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Four Lore and Speculation
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 RE: Four Lore and Speculation
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Tinny, Energetic Music Wrote:TechMind Interdimensional Manual (Chapter ???? - Emergency Codes)

All new Techmind Employees: Please make sure you have thoroughly read this section, failure to properly identify a code sequence could result in damage to yourself, or worse, your co-workers, or Techmind Corporate Properties.

Safety is everyone's job. If you do not do your job properly, you will be demoted. Remember, there are always openings for new [ZEROES], so be a [HERO], Remember your codes!.

[Section 2 - The Font Threat Assessment Guide, or Font TAG]
Here at TMI, we make use of a specialized font/voice synth chip known only as vaporwave, so that we may properly identify one another. It seems to be unique to our region.

However, there are seven fonts that you will find in your text editing software. They are there to always remind you of the Font TAG system.

Arial, Courier, Impact, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana.

There are not necessarily in any order of danger, they are merely being listed in the format that you will find them in most of your programs at your workstation.

Spoiler :
This is used to indicate anyone that may possibly be a threat in the future. This sounds like it's very broad, but it's easy to identify.

Disgruntled customers, overly aggressive types, scary looking animals, things that are brightly colors in a way that makes them striking to the eye.

Here at TMI, we believe that this is one of the few things nature got correct.

If you could imagine the person or thing in question being featured beside you on a nature documentary that included the phrase: "Sadly, there is but only one course for nature to take." In regards to yourself, then go ahead and slap an ARIAL tag on it!

If anybody should come across your corpse and recover your memory drive or message prism, they can recover your taglist and see what might have killed you!
Spoiler :
Courier, on the other hand, is used to denote things that are good or safe.

To that end, anything tagged with this actually has an invisible holographic marker projected onto it, that can be scanned by other people, and will include a comment, if you leave one, along with a timer that lets people know how long it has been since you left the tag, and an additional timer that allows people to 'verify' the safety of the tagged person/place/thing.
Spoiler :
Impact is the escalation of Arial: That is to say, anything tagged with it is immediately to be treated as a threat to yourself or others.

Now, this COULD be just a pool of flammable oil that hasn't been cleaned because the janitorial staff has been waylaid to clean another mess.

OR it could be applied to a small hole at the base of a wall, where someone watched one of their coworkers get impossibly pulled through the hole in the wall, only to have their non-edible remains ejected shortly thereafter.

Either way, an impact tag will automatically ping any compatible hardware when within the radius that you set when you apply the tag. This will make it so others do not blunder into danger! Don't forget to set your tag parameters!
Spoiler :
This is a very interesting and useful tag! You will probably enjoy this one, employee!

A Tahoma tag can be placed anywhere, and can hold an amazing amount of data. . . Which is then locked behind any number of interesting safety mechanisms that you can choose from a built in list at the time of creation!

FontTAG is the Threat Assessment Guide system, but sometimes you may not be able to pass along information safely! If you suspect that the enemy can locate and identify FontTAGs, or even worse, if you suspect that someone that has access to the same areas as you is untrustworthy, send information in a Tahoma Data Vault!

Note: TMI Corp. is aware that employees, from workers, to soldiers, to even high ranking members of our organization, sometimes use Tahoma Data Vaults in games of chance or skill, as a way of storing prizes for those who find it. We do not officially condone this practice, but it would be far to cruel to actually levy punishments against those that seek to keep morale high!

Note: Be forewarned, however. Internal Affairs has the right to scan and confiscate anything found within a wayward Data Vault. Anything placed and found, unclaimed, in a TDV is the property of the company.
Spoiler :
This and the following two tags are generally reserved for special company communications, so be aware that depending on your job and rank within the company, you may not be able to view the contents!

Times New Roman is the tag used for official company messages. We only have so much wall space, and most of that space is reserved for shelves and data racks and motivational posters. So a tag of this class is usually reserved for 'interoffice' communication, and is usually restricted to by job,rank, or sometimes a special Group Code.
Spoiler :
Short and Simple: This Tag is for Security Forces only. If you can access one of these tags, either you are yourself a member of the Security Forces, or it contains information that you will very likely want to read, like emergency instructions and the like.

If you see a Trebuchet MS, do a quick verification scan to see if it is for your eyes! If not, move along! You do not have to be seen to be punished for attempting to break into a Trebuchet MS FontTAG, these tags contain special code that allows them to perform attacks against the physical world! Do not risk it!
Spoiler :
Finally, Verdana.


If all you saw was the word Verdana, then you do not need to know about this FontTAG.

That was TMI Corporation FontTAGs! Hope you enjoyed!
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