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GB Disc 1: Untold Prophecy
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 GB Disc 1: Untold Prophecy
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You're a fool. You forget about the prophecy.
I know they can. They must.

Do you not understand? This place will only allow the strongest. You will fail, ████.

Eight people stand in front of a large gate. They were called upon because they were observed to be the strongest. Only one can come out to face ████. Whoever comes to be the best, shall face the ultimate challenge. Who shall these people be, you may ask? Well, you will meet them now.

Sign-Up Sheet
Spoiler :
Username: (just make it a pun or somefin)
Name: (who you will be referred to as by ████ and other players.
Items/Abilites: (What you have and what you can do.)
Bio: (Personality and [optional] why they came.)
Description: (This is how your character looks. Describe them or put a picture, your choice.)
Gender: (only effects pronouns)

Once eight players have signed up, the location will be stated, you will be put somewhere random, and the games will begin. ████Will be stating the results of your actions and- LETS GET TO IT ALREADY. Apologies. Sign Up, and may the best typer win.

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07-17-2017 12:13 PM
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 RE: GB Disc 1: Untold Prophecy
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super gay

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Hey so 'my gender is attack helicopter' jokes are really not welcome here

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07-17-2017 04:05 PM
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 RE: GB Disc 1: Untold Prophecy
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Yea, what Plaid said. Not cool.

Anyway, profile.

Name: (ex-)Arbiter Anesidorius


Species: Dragon

Color: Shinies (#998454)

Description: Size of a largish sedan. Strongly resembles an enormous hagfish with flabby wings, but coats herself in jewelry, gold, and other shinies in order to make herself look like a more badass-looking standard dragon. Old as balls. Like really old. Perpetually grouchy and nostalgic for times long past, although that’s reasonable because she suffer from arthritis, partial hearing loss, and other fallibilities of old age. Vaguely hedonistic and shit talks a lot but generally is Too Tired to start fights and would rather talk about her one million grandkids and/or sleep.

Powers: Super strong, super good at fighting, and resilient against high temperatures, although this is all slightly stymied by her advanced age. The gold and glitz she wears makes great armor in a pinch and if desperation or vanity allows, she could theoretically adhere more durable pieces with her gross body slime. She can also puke a cone of molten metal onto the offending target. This breath attack can be depleted but can be recovered by noshing on shinies, although she greatly prefers the taste of more valuable metal like gold.

Biography: Comes from a high fantasy setting where Evil Overlords are once in much abundance, but that era had long past. Current time is like modern setting but with fantasy trappings (presence of magic, fantasy races, et cetera).

Lives in a retirement home with equally old as balls dragons (need a name for it later). She plays bridge, lie on hoards provided by aides, and other old dragon things.

Anesidorius used to act as muscle to countless of Evil Overlords. Had countless wacky adventures, hung out with equally wacky people, and fought almost every permutation of high fantasy protagonists. Looks fondly back at those days and if prompted, would start rambling about those said days.

Anesidorius had a lot of partners in the past. Some of them are intense and passionate, some of them subtle and romantic, some of them cold and functional. Yes, she ate some of them. No, she isn’t looking anymore.

Anesidorius has a lot of grandkids. Dragons, half-dragons, dragontouched, et cetera, et cetera. She might not exactly have a million grandkids but the numbers are quite substantial. They do visit her on her birthdays and holidays. If prompted, she will ramble about them. She loves them a Lot.
07-19-2017 04:47 AM
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 RE: GB Disc 1: Untold Prophecy
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super gay

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I really don't think you're going to fit in with the atmosphere of this forum, my dude

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07-19-2017 09:52 PM
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 RE: GB Disc 1: Untold Prophecy
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nothing but class

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Username: Aw beans!

Name: Peaches

Species: goblin

Gender: she-goblin

Color: It wasn't me!

Description: A somewhat dumpy squarish-looking creature, three feet in height. Peaches has a pointed little face and long, spiked ears growing straight out of the side of her head that can raise or lower to indicate emotion. Her skin is a bright forest green, contrasting her orange eyes. Currently she is wearing a stained floral sack dress, threadbare around the edges and quite obviously made from a literal sack. She is barefoot and not very clean.

