The Daydreamer Project Talk Thread

The Daydreamer Project Talk Thread
The Daydreamer Project

Lynette Fairfield is a young woman with an amazing talent that allows her to freely wander the land of dreams when she sleeps. But the lands beyond the borders of her own sleeping mind are full of dark thoughts from other people's head, so Lynette prefers to stay in her own dreams and keep the company of her imaginary friends. Now she prepares her first expedition into Dreamland in over a decade as part of her new job; assisting the research of The Daydreamer Project.

In The Daydreamer Project, readers submit prompts to guide Lynette on her journeys in Dreamland.

I feel like we're at a good point to start a discussion thread as we near the end of the Prologue. This thread is for general comments and feedback, as well as Q&A for anything you might want to ask me about the story and world. I'll also be using this thread as a place to put up behind-the-scenes trivia that I think you will enjoy.

Thank for the interest and support in The Daydreamer Project in the weeks since we launched!
So the cast of Lucidstuck and Lynette should have a crossover, is what I'm saying.
Does really cute mice people, vibrant characters/backgrounds and the most adorable art style you've ever seen interest you? Read Great Haven.

Have you ever wanted to save a bunch of kids from dying horribly in a nightmare dreamscape? Read Lucidstuck
I am glad you have returned to this setting. Excited to see what dreams will be submerge in!
I dunno what to say but welcome back. I saw the previous version of this story and I hope you have a better time this try