Exiled - An Introduction

Exiled - An Introduction
On the continent of Dale, the largest of the Five Lands, lies The Capitol. It holds the title of the largest city in the Five Lands, and it's dominion spreads wide across Dale. In fact, it covers the entirety of it, and even some of the surrounding oceans. Miles and miles of land, owned by The Capitol. However, you are no longer allowed on any of this land.

You have been exiled from The Capitol for performing a horrible offense. Whatever that is, does not matter. What matters now, is that you must find somewhere to settle and flourish, with your band of exiles. The other Lands are open to you (Fyr, Sul, Twi, and Yon), and whichever you choose could become your home until you die.

Before all that, though, you should probably get acquainted with your fellow exiles.
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Name: Iblis Crow
Species: Human
Gender(?): Male
Background: Exiled for, while under the influence of some kind of drug or alcohol, holding a bulding hostage. He's usually calm and easygoing. he reacts differently when the incident is mentioned depending on his mood.
Appearance: Slim, but wields a strangely large sword. His clothing has seen better days battered and bruised, and his face isn't much better due to "The incident."
Specialty: Preparing food, as it is his hobby.
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Name: Astre Quiley
Species: Birdfolk
Gender(?): agender, they/them pronouns
Background: Once considered royalty among they clan of birdfolk, Astre was exiled by a power-hungry sibling who considered them a threat to their rule. Although Astre denies coveting the throne, conspiracy theorists have cobbled together believable arguments that they may have been plotting an assassination.
Appearance: Astre is an anthropomorphic snow petrel. They're smallish by human standards, standing at 5'3", though that's considered average height for a bird person. They wear a light cloak and a necklace of wooden beads.
Specialty: Fishing, hunting sealife
Name: Radical Jim
Species: Prickly Pine
Gender(?): he/him, they/them.
Background: Radical Jim, while absolutely tubular and gnarly, is called as such for their political aspirations. A firm believer in the people and seen as somewhat of a 'Robin Hood' figure in the community. They would often butt heads with those in power, seeking justice for those who had been wronged, and demanding taxes be directed to projects that benefited the community at large rather than just a few aristocrats. This was troublesome, their kind was not among the highest echelons of the social ladder to begin with and he had bad reputation from being forgiving of those who had committed crimes, going as far as helping fight for lighter sentencing for them. That last part was not taken kindly by those in power who just saw him as aiding his cronies away with their crimes, eventually Jim themself was done in as the judges and prosecutors grew more and more paranoid with their fervent thirst for fair treatment and they were exiled for being a threat to the community. He isn't overly fond of so called "royalty", nor the wealthy after their dealings with them. He adopted the name Radical after these dealings.
Appearance: 14ft tall pine tree that walks on its roots and "speaks" via vibrating its innermost pine needles to form words. Sees through specialised pines scattered throughout their upper body, you can pick these out since they are black, blunt and short. Adorns himself with scarlet ribbons within their mess of branches and has these dangle down below. He's been told its quite a look but can't confirm that themself since they are totally colourblind, but other than that they can see in all directions around them! Not all bad. Has a few (5, usually) bare branches it uses as limbs around 5 feet up its trunk with dense foliage starting properly 7 feet up. Sources most of their energy from photosynthesis, however their kind are actually hybrid carnivores and can eat via small pores in their root system, this is a necessity in more polar regions such as their homeland, but not wholly mandatory in a more equatorial area. Often likes to wear a nice tie.
Specialty: Lawyer and activist by trade. Very strong source of menial labour otherwise. Does not sleep.
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Name: Rea
Species: Zuil
Gender(?): genderless. they/them
Background: Rea was always a prankster. They would always be seen around giggling at a joke, or playing with a trick. However, their tricks got out of hand one day and resulted in several mishappenings. All these resulted in items stolen and a building closed. Rumors brewed, the king found it nessecary to exile Rea in hopes of repairing the damage.
Appearance: Rea's apperance would be human like if their skin wasn't made of pure rock. Their eye sockets hold two small gems, who act like eyes. In place of their hair are leaves dangling everywhere. Around their body they wear a cloak to be decent, and some shirt and pants they found before they wete kicked out. They also have a tail they use as a second hand. The tail looks like a mass of vines.
Specialty: Stealth and Tricks.
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...Alright. Only 4 of you actually arrive at the designated meeting spot, and you assume the others are dead. Must've lingered too long, the poor sods. Oh well. No rest for the wicked. Your supplies won't last forever, and the next ferry to your first location, Fyr, is leaving soon.