Peaches is a shy young she-goblin, approaching the age of three- early maturity for her kind. She is thoroughly unremarkable in every sense, even for a goblin, and is not used to standing up for herself. Among her tribe she is something like an herbalist and knows the uses of common plants, but she is not particularly skilled at it. Prior to becoming cursed her only expectations in life were to settle down with a nice he-goblin, bear a few dozen children, and be eaten by a dog.

Items/Abilites: Peaches' shadow, once quite ordinarily goblin-shaped, now flickers and billows like a well-fed flame, sliding across and even under surfaces of its own accord at a range of about fifteen feet. It has a mind of its own, and it steals- anything it can get its wispy little hands on. These items disappear into its shadowy folds to be regurgitated at will, something Peaches has no control over. Right now the shadow is carrying an assortment of items of value, including the vast majority of the treasure hidden in the tomb that gave Peaches her curse. This includes an arrangement of wicked, powerful artifacts collected over a lifetime of adventure and slaughter: objects with long, bloody histories and terrible powers. Peaches is aware of only some of them, and knows even less about their use.

The shadow seems to have a mischievous sense of humor and does not seem to care that its host is frequently blamed for its thefts. Apart from it, Peaches has no remarkable abilities. She is somewhat pretty, as goblins go, and knows a little herblore, but not enough to be useful.

Bio: Peaches was an ordinary forest-dwelling goblin who, while hunting for wild mushrooms, stumbled upon the tomb of a great adventurer, long-dead. She accidentally broke the seal upon the door of the tomb, inflicting her with a cursed, animated shadow that proceeded to steal the contents of the tomb and, to her great distress, nearly everything else of value she encountered after that point. Peaches was quickly labeled a thief by her tribe and exiled, forced to scrounge at the edges of a nearby human city for survival. She has been dodging various law enforcement officials and incensed shopkeepers for two months, barely managing to keep herself out of prison. Her only advantage is that sometimes, if it is in a good mood, her shadow will discharge some terrible artifact to use against her pursuers- but more often than not, this only brings more trouble, and she is quickly gaining a dark reputation.
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07-19-2017 10:38 PM
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 RE: GB Disc 1: Untold Prophecy
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Lonely Rolling Star

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Name: Finality-In-Isolation
Species: Seer-Without-Sight, bug like race of people
Gender: Without-Within-Withhold [TL Note: They]
Color: Sun-Gold-Sand [CC6940]
Seers-Without-Sight live in various tribes in the realm of Living-Turbulent-Host, scattered by circumstance, profession, and by ones own will. Finality-In-Isolation, at the time known as Apprentice-In-Arms-Nee-Excavation, was part of a tribe of blacksmiths, miners, and crafters known as Creators-Living-Dead-Beyond, using their races heightened ability to sense the living energy of the world to craft weapons and tools that respond to the energy of the user. Creators-Living-Dead-Beyond were self sufficient and well known, and knew many travelers, experienced a lot of trade, and happily basked in the social energy that their people fed on.

All of this changed however, with the Great White Wyrm, Hollow Moon, fell in sickness near Creators-Living-Dead-Beyond's main settlement. The creature was injured, and excited by the stories such an experience could produce, the people of the tribe worked for seven shifts to nurse the Wyrm back to health. This was the last day that these people would truly be known as Creators-Living-Dead-Beyond. Hollow Moon was pleased, gracious, and incredibly hurt by the deeds of the tribe, wishing with all of its might that it could ever begin to repay them for their debts. The leaders of the tribe wished for nothing more than the experience, and perhaps a story, but nothing else, for the Wyrms very presence surely repaid the time spent. However, Hollow Moon insisted, that it give more, and secretly blessed the tribe as it left for the skies, to travel Living-Turbulent-Host as all the Great Wyrms do.

