose I'm not against it- But it helps that Free is a part of me. I think talking like this brings us closer, and helps us understand one another. Also, it's like an exercise."
Alice Wrote:"Oh?"
Qhen Wrote:"It's hard for Free to maintain a physical form, just like it's hard for me to maintain our metaphysical combined form. So this is training. In order to attain our beloved freedom, we must become so strong that nobody can defeat us."
Alice Wrote:". . .Ha. . . How many times have you mentioned that we read the same things, Qhen? Down that kind of path- you're going to make yourself sad."
Qhen Wrote:"Maybe. If I screw up, then I'll just have to get back up and fix what I screwed up."
Alice Wrote:". . ."
Qhen Wrote:"But enough about me! That's boring! I'm sure you know what's coming up next, Alice?"
Alice Wrote:". . .Huh?"
Qhen Wrote:"Well, you're my Captain now- and Free and I were talking about freedom. . . Free might respect your ability to defeat us, and might even appreciate you hauling us back from the edge of oblivion- But we gotta know. What's Freedom?"
. . .Alice slowly sat up. She looked at Qhen. Qhen smiled back at her. She turned and looked out off into space. Everything got- incredibly quiet. She was hyperaware of not only Qhen, but Free's gaze. It made her uncomfortable, but not as much as the question did. What was Freedom? A dictionary would say 'the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.'

That was probably the Freedom that Qhen and Free pursued. What would Freedom to Viss be? Probably 'the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.' She could tell that Viss' past was an incredible weight that she had to deal with every day.

So, what was Freedom to her? Alice van Vaugen. Young woman. Bookworm.
Spoiler :
Alice Wrote:". . . Freedom, the power of self-determination attributed to the will; the quality of being independent of fate or necessity."
Qhen Wrote:". . . Uh."
Alice Wrote:"I found- a definition, of the word Freedom, that I would apply to you. To Viss. But that definition just now was the only thing I could think of. It feels. . . Appropriate."
Qhen Wrote:"Is that it? Is that all you can think of, when you think of your personal freedom? A definition?"
Alice Wrote:"I've never known anything I would call. . . a lack of freedom. Or rather- Anything that I've done, I've done because I wanted to. I might have felt restricted staying in my house by myself, but the alternative was terrifying. I think that is my answer- or even to the point, my lack of an answer is my answer. Until I know freedom, I can't tell you what it is to me."
Free Wrote:"That's pretty good, Alice. Awkward, impersonal and childish. . . But good. So tell us. How will you learn to know freedom?"
Alice Wrote:". . .I don't know. What if I said that when we were done with searching the town for supplies, I just. . . planned on getting on the airship and going somewhere?"
Qhen Wrote:"Where?"
Alice Wrote:". . ."

( ) "I don't know."
( ) "I don't care."
( ) "Anywhere but here."
( ) "I want to see another island."
( ) "I want to see what the world is like."
( ) "A bar? Adventures start there, right?"
( ) [SECRET ANSWER: Can Alice trust Qhen with this one?]
( ) "How about the CloudSea?"
( ) [Quick, Change to another character!]
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