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hello friends

once this kicks off you will have a different, randomized character limit for your posts for each round. each round will be an elimination round

you are only allowed to be humorous once per round, so keep it dry. if your character is literally a clown, i will allow two funny moments per round, but they must be sad clown. i am enforcing this through elimination.

there may be additional unique rules to each individual round

there is no character limit for your character sheets. i will be giving a reward for character sheets- the most verbose character sheet that also entertains me gets immunity from being eliminated one time

the setting and setup will be announced at the start of each round

there is no template to character sheets- please, please, please go wild. however, if you're playing a clown, you have to make your entire character sheet rhyme. additionally, i will only accept my favorite clown into this competition.

signups will close at some arbitrary point in the near future
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
character name: Red
character game: grups (great runescape pinball subsystem)
character same: like thomas the tank engine but a landmark integral to the path of US Route 101
character tame: gets off on eating cars
character hame: a big net
character aim: convince at least one other character to believe in reincarnation
character daim: http://cdn08.dayviews.com/36/_u3/_u8/_u6...241909.jpg
name: name
gender: gender
age: age
personality: personality
appearance: appearance
oh hey
good entries so far, keep it up
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
i randomized my old profiles, this is what you get. be happy.

Username: Garuru
Name: Happy Sparkles Gumdrop
Race: Fairy
Gender: Male
Color: Slate Blue

Items/Abilities: Happy is a Fairy, a cherubic race of creatures that govern a specific abstract concept. Happy's concept happens to be Success. He can imbibe his target with a heightened amount of potential Success. For ease of definition, you can think of Success as a parallel to energy. So, when Happy gives his target potential Success, the target can then utilize the essence of Success in whichever way he wishes, as kinetic success (Note the capital letters, they're an important distinction here). Naturally, the definition of success varies from person to person, and Happy has no control over how that person chooses to be successful, but that's okay, because it's more fun that way! What Happy does not know, however, is that Success has a further parallel to energy, in that it cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred. So, when Happy makes someone Successful, he inadvertently makes someone else proportionally as Unsuccessful. Additionally, Success has the curious property of being passable down through generations, providing the original user had enough to pass on. This is never a problem, as Happy tends to give away huge amounts of Success to those that he thinks deserve it. Unfortunately, this property also applies to Unsuccess. Other, more mundane, powers include: levitation, teleportation, invisibility, and an annoyingly high-pitched voice. He is actually pretty talented in a wide variety of fields, such as singing or playing the piano, but his skill goes down every time he blesses someone with success. This can be attributed to an equivalent of entropy, and running out of their respective abilities is how every fairy dies.

Description: Happy sizes up to a considerably underwhelming 8 inches tall, but he has large transparent angelic wings as big as his body. He doesn't actually need them to fly, they just look good on him. His body is rather baby-like in proportion, in that the head is bigger than average. He does have a more knowledgeable spark in his eyes that makes him appear older, but not by much, as he is still rather childish. He has a light green fuzz of hair and a crown made out of leaves. It does not appear to be removable. He is dressed in a toga and his body exudes a gentle glow. Personality-wise, he is extremely goofy and childish, and is constantly getting in trouble with other people. However, he does take his job seriously, and honestly has a desire to see people succeed. He, like all fairies, enjoy seeing the world being made into a better place. He is also extremely naive, to the point where he might bless evil people with Success, not knowing that they are evil. He is accident-prone, but not prone to learning from his mistakes at all. His personality can be rather obnoxious to most people, but he is genuinely a kind person, deep down. He thrives off of making friends, and his worst fear is being alone. He is actually 350 years old, but in fairy years, that's like 30.

