RE: [mors]
[Image: UGZrFUt.png]

[Image: SIsEhaW.png]

[Image: 2uzzmJ1.png]

[Image: rFNQABO.png]

[Image: x1JQIrN.png]

[Image: beM14f8.png]

[Image: or24jkT.png]

[Image: EUA8j1D.png]

[Image: IBEHgYg.png]

[Image: AsbbN77.png]

[Image: xRD5Brk.png]

[Image: yP4eCYb.png]

[Image: 6syspYL.png]

[Image: thO9mul.png]

[Image: EvjlSgo.png]

[Image: I32ejOL.png]

[Image: Vr3VgyE.png]

[Image: PzrDXM5.png]

[Image: X2SnNfE.png]

[Image: qyv5jRf.png]

[Image: 8jedAVl.png]

[Image: emd5le7.png]

[Image: JkmA3ZD.png]

[Image: HPPIXCT.png]

[Image: XdWQzpH.png]

[Image: 9JmzHtZ.png]

[Image: EHF5Z8L.png]

[Image: RHIAt4A.png]

[Image: chubDfi.png]

[Image: QU9maBP.png]

[Image: 60i0o43.png]

[Image: i44JRcA.png]

[Image: 8mSJplv.png]

[Image: MVonplV.png]

[Image: LWIaacO.png]

[Image: So0CiLy.png]

[Image: 68zSDBX.png]

[Image: GVAEKAL.png]

[Image: m0SKyjQ.png]

[Image: TZBUJCJ.png]

[Image: AZXtqNF.png]

[Image: phAP8ig.png]

[Image: 1AEqZ6d.png]

[Image: RZqKfXW.png]

[Image: zkJlWkh.png]

[Image: 6yrrnTr.png]

[Image: 5j8gETP.png]

[Image: YLcI4kP.png]

[Image: qikJHCF.png]

[Image: 1Izue2x.png]

[Image: ks3NDTj.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: fNYPmPd.png][Image: uLF0DoV.png]
RE: [mors]
> Moche's ship. Pros outweigh the cons slightly.
RE: [mors]
kitty's krew ofc :3
[Image: Cmh4iZA.png]
RE: [mors]
>Moche's ship
[Image: egg009.png?raw=1][Image: egg012.png?raw=1]

RE: [mors]
>kitty's ship
[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]

RE: [mors]
>can we put them in a trashcan and drag them along next to mochi's ship
>wanna drag em along on a trashcan please yes
Dont have no adventure no more <o/
RE: [mors]
Moche's ship.
RE: [mors]
[Image: iTaTa41.png]

[Image: x2nQ8c3.png]

[Image: 0NXpPN6.png]

[Image: VidnqZa.png]

[Image: fNUDec1.png]

[Image: k9rFAd7.png]

[Image: Zb2QvlL.png]

[Image: 1ikeU3k.png]

[Image: dSX6nji.png]

[Image: 4ssQg9k.png]

[Image: 2kJr34X.png]

[Image: K3gpXQj.png]

[Image: NrdEngG.png]

[Image: YmQgYwE.png]

[Image: O22ttTd.png]

[Image: W3co9lp.png]

[Image: wehmOmW.png]

[Image: bCtmyPg.png]

[Image: gWulOSd.png]

[Image: HSco5XI.png]

[Image: OJBf55l.png]

[Image: 6QMjN1H.png]

[Image: eqEzpBa.png]

[Image: 8fWaMBu.png]

[Image: r6eurfa.png]

[Image: t73KBpC.png]

[Image: fJ9r1xM.png]

[Image: J57gyRD.png]

[Image: 5HSSGqW.png]

[Image: gzFjEIL.png]

[Image: eerKlEf.png]

[Image: twafDVF.png]

[Image: kkSpPCD.png]

[Image: 9loOgKP.png]

[Image: rVSozUC.png]

[Image: 8G8hfck.png]

[Image: 3r3BsQ2.png]

[Image: 1rm6BJ0.png]

[Image: 5c80rlF.png]

[Image: umvpEAT.png]

[Image: BmRNM7V.png]

[Image: U6ivUeQ.png]

[Image: 1npVxRT.png]

