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Lucidstuck II
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 RE: Lucidstuck II

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Well crap, we had the perfect chance for another stealth kill, and I arrive an hour too late to discover we've randomly switched tactics and got killed for it...

(5 hours ago)neferiusNexus Wrote: >Aand i messed up... *sigh* Oh-well, at least Bob doesn't have to kill anymore. We're sorry Emily, we could tell all that killing was making you uncomfortable.

Didn't we already determine that Emily wasn't bothered by the killing in this fictional scenario?
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 RE: Lucidstuck II
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Spoiler: Show Chatlog
Bob: And I messed up... *sigh* Oh-well, at least Bob doesn't have to kill anymore. We're sorry Emily, we could tell all that killing was making you uncomfortable.
Emily: Huh? No I'm totally fine!!
Emily: I understand it wasn't really happening, like uhh... A video game or a movie.
Emily: I was really excited though, it all looked very real, especially when Bob was shot.
Daydream: You Aliens are so strange, you could have handled this any way you liked, but you chose to kill guards.
Daydream: Afterwards you make it seem as if Bob was the one doing it as if you are absolved of all responsibility?
Daydream: Never mind that, you also thought it'd bother Emily here, but she mentioned it was fine already.
Bob: I was of the school of thought that we should get and go, and personally wanted to suave the guard to get his gun away. Or are you referring to other actions we took?
Daydream: This.
Daydream: This Alien should have been included from the start I think.
Daydream: To answer you by the way, all of the actions.
Daydream: It was still fun, mind you. I really thought Bob looked so cool taking out the guards all super spy-like.
Daydream: The game itself had all the preferences people tend to take in infiltration type games, and I feel no one could make up their mind how to handle it.
Daydream: Oh well, it was quick and dirty. Pretty easy game to mock up just off the top of my head, huh?

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Spoiler: Show Chatlog
Daydream: Hey there buddy, you're coming around rather quickly!
Daydream: I told you it was okay.
Daydream: He'll probably forget all about it like a bad dream soon enough.
Daydream: Anyways, I guess that's it for now, thanks for the fun, Aliens!
Daydream: Well Emily, I'm ready for you.
Emily: O-okay..!
Emily: Let's see...

[Image: plkXoYp.png]

As you rest peacefully, a knock on the door has you pulled from your deep sleep.

Spoiler: Show Chatlog
Alice: ....Derrick?
Alice: Are you up yet?
Alice: I haven't made breakfast yet, I've been thinking about some stuff...
Derrick: Mmmm....
Alice: Derrick?
Derrick: I hear you...
Alice: Oh, okay. Wanna come downstairs?
Derrick: Mmm...
Alice: I'll be waiting.

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Geez, it feels like you didn't sleep long, you still feel sleepy. Though you'd best perk up as you've got a big day ahead.

Dream 14: END
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 RE: Lucidstuck II
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>Derrick: Remember what reggie and bambino told you, remember what you promised to Lucia, the time has arrived to confront alice, remember reggie's plan, pretend to the best of your ability that gramps sent you an email saying alice is not allowed to stay at your home, take a few moments to get yourself in the mindset if you need to, when you go down, be ready to ask Alice the following questions 1) "Why were you adopted separately and not together?" 2) "When she was adopted, what were any of her foster parent's names?" 3)"How many years has it been since she moved out?" 4) "what was she was doing on the day of your parent's demise." 5)"how did she know Lucia died.", after she gives her answers to these questions you must shout at her as loud as you can "YOU FUCKING LIAR".

the time has come for us to see comeuppance, anybody whos ever had a thing against alice, please support this command, by doing this derrick's clouded vission will go away, no more will he be dragged down by alice, no more abuse, no more lies, it ends now

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