Biography: In this world, fairies have long been the guardians of various abstract concepts, such as Hope, Truth, and Love. Humans far outnumber fairies, so fairies have a subservient role to humans, serving only to modify and maintain their world. However, their position is also one of superiority, as the humans know the fairies can really mess their world up if they are allowed to. There is but one school for fairies, and that is the clearly-named Fairy School. Fairies attend this school for 6 years, hoping to secure a high-up position in their specific Craft. Each fairy is born with a Craft, the abstract concept they have control over. However, Happy is one of the few Success Fairies in the school. This has made him too valuable to lose, but the problem is that he isn't the best student. He has the tendency to only pay attention to what he deigns to be important. He ended up barely passing the final exam, and he was let loose in the real world. He barely managed to keep the Success part of the world running, but he did end up being indirectly responsible for the rise of capitalism, so he was hailed as a hero nevertheless.
[Image: 6xGo4ab.png][Image: sig.gif]
Name: Uoan The Fighter
Look: Eager eyes, Wild hair, Scarred skin, Lithe body
Stats: STR 16 (+2) DEX 12 (+0) CON 15 (+1) INT 8 (-1) WIS 13 (+1) CHA 9 (+0)
Damage: D10 Armor: 2 HP: 25/25
Alignment: Neutral, Defeat a worthy opponent
Background: Hardy Lizardfolk, When you share a drink with someone, you may parley with them using CON instead of CHA.
Bonds: TBD
Starting Moves:
--Bend Bars, Lift Gates--
When you use pure strength to destroy an inanimate obstacle, roll+Str.
✴On a 10+, choose 3.
✴On a 7-9 choose 2.
•  It doesn’t take a very long time •  Nothing of value is damaged •  It doesn’t make an inordinate amount of noise •  You can fix the thing again without a lot of effort
You ignore the clumsy tag on armor you wear.
--Signature Weapon --
This is your weapon. There are many like it, but this one is yours. Your weapon is your best friend. It is your life. You master it as you master your life. Your weapon, without you, is useless. Without your weapon, you are useless. You must wield your weapon true.
Spear, Reach, Perfectly weighted(Precise), Ornate
Gear: Chainmail, Adventuring Gear, Shield, Antitoxins, Dungeon rations, poultices & herbs

Level: 1 XP: 0

Uaon also has access to all of the basic moves as outlined in Dungeon World, a tabletop roleplaying game by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel which uses the Powered by the Apocalypse engine originally designed for Apocalypse World.
I wanna be a real friend, Don't wanna break when I bend
I wanna a be no seeker, I wanna scream eureka
Hailing from the dwarven mountainhome of Mabdugzoden Famthutfamthut Famthut, translatable as Alehouse the Horse-Horse of Horses, it's the dwarven king, Pissfort Douglas!

there's been a definite rise in entry quality, so i'm going to let them keep going until we get something i find truly beautiful
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
Name of this stooge who is lame: Bongo son of Kongo nephew of Drongo

Race of this man who is not from space: Bongo is a man who might be Australian, though as a man of comedy he is quite the contrarian. Were you curious enough about his lifestory and pry, the likely outcome is that you will make him cry.

The Mass of his Class: Though a clown by tradition, Bongos hobby is ignition. Among many traits he's a liar but he has some skill with fire. Though he used this power for good many villains have found him rude. One of many was a fiend of the night, a vampire and werewolf hybrid! A being of pure fright! Though the beast did not survive, he enchanted Bongo with a jive. "As you have brazenly stolen my life, I curse thee to inherit my unholy strife. I dub ye Bongo the Werepire, a name fitting for a pompus liar!" With this curse he lost his breath and embraced the kiss of death. So this makes our tragic, beautiful fool a weird little critter indeed, with clowning and pyromancy and insatiable bloodlust to feed.

((I'm going to leave this sheet as it is, I think I will leave the statistics to the mercy of Loather. Because I'm very tired and stressed but not sleepy))
He whose name is Nothere
came rising forth from the churning sea;
A man born to be Vicompté;
A man you would well be served to flee.

Notehre was known to be vague
and ever-changing in face and form;
A man whose name was like a plague;
A man whose face was like a storm.