[Image: LShAYHc.png]

[Image: L7z97Hk.png]

[Image: N3qpiZe.png]

[Image: oYeb8nG.png]

[Image: wKRL65x.png]

[Image: iMpQ4ZV.png]

[Image: K0BHTIK.png]

[Image: D675uTR.png]

[Image: 7KXZtYs.png]

[Image: dwP562W.png]

[Image: kbunhj0.png]

[Image: 9fJZ3yC.png]

[Image: flbny6o.png]

[Image: 1VtKQfp.png]

[Image: ER0jVYa.png]

[Image: 5vG3Ire.png]

[Image: NXiGchl.png]

[Image: bKxHyEv.png]

[Image: y1t7vkS.png]

[Image: YqKNWCv.png]

[Image: 5v2lVPT.png]

[Image: EhtzW5i.png]

[Image: fUjynV9.png]

[Image: 0MyQWT5.png]
[Image: BMy2LW4.png]
RE: [mors]
let's buy a ship or ship upgrade so the main one isn't crowded

also a build an ai kit
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
RE: [mors]
(10-30-2017, 02:01 AM)Wheat Wrote: »let's buy a ship or ship upgrade so the main one isn't crowded

also a build an ai kit

RE: [mors]
time to be super efficient with buying stuff! and by that i mean spend almost all the money.

FIRST, see if you can get a discount on whatever you can, failing or succeeding any, it will probably be less than the initial price. hopefully. fuel and ship upgrades are endless anyway, theres no reason to be selling them at THAT high a price, go for half if you can on those specifically, and around 25% off the rest.

second, it seems in the best interest for the ship to buy, all the scrap metal and wires, the ai kit, the trident, the clock, all 5 hoverboards, 4 ship upgrades, and all 3 fuel tanks. that comes out to 90k without any discounts, leaving you with 10k for fuel, which theres no way thats enough money to fill the ship entirely, as thats only enough for 100 units. which i guess isnt a problem, just getting fuel later might be. so really TRY for those discounts, especially on the ship upgrades. halving those, and fuel, and you would be left with enough points for a full ship.

HOWEVER, if you manage, by some miracle, to get all discounts, that would put all the prices at:
fuel: 50
scrap metal: 150
scrap wires: 150
ai kit: 2250
trident: 750
wooden clock: 750
hoverboards: 2250
ship upgrades: 5000
and since we dont care about getting a new ship,
fuel tanks: 5250

managing that miracle, that would make the final price be, minus fuel: 57500

this would leave us with enough points to guarantee a fully fueled ship, assuming theres only 4 fuel tanks now costing 20k for full fuel, and leave you with 22500 for further possible spending in the future!
RE: [mors]
[Image: 3EPsKA1.png]

[Image: E62BaNC.png]

[Image: KolJnWp.png]

[Image: ERg3Zpw.png]

[Image: 0yhoNYV.png]

[Image: 2PYW3kc.png]

[Image: ulTIPog.png]

[Image: OgMGXyL.png]

[Image: gx6gFmb.png]

[Image: 4Mfs6Sw.png]

[Image: Yjbyqwi.png]

[Image: hUpYPd6.png]

[Image: aamclfl.png]

[Image: bZok7Iv.png]

[Image: AZQMjjs.png]

[Image: fwKL0E1.png]

[Image: eWeTdA3.png]

[Image: Umheqo8.png]

[Image: 4EEyY7v.png]

[Image: uy2QaiL.png]

[Image: 38pKbpg.png]

[Image: BAMKdWL.png]

[Image: OmqjyM1.png]

[Image: MS9e5kr.png]

[Image: UmaxLGp.png]

[Image: 4tx3sPw.png]

[Image: kKio2lO.png]

[Image: gjDEahX.png]

[Image: FNW1Erx.png]

[Image: AnYRzVv.png]

[Image: s7hFaFp.png]

[Image: tQSsW5H.png]

[Image: L8b9ErM.png]

[Image: orNqKYa.png]

[Image: LNeh9Ed.png]

[Image: YaCaWcw.png]

[Image: YgYqRhc.png]

[Image: ZewAVxX.png]

