Tragedy Looper - GAME 2 SIGNUPS 2/3 - Thwart the Mastermind

Tragedy Looper - GAME 2 SIGNUPS 2/3 - Thwart the Mastermind
I play on the boy student.
Day 4 - No Incident is scheduled.

DAY: 4/4
LOOP: 3/3

Schazer played Move Vertical on Boy Student.
A test looms. Maybe... maybe he should wish for some luck.
Boy Student has moved to the Shrine.

a52 has played Move Vertical on Girl Student.
The Mastermind has played Move Horizontal on Girl Student.
She's not feeling great. Maybe she should get this feeling checked out.
Girl student has moved to the Hospital.

The Mastermind has played Paranoia -1 on Shrine Maiden.
Something about this place helps her stay calm.
Shrine Maiden has 0 Paranoia.

The Mastermind has played Intrigue +1 on the School.
wiltingMyosotis has played Forbid Intrigue on the School.
There's a menacing feeling amongst the school, but, like, exams are coming up. This is normal.
The School has 0 Intrigue

[Image: 3ULr8YX.png][Image: cOhOvvU.png][Image: UO9nKfl.png][Image: hXHuEys.png]
[Image: rVVXRmY.png][Image: wma2E2b.png][Image: wma2E2b.png][Image: yryi8MQ.png]

[Image: swFH4A8.png][Image: jgDAgKz.png]
[Image: rVVXRmY.png][Image: 1heN2d8.png]

[Image: YYJvgxM.png][Image: OVdIPe5.png]

[Image: DrItxNl.png][Image: elLiOcK.png]
[Image: rVVXRmY.png][Image: 1heN2d8.png]

Boy Student: 2 Goodwill
Girl Student: 2 Intrigue, 2 Paranoia
Police Officer: 2 Goodwill

Out of play cards: Goodwill +2, Forbid Movement, Forbid Movement, Goodwill +2, Forbid Movement, Goodwill +2, Move Diagonal

Hey, I think y'all know what's up with this specific scenario.

I'm not using any abilities.

You have no goodwill abilities.

And of course.

Girl Student is dead.


But you still have one chance.

Boy Student:
Girl Student:
Shrine Maiden:
Office Worker:
Police Officer:

You have one chance to name the role of every character, with Person as the identity of anybody without a plot role. If your agreed upon submitted list is perfect, you still claim victory over me.

Feel free to openly discuss this.
!!!! Oh jeez i shouldn't have forgotten about the hospital i'm sorry;;;


I know you already said this but discussion is OK now, right?
[Image: IMG_6374.png][Image: IMG_6375.png][Image: IMG_6377.png]
Lmao so here's what we do know

Boy Student:
Girl Student: Key Person
Shrine Maiden: Serial Killer
Office Worker:
Police Officer: Conspiracy Theorist

Unknown: Which main plot we're working with. It's either Murder Plan (with unidentified Killer and Brain) or A Place To Protect (with unidentified Cultist).
The Office Worker had Goodwill Refusal. This means:

If we're lucky we're working with A Place To Protect (supported by Laser trying to place Intrigue on the school) and the Office Worker is the Cultist. All roles are id'd and we've won.

If we're unlucky, Laser played Intrigue on the School to make us believe it's the Place To Protect Plot; the Office Worker is one off the Killer or Brain, and either the Doctor or Boy Student is the other missing role.
Well... I'd say guessing it's A Place To Protect may be our best bet. If it's not, then we'd still be wrong, but either way we're running the same 1/5 chance either way.

It's.. really up to you both, though! I'm not exactly sure which to pick.
[Image: IMG_6374.png][Image: IMG_6375.png][Image: IMG_6377.png]
Ah fuck, my guess did not pay off.

My vote is that we go for Place to Protect; there's no real way of knowing which it is, and at least with that Plot we have a better chance of getting everything right.
Final Guess:

Going with A Place to Protect, since it doesn't look like intrigue was ever placed on anyone besides the Girl Student.

Boy Student: Person
Girl Student: Key Person
Shrine Maiden: Serial Killer
Doctor: Person
Office Worker: Cultist
Police Officer: Conspiracy Theorist
The Final Guess has been made.

Girl Student

Shrine Maiden

Boy Student

Police Officer


And, well, that must mean

Office Worker

The plots were:
Main Plot: Murder Plan
Subplot: Shadow of the Ripper

The Incident culprits were

Day 2 Murder: Office Worker.
Day 3 Suicide: Girl Student

Unfortunately for all of you, The Mastermind got away with his evil scheme.

A) I kept trying to move Girl Student into the City for some reason
and B) 1 Intrigue wasn't going to be enough to trigger the failure condition on the School, unless there was a Brain, which would be impossible under A Place To Protect.

Here's my quicktopic of worrying about everything.
i want to hear people's thoughts on things but also there will be another round. Priority goes to new Protagonists.
(feel free to claim if you'd like to specifically have the app, the diary, or the pocketwatch as your time travel device. It doesn't mean anything but like, color coding, really. And turn order, I suppose. I'll keep the order in what the icons are in the first post)
sdfghjkl... i feel like a fool. Well played though, Laser!
I'll take a backseat for this round so other people may join. >:3
[Image: IMG_6374.png][Image: IMG_6375.png][Image: IMG_6377.png]
I need to actually read the rules to this game but it was fun enough reading along the first game that I'll sign up for round 2.

Slight preference to pocketwatch but I'm happy with any icon.
Okay that's one of three, and at this point I'll be letting round 1 protagonists come back unless I suddenly do get two more new players. And hey, let's see what y'all will be dealing with.

Tragedy Set: First Steps (click for the player guide, which is very important)
Number of Loops: 4
Days per Loop: 5

Incident List
Day 1 - Increasing Unease
Day 2 - Nothing
Day 3 - Hospital Incident
Day 4 - Nothing
Day 5 - Faraway Murder

DAY: 0/5
LOOP: 1/3

[Image: 3ULr8YX.png][Image: CLuz6ZQ.png][Image: meXYG6r.png]

[Image: swFH4A8.png][Image: UO9nKfl.png]

[Image: YYJvgxM.png][Image: OVdIPe5.png]

[Image: DrItxNl.png][Image: jgDAgKz.png][Image: hXHuEys.png]

No cops this time!


The number of loops available actually said "3 or 4" and most of the scripts except like, two have an option like this. I'm thinking if I win a script, for the next one I'll give the more generous option, but if you win, the next one will be the harder option.
(I'd love to take the phone, but I'm also like "aw fuck turn order")
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