The Archive Thread for Completed Works

The Archive Thread for Completed Works
Here's a big ol' master list of all the completed works on for your viewing pleasure.

Completed Adventures

Wrapped up Forum Games

Grand Battles that have been won

Q: A completed thing isn't in this list, please advise?
A: Bring it up right here in this thread. Link to it, state it's title, and a short sentence about it.
Q: I have a work here that is both complete, and a work, but it does not fit into the three categories! Please advise?
A: Bring it up right here in this thread. You may just be the lucky winner of the mysterious Misc. Category.
Q: I am the creator of a work listed here and I don't like the description, please advise?
A: Post in this thread your work and what you'd rather the description be, creators get full priority on their own works.
Q: What counts as complete?
A: When the narrative has reached its conclusion.
Q: What does not count as complete?
A: An abandoned project the creator has no intention of finishing.
Q: Can I suggest a subcategory?
A: Please do!
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Reserved (just in case)
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Here's a description for Take X:

When a megalomaniacal mage seizes ultimate power, it falls to a band of unlikely heroes to wrest back the world from her control.
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Zoostuck: What would happen if John Egbert's name was Zoosmell Pooplord?
Zoostuck 2: oh gods it has a sequel, why
Zoostuck 3: seriously, there's three of them?

The Pointless Adventures of Nopor Puss: The Master of Pointlessness goes on a thrilling adventure that could have been avoided if he'd just picked the dang amulet up from the start.
Updated for those.

Descriptions for other things would be most appreciated, especially grand battles as I would have absolutely no idea what to put there.
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Please help me Meloncholy

I would like for one day this to be complete in some manner. Lest I just forgo descriptions for the things no one wants to describe.
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