[Image: dpGkgZG.png]
[Image: fNYPmPd.png][Image: uLF0DoV.png]
RE: [mors]
buy the helios and save on fuel in the future!
[Image: Cmh4iZA.png]
RE: [mors]
Pan ship! We should save money.
RE: [mors]
>WE NEED THE HELIOS, please and thank you.
RE: [mors]
> Buy enough fuel to fill the tank, while one of you rushes back to let Moche know of the new developments, hopefully before some of the new developments physically reach them(I.E. The Drakon get to the ship)

(> Also a vote for getting a new ship. Any but the Helios.)
RE: [mors]
WhO CARES if the helios is a creep

My boy could harvest my damn organs and sell them for a credit 50 a pop and id still love him because his smile is the reason why babies laugh
Dont have no adventure no more <o/
RE: [mors]
> get the helios, it's not as bad as the pan and requires five less fuel each use than the athena. also it can hold 9 people so that's a bonus!

> WAIT A SECOND wasn't the helios 120k and we only have 100k? if we can't somehow get a discount for the helios, then we should just go for the pan and maybe upgrade it a bit to make its shielding a tad better, even if it means sacrificing some speed. better to be safe than sorry!
RE: [mors]
[Image: 17WvpUS.png]

[Image: fW2YMt2.png]

[Image: odPSlrC.png]

[Image: 8tBRQ7c.png]

[Image: 809qetr.png]

[Image: XkLpYfd.png]

[Image: 3BcYZDk.png]

[Image: UUK2Ofq.png]

[Image: ZjMlIl6.png]

[Image: VDpFVFb.png]

[Image: 6wKnwAL.png]

[Image: HAPbyyb.png]

[Image: dFonN3d.png]

[Image: j5NlCw7.png]

[Image: IH0lByq.png]

[Image: NqZ7ePF.png]

[Image: 9xTo6vj.png]

[Image: DHMI5Hs.png]

[Image: nd382rg.png]

[Image: dABqili.png]

[Image: OYV7WiV.png]

[Image: cSTlNYV.png]

[Image: MfV2XOE.png]

[Image: V8r8EBj.png]

[Image: baU4iXz.png]

[Image: uq3oJd1.png]

[Image: cneY5uQ.png]

[Image: 894zLw6.png]

[Image: 2Xgrc2B.png]

[Image: 3uepo8Y.png]

[Image: YakyanG.png]

[Image: 9eLxEzc.png]

[Image: sOvbeiY.png]

[Image: TGC2KAH.png]

[Image: nHDFTNQ.png]

[Image: WcAEjk7.png]

[Image: DJOKB5w.png]

[Image: YwdkCtC.png]

[Image: 0GWason.png]

[Image: VVhUA25.png]

[Image: LKqqsKa.png]

[Image: gfRradO.png]

[Image: pGx2BDy.png]

[Image: lA0P65S.png]

[Image: Of1oYP0.png]

[Image: 6tXtfXp.png]

[Image: KEH4JCJ.png]

[Image: WEt69tF.png]

[Image: lTbZJio.png]

[Image: r0jBhuX.png]

[Image: DmVrfBC.png]

[Image: P0dU82v.png]

[Image: O8IO1HU.png]

[Image: k5s3JoQ.png]

[Image: fvjJ0E1.png]

[Image: cKuCFji.png]

[Image: zcTRIQD.png]

[Image: nChdOPP.png]

[Image: zauxLC4.png]

[Image: 6mByWXO.png]

[Image: L6fqZfX.png]

[Image: jvfUgph.png]

[Image: LqHOdN1.png]

[Image: c5hIQVc.png]

[Image: pQpz44L.png]

[Image: GxkOtB0.png]

[Image: fNYPmPd.png][Image: uLF0DoV.png]
RE: [mors]
[Image: Cmh4iZA.png]
RE: [mors]
Dont have no adventure no more <o/
RE: [mors]
RE: [mors]
don't steal and get killed immediately
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
RE: [mors]
> no stealing, the Slaryn has a notail to provide for. Plus you'll get caught because you don't have a permit. See if you can buy the Helios AI in return for the AI you might get if you buy another ship later.
RE: [mors]