Lost Heros

Lost Heros
Lost Heros
Lost Heros

The hero stumbles backwards, struggling to fight against the curse running through their body. The land around them takes no pity, the rocks and gravel making them miss every step. They can see the crystal before them, glowing, as if taunting them.

Their grasp on their weapon weakens. They wince and stare at the sky, pleading it for one more chance. One more. They needed to make this right.

Their story could not end here.

Alas, there was no one to pity them. No one to protect them, to lift the curse. Their body falls, laying to rest with all the other heros before them.

This is the tradegy that befalls the land of Dennard.

[Image: udPuDv6.png]

Character Creation: Begin

A voice calls out. “Awaken.”

[Image: o1Wth3R.png]

███ wakes up. They're feeling rather.. something. This is a rather new feeling. Hm.

“Good,” the voice says. Something tells ███ that whoever that is, they pretty satisfied. “Now, can you tell me something about yourself?”

███ tries to search for memories inside their head. It feels as if like something was being poured in their mind.

“Anything will do. Your faveorite colour? Food? Memory?”
RE: Lost Heros
RE: Lost Heros
> Favourite memory? The time you finally stood up to your mother at the age 16 of course.
RE: Lost Heros
>Colour? Beige. Food? Flan. Memory? The time you remembered who you were.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: Lost Heros
You've always been partial to green and strawberries.
You remember the day you left. It's not necessarily your happiest memory, but it is your favorite- the most important, the moment that you chose who you've become.
RE: Lost Heros
>At the age of 5, you summoned your first Imp. It wasn't intentional, and it wasn't a very good Imp, but it was your first. As it would turn out, the first of probably far too many Imps.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Lost Heros
>Favorite memory: That time you punched a gorilla.
RE: Lost Heros
>favrit color bbbbbbbbbbbbluuyu

[Image: 8L9RKuo.png] [Image: tnkzT4L.png]
RE: Lost Heros
You've alway been partial to Green and you do enjoy tuna as a food. Also you'll never forget that time you almost kissed your worst rival yer secret crush during a heated moment.
RE: Lost Heros
[Image: IMG_2762.jpg]

███ tells the voice they're partial to beige. And green. And blue. You like those.

They add on saying they really, really like potatoes! They wouldn't mind flan either, that's good too. And tuna. A lot of people dislike it, but they find themselves enjoying it!

Oh, and their favorite memories? They can't even pick! There was the time they finally stood up to their mother after so long. Sixteen years are hard to endure. Summoning an imp was amazing too! And at age five no less. And punching a gorilla- no one can forget that!

There was also the time, they murmured, they nearly kissed their rival. They didn't add that they were their crush, but the voice hums almost knowingly. The voice prods ███ on, asking if they remember anything else.

███ thinks for a minute before they talk about a significant one. The day they left, too. It's a rather bittersweet memory- they chose who they'd be then.

They feel something else slip. A memory they're not supposed to have. Pain shoots through their body when they try to find it. Somehow, they can't seem to remember who they were...

After all, that wouldn't be fun, would it?

███ holds their head in their hands, grumbling. After the pain subsided, they tell the voice that's all they remember.

The voice lets out a laugh. It's high pitched, like ███ just told them a joke.

“Delightful! This is better than I thought it would be!” They laugh for a while. ███ feels rather uncomfortable.

“Alright, alright,” the voice says, still giggling a bit. “I think it's time we finished this up, don't you think?”

The area is filled with a loud clap.

[Image: IMG_2766.jpg]

Suddenly, the feet beneath ███ starts to vanish. Somehow, they're not falling at all.
Their figure, made of light, starts to shift into a more human shape.

“A summoner, a fighter and a wanderer.” The voice seems to be talking to themselves now. “What a mess of classes! Of course, that's easily mended with a request. Ah, well.“

[Image: IMG_2764.jpg]

███'s figure clears up further. They feel cloth wrapping around them, and brass knuckles appearing on their fists. They feel something else pour in them- a great deal of mana? Either way, it makes them feel a little giddy.


For a brief moment in the darkness, ███ can feel the voice smiling.

“Off you go.”

The emptiness completely dissipates.

Character creation complete.

[Image: IMG_2765.jpg]


It's almost noon.

A human and a creature made of moss and leaves wander near a tree, marked with ribbons and a slate near it.

[Image: IMG_2801.png]

“It's practically tradition," the human says. “I can’t not follow it!”

“Double negative,” the creature says with an even tone. “We could go back and enjoy the cakes, now.“

“Or we could tie a ribbon!” The human chirps. They skip towards the tree. “You know, I've always wanted to this as a kid-”

The wind picks up. A small whirring fills the air.

[Image: IMG_2802.png]

The human stops, and hesitates. “Do you hear that?“

The creature scrunch up their face. “Hear what?“

“The- the sound.“ The human stammers. “Like, the sound you hear whenever you do-”

[Image: IMG_2815.png]

Light bursts underneath the tree. A humanlike figure forms under it, different colored light surrounding them. The human yelps and takes a step back.

“Aveneir,“ The humam yelps, turning towards the creature. “what do we do?“

Avenier lets out a quiet gasp, and shakes their head.

[Image: IMG_2816.png]

███ falls on the ground. They swear for a moment, nearly collapsing on the ground. Something in them feels drained.

“Avenier, a human just appeared from thin air!”

[Image: IMG_2818.png]

███ looks up and sees the people gawking at them. Their voices aren't like the voice they heard the first time.

“People can teleport.“

“But the hero tree blocks magic, right?”

███ stumbles and gets on their feet. “Er-“ they stammer. “Hello?“

[Image: IMG_2805.jpg]

Avenier frowns. “Sye, stop-“

[Image: IMG_2806.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2819.jpg]

Stop.” Avenier puts their face in their hands. “I- look. I'm sorry about them. Hello. What are you doing here?“

Sye hides behind Avenier. “What are you doing? You don‘t know what they’re capable of!“

Avenier pays them no mind. “Well?“
RE: Lost Heros
>Teleport? Hero tree? ???????
>Nervous reflex: Conjure Imp. Several.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Lost Heros
>Make up a story and claim you went skiing over the mouth of an erupting volcano and after you caught some sweet air, you landed by doing a professional wrestler's piledrive on a monster with five-no- SEVEN HUNDRED heads that was attacking a village. The whole thing was just so awesome the universe didn't know what to do with you so it opened up a wormhole, and here you are.
RE: Lost Heros
>I went on a magical ride I couldn't remember boarding, and I ended up appearing from thin air from a location I do not have memories of. Also, I may have amnesia.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: Lost Heros
>Vomit and pass out from summoning sickness.
RE: Lost Heros
> Folks calm down, teleportation is nothing to be afraid of.
RE: Lost Heros
Small announcement question!

Alright, I have the next update typed up, however I haven't really the time to draw it for a.. while. [Hopefully this won't continue.]

For now, would everyone prefer the update early, or prefer to wait for the panels to finish?
RE: Lost Heros
It's okay wait. If you start doing updates half finished you will only inflate your workload.
RE: Lost Heros
I'm fine with waiting.
RE: Lost Heros
Thank you for answering! ^^ I'll delay the update until I'm done then.