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The Rebeliot Album
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Our Lady of Lampreys
 The Rebeliot Album

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I made this album over the past year and a half, I'm pretty happy with it. It has a certain emotional significance to me I suppose. Here is the tracklisting. Warning: I recorded it pretty much entirely on a macbook.


The Rebeliot Album
by Rebeliat the Misanthropic Beardo

1. Heaven is a wind that sweeps the fields at morning 05:17
2. Water Flows Time Flows 04:28
3. The Lion Song 03:03
4. Rebeliot's Summer Afternoon Dream 04:18
5. If the People / Winds at Evening 08:23
6. The Hairdresser 02:32
7. Oh I rang for some Swist 00:35
8. Evening by the shores of the wine-dark sea 01:25
9. The Loitering Song 00:52
10. Worm Journey No. 1 02:13
11. In Memoriam autoglassmasterclass 05:15
12. Cockroach Hymn 01:58

The story is describing Upper and Lower forests. Several kids are exploring the forest. Anyone who looked up from lower forest grew dizzy. When the children found something in the forest it was an amazing sight. Most parents got worried when the kids went to the forest because they thought it was dangerous.
09-26-2017, 02:44 AM
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