This blessing manifested slowly, dangerously, painfully, as the first Creator-Living-Dead-Beyond lost control of her form and slew another, then herself, in grief. These incidents continued as the tribe realized what had to have occurred, Hollow Moon blessed them with a gift, one they could not control, one they could not reverse. Apprentice-In-Arms-Nee-Excavation, along with some others of the younger generation, watched as the situation began to get out of control, and turned to each other. They realized that the form change could be controlled, contained, and calmed, but it was too late.

Eventually, they were the only ones left. Stricken with grief, they destroyed their settlements, moved into the mines, and caved them in. Alone and isolated, no matter their form, deprived of social energy, they would sleep and eventually die.



Description: Finality-In-Isolation has all of the features you would expect from a Seer-Without-Sight, mandibles, a yellow carapace exterior, a flat head with antennae sticking out from the top. They have two larger arms with clawed, four fingered hands as well as two sets of smaller arms with three fingered hands, to use as needed. Finality also has two legs with clawed feet and shorts. They are garbed in a black blindfold, a large cloth poncho, colored orange, and a black metal band on each of their wrists and around their ankles, one of two last vestiges of their dead tribe.

Even as Apprentice-In-Arms, they were always emotional, giving their best and their all to whatever they were putting their mind to. Ever hoping to please their comrades and relive them of their burdens, at the constant cost of their own... Finality-In-Isolation is not a doormat however, they respect themselves, and their allies, even more now that they are posed to be the last of their kind.

Items/Abilities: Like all Seers-Without-Sight, Finality was born without vision, relying on a sense unique to their people, the ability to see the energy of the living, dead, and otherwise. Finality relies on these senses not only to see and hear, but also to feel. This means that they have an uncanny ability to respond to changes in mood and tone, and that it is very difficult to lie to them. Finality-In-Isolation was a very physically fit Seer, and despite years of sleep, is still as agile and strong as they were in their days of apprenticeship.

Finality-In-Isolation is also blessed by the Great White Wyrm, Hollow Moon, to in moments of great emotional stress, social hunger, or similar intense moments, to transform into a beast of immense strength, agility, and endurance. Before the self imposed imprisonment of the Grief-Eternal-Finality, they could control themselves even while in this form. It remains to be seen how much control they will have after their years of starvation...

The only notable item they have on their person is a pole, crafted by their master as a gift, on the day they became Apprentice-In-Arms. As a special craft of the Creators-Living-Dead-Beyond, it responds to their violent transformation, turning into a spiked glaive.

I wanna be a real friend
Don't wanna break when I bend
I wanna a be no seeker
I wanna scream eureka
Yesterday 01:33 PM
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 RE: GB Disc 1: Untold Prophecy
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Username: byte
Name: Hunter
Bio: A machine designed in a peaceful, advanced world, to kill those who go against the stable order of the galaxy. It is one of 14 in the line. Luckily, they didn't see much use, so there was no further budget for the project.

Description: A multi-limbed mechanical Orb, essentially. This machine is designed to hunt and kill, and very little else. It has about an average human's level of comprehension and adaptability, but far more computational ability. At it's core it is a host of nanomachines. It's specialized for long term independent action, and as such is designed to "eat" and convert parts of its environment into itself. However, it has a strict upper limit for networking purposes. It is not designed for close range combat-
it is armed with is limb mounted high caliber guns. However, it's primary means of attack, at longer ranges and for potentially more destructive effect, is "infecting" pieces of the environment with nanomachines. By doing this, and using combustible material, it can convert those procured objects into explosive gas propelled projectiles. If it manages to "infect" a target with even one nanomachine, it can track the target nearly anywhere.
Gender: Machine
color: scab colored I suppose
Yesterday 05:47 PM
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 RE: GB Disc 1: Untold Prophecy
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Sol Heir

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“name:” Rhyme
gender: binch (any pronouns)
species: god-elemental-in-flesh
color: red roses red wine red blood

Description: Average-short slender person, sallow skin, jaw-length brown hair partially tied, up, deep-set eyes. Mouth that curls easily into a smirk. Her clothes are reddish-brown and comfortable, simple flowing pants, a shirt that wraps and ties in the front, and leather sandals. She carries a dagger on a belt at her waist and in her leather satchel are a few things, most importantly a goblet.