You have decided to make this your first destination as you require a strong metal boat to travel across the unnatural, scalding hot lava seas surrounding the island. There are ferries coming and going often, and you are provided with complimentary heatsuits for your stay (it's the only way trade can come through, so everyone gets one for free).

Boarding the ferry, you have some downtime before you arrive and decide to get to know each other in your slightly too-close-for-comfort room on the boat. The rocking of the boat is soothing, unless you're particularly bad on the water, and Radical Jim is quite cramped.

((RP segment, after this I'll go onto an event))
i'm a rad teen, confirmed good dog, and i try to do things sometimes.
Astre shifts uncomfortably in the insulated boat's confines. They've spent much of their life around boats, being a seabird, but the heat is far beyond temperate for their arctic sensibilities. Also, the heat suit snags their feathers.

"...I feel none of us are particularly suited to this climate," they say, glancing at the rest of the party.
"YOU DON'T SAY" Jim says, lying on their side, hard pressed against both walls barely fitting into the room. "Lets go to Yon I said, lets go to Twi I said. But no! No, we're going to hell island! What a pleasure, a delight! Truly. And to think that this is my first foray into boating? Someone must be having a good laugh."

"Forgive me if I'm testy." sighs jim, 'sighing' via shaking a little. "So, does anyone here know what actually goes down on Fyr?"
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"Nope. All I know is that we're going somewhere. Fyr, I think where we're going is called."

Iblis nervously taps his fingers, mostly because he's the only human in the room.

"On the bright side, we can kind of call it a permanent vacation!"
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Rea laughed. "Yes, a permanent vactation. Such a pleasant term for never being able to go home again!"

They huff, arms crossed. "I'll be honest, I don't either. Hopefully feathers over there-" Rea gestures to Astre. "doesn't faint from the heat before we get there."
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As the four of you settle into an awkward silence due to the incredibly pressuring heat, you wait out the rest of the journey. The crashing of lava against the hull grows stronger as time passes, but before long you have arrived at the docks.

Exiting the cramped boat, the heat outside isn't really any worse than inside the boat, as the insulation on the boat was counteracted by the fact that you were in lava. You can't spy any settlements near you, but you do see a path leading through the charred-black trees. Frankly you're surprised there's any sort of plant life here at all, as this island is little more than solid magma floating atop the water, with a large, (thankfully dormant) conical volcano sprouting from the center. The ground is searing hot, and small ribbon-wide streaks of lava run all through the earth.

Well, no better thing to do than follow the path, right? Gathering your supplies, you move onwards, following the path down for half an hour before you come across something occuring on the road...

A group of refugees from the kingdom, sent out in the most recent exile, are being held captive in a cage. A fire roars beneath them from a chasm in the ground, as fire gnolls dance around them. It seems they plan to lower the cage into the chasm.

The refugees cry out for help, but none of you are particularly skilled at combat against fire gnolls, nor are you in fighting shape...

(post an action and the encounter shall proceed. decisions can be done as individuals or a group, but group ones must be discussed. feel free to rp, too.)
i'm a rad teen, confirmed good dog, and i try to do things sometimes.
Rea simply stares at the refugees, then looks at their group.

"Do any of you want to save them at all, because I'm pretty sure we can ignore and go on just fine." They cross their arms. "I can distract them, if you actually plan on saving people we'll never see again."
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Astre clicks their beak in disdain. "I guarantee at least one of us will burst into flames upon approach, protective suits or not. Let them burn."

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Jim looks at the scene taking place before their very pines, and is quite frankly disgusted that as powerful and as mighty as the Dalian are they allow scenes like this to transpire.

"excuse me" Jim says calmly overhearing the response from a certain avian. "but I wouldn't be concerned about dying here considering you seem to lack a heart."
"Now then" Jim states turning to Rea. "You said you could distract them? Do you perhaps have a plan of some kind? I'm afraid I don't speak Fyr Gnoll dialect so a harmless trick seems ideal method to keep everyone here happy."
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"Easy!" Rea said, grinning. Then they paused, placing a hand under their chin. "Actually, no. I don't. Hm."

They paced for a while, then looked back to the group. "Do you have a rock? I'll throw it at them while I'm not looking. Maybe see if they'll think it's each other."

They gave a shrug. "Again, remeber we'll probably never see these guys again, saved or not."
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