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Lucidstuck II
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 RE: Lucidstuck II
His Most Serene Higness

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The Land of Never There
Bob: Use the radar thing and everytime you go into another hallway or corner you take a little peek behind the wall
10-29-2017, 01:24 AM
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 RE: Lucidstuck II
Pen user

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Spoiler :
Hey guys! Just wanted to make a post to show I'm not dead or anything, irl has been rather hectic to say the least, but when I have the required time I should be back on track.
11-15-2017, 12:20 PM
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 RE: Lucidstuck II
Shipper of Crack

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Hello peeps, I’m Pan. You might remember me from such meme’s and AU centric fanarts such as ‘Derrick, why’ the series and ‘Sheep in wolfish clothes’. Today I’m contacting you to help me figure out the immediate future of my fanartistic endeavors. That’s right, you get to influence on what I’m gonna spend my absurdly limited willpower/inspiration for the next month/years!

Willfordswap : The Willford twins swap character/motivation/relationship. Mind you -this does not mean that for all intents and purposes Derick is now Alice and Alice is not Derrick, just that due circumstances their stories have changed and the same characters have very different motivations, relationships and reactions.

* Pros : LS AU fanadventure, you guys get to see Derick actually have an AI remember I said ´ an ´ AI, not ´a good ´ AI) -and I get some real idea of how the shit a fanadventure is run.

* Cons : at least at this point I’m only halfheartedly interested in this project and it’s likely I will abandon it without actually giving it an end. It really depends on my fickle muses and how invested I get on it.

Drama Llama (DLL) : the kids 7-8 years in the future. The magical adventures of several young adults learning to deal with relationships, collage, jobs, their own personal issues – oh, and the post-traumatic emotional and psychological repercussions of all they went through Lucidstuck canon.

* Pros : This will all be drawn by me, so you basically are gonna get a long ass LS doujinshi + explain the backstory to the actual fanadventure I wanna make (Nextgen), which is canon to this story.

* Cons : Slowness. I mean, seriously, slow, slow slowness. Have you even seen the rate at which I art. Also I’m not entirely sure I’ll be writing in chronological order, so there may be some ?????? moments.

so yeah....make up your mind o what interests you the most and vote (HERE)!

I really, really love Lucidstuck, if you do too, you should check all the fanart i've done for it :3c
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11-16-2017, 05:11 PM
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