Biography: When nothingness was pierced it became darkness, and in union with light all things were made possible. The nature of things was two, and then three. In the mind unborn of the nature of things, two-then-three lived as well.

In the union of possibility was born form. Form went forth from the union, and became three. Birth, life, and death. Theirs were all things with form and with ends. In them was born solidity, without abstraction.

But within solidity, abstraction came to dwell. The mind unborn now grasped a form to fit it and found its multiplicity. Here the two-then-three of within awoke, concepts before written in possibility but unspoken. The first-nature, the under-nature, the black-nature, the instinct undercurrent of all things, the chaos and the impulse, was of blood and love, was of song and dance, was of marriages and funerals. And in the forms of the world lived its true throne.

Powers: Rhyme acts as a powerful elemental. All things of his nature are his dominion. The reflection of this and his weakness is that his nature is that of his dominion.
He has also been a god for a long time, and knows a lot of magic and even more tricks.
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 RE: GB Disc 1: Untold Prophecy
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Name: Seraeus Avengir

Gender: Male

Species: Lizardman

Color: #caaa00

Description: He is a lizardman, an unusual offshoot of the human species that has narrowed down to a few extant species. He has a narrow frame, a triangular snake-like head, murky greenish scales, and a lithe, powerful, tail. He has dexterous hands tipped with sharp claws. He has bright gold eyes, and he's always sporting an unreadable expression. Among his kind, he is known as somewhat of a storyteller. He seems to have a natural way with words that allow him to endear himself to any passing traveler, provided, of course, that they are willing to listen.  Seraeus is at his core a curious and inquisitive individual. He enjoys traveling all over the world and learning more. He is somewhat distrustful of humans, however, because of the massive amounts of prejudice he had to suffer through. So, he has formed a somewhat cynical shell between him and the outside world. If you ran in him, he would closely and coldly analyze you before finally letting loose a curt greeting. It is tough to get him to open up to you, but once he does, you will find that he has much more emotions than you would have expected, possibly even more than the average person. He is a dreamer and a poet at heart, and he does not like fighting that much. In fact, he's a bit of a coward. But, he is willing to do what it takes to protect his friends, if their lives ever came in danger.

Items/Abilities: He has only a set of light armor that does not actually serve to cover his body, but to enhance it. His style of magic requires him to devour a small portion of the monster in question in order to gain its powers. As such, he might carry a few basic weapons, such as daggers, small bow and arrows, but nothing too fancy, as he fights with his body most of the time. He keeps it all on his belt, and he has a small bag of various trinkets that he's picked up on his journeys. His kind are known for their natural proficiency in magic, and he is capable of using a few basic spells, like Fireball, Healing, etc. His particular school of magic is known as Carnomancy, where he eats the raw meat of a monster, and gains that monster's abilities, or if the magic is practiced to a high enough level, the ability to transform into that monster. He is also capable of mimicing spells that he sees, if he pays close enough attention. He also has unusually acute senses, able to see a mile away on a clear day.

History/Backstory: Seraeus is a lizardman, a once proud race renowned far and wide for their proficiency with magic. A genocide committed some 100 years ago has severely dwindled his numbers, however. Since then, his race has retreated to the silence of the swamp, preferring to stay far away from humans. He was constantly advised not to wander out of the swamp, but he did anyways when he was 15. He got lost, and he couldn't find his way back to his hometown. Eventually, he blundered out into the open fields that the humans call home. He was wary, but he eventually went inside one of the cities, only to be treated with massive amounts of prejudice and hatred. Torn, feeling truly alone, he ran away. He bumped into another traveler, a young female scientist who then took a genuine interest in him. He was unsure, but he decided to accompany this woman on her travels anyways. Together, they learned a lot, not just about the world, but about each other as well.

[Image: 6xGo4ab.png][Image: sig.gif]
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