[Hallowed] does not focus on Fortuna being a game, but rather the characters journey to it. so there is no Patron or Player AI. of course it still is a game, so certain game-like elements may appear from time to time.
Also, ever once in a while there might be a link to provide you with music for certain sections. use them if you wish.
anyways, let's get it started

(Music if you would like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HN5MjZPfbI )

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stay away from turnips. they mean only harm. It's Dlorph!
RE: [Hallowed]
> Verd : You see, I was sleeping, sleeping like a robot and SOMEONE WOKE ME UP
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: [Hallowed]
>Verd: Be not okay with this
RE: [Hallowed]
Shiri: exposit about the rest of the crew and your plan to get to fortuna over coffee (saving many panels of introduction).
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RE: [Hallowed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HN5MjZPfbI (Yes, this song again. you get a new one next time. Stop whining.)

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Next time: Stat sheets, and the journey begins!
(Trait and stat suggestions would be very much appreciated)
stay away from turnips. they mean only harm. It's Dlorph!
RE: [Hallowed]
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stay away from turnips. they mean only harm. It's Dlorph!
RE: [Hallowed]
Jesse: Be f r i g h t e n e d
RE: [Hallowed]
jesse: do not inhale. ask in the breath you currently have for alcohol or fuel or something that can be used to douse your face to disinfect it and then run to it

if you know of some sort of disinfectant in the house that you could get to in time, run there
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RE: [Hallowed]
jesse: S c r e a m
RE: [Hallowed]
>how fast can you fling a notail
[Image: uEcjEWp.png]
(A collab adventure with my dude, devil!)