Nohtere left behind no trace
when he conquered minds by force;
A man who wore another's face;
A man whose power had no source.
i'm going to wait for even more signups
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
Ronald Reagan
39th President of the United States
In office
January 20, 1977 – January 20, 1981
Vice President Walter Mondale
Preceded by Gerald Ford
Succeeded by Ronald Reagan
76th Governor of Georgia
In office
January 12, 1971 – January 14, 1975
Lieutenant Lester Maddox
Preceded by Lester Maddox
Succeeded by George Busbee
Member of the Georgia Senate
from the 14th district
In office
January 14, 1963 – January 10, 1967
Preceded by Constituency established
Succeeded by Hugh Reagan
Constituency Sumter County
Personal details
Born Ronnie "Biggie" Reggie Sr.
October 1, 1924 (age 93)
Plains, Georgia, U.S.
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Rosalynn Smith (m. 1946)
Children Jack, James III, Donnel, and Amy
Parents James Earl Reagan Sr.
Bessie Lillian Gordy

Gloria Reagan Spann (sister)
Ruth Reagan Stapleton (sister)
Billy Reagan (brother)
Hugh Reagan (cousin)
Jason Reagan (grandson)
James Reagan IV (grandson)

Residence Plains, Georgia, U.S.
Alma mater Georgia Institute of Technology
United States Naval Academy (B.S.)

Naval officer

Civilian awards Nobel Peace Prize (2002)
See more
Signature Cursive signature in ink
Military service
Allegiance United States
Service/branch United States Navy
Years of service 1943–53 (Navy)
1953–61 (Navy Reserve)
Rank US Navy O3 infobox.svg Lieutenant
Military awards American Campaign Medal ribbon.svg American Campaign Medal
World War II Victory Medal ribbon.svg World War II Victory Medal
China Service Medal ribbon.svg China Service Medal
National Defense Service Medal ribbon.svg National Defense Service Medal
Reagan cropped.jpg This article is part of
a series about
Ronald Reagan

Governor of Georgia

1970 Georgia gubernatorial campaign

1972 presidential campaign

1976 Presidential Race

1976 presidential campaign

President of the United States

Timeline Inauguration

Camp David Accords
Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty

Torrijos-Reagan Treaties

Iran Hostage Crisis
Operation Eagle Claw

Moral Equivalent of War speech 1979 Energy Crisis Reagan Doctrine Diplomatic Relations with China


Presidential Library Activities Reagan Center One America Appeal

Seal of the President of the United States.svg

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just a leg
Rode to Clown Town
Into the dusk, as dark as night
And blessed unto that stone-cold light
The juxtaposition of the lone, stale honk
Red squeeze of nose upon white bronc

A neigh forbade, a sight filled passion
Gallop the abyss, a terrible fashion
Hooves of glory towards chortles, beware
Of that wracked joke horse's steely stare

For what day is long to bear a bronc so fierce
Lost many a herd to the jokes he pierced
Shrieked tears of rage and mourning galore
For loves he sent-crying-on the old stable floor

Honk Honk...
Name: badder bad boy
Position: bad
Occupation: being nervous and non confrontational.
Bad: is bad
Good: is also bad
Grades: suboptimal
Sad: yes
Born: probably
Crazy-ass anomaly: No, stop asking
Disappointed in friends: most likely
Wants good for freight: BOy HOWDY YOU KNOW IT
Also submitting: A fancy wizard disguised as a violin.
(12-19-2017, 09:24 PM)Superficial Wrote: »
Rode to Clown Town
Into the dusk, as dark as night
And blessed unto that stone-cold light
The juxtaposition of the lone, stale honk
Red squeeze of nose upon white bronc

A neigh forbade, a sight filled passion
Gallop the abyss, a terrible fashion
Hooves of glory towards chortles, beware
Of that wracked joke horse's steely stare

For what day is long to bear a bronc so fierce
Lost many a herd to the jokes he pierced
Shrieked tears of rage and mourning galore
For loves he sent-crying-on the old stable floor

Honk Honk...

this is the kind of post i yearn for. continue signing up
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
"Am I supposed to sign up again," the leg thought but did not say, as it was just a leg.


(i said yes twice because 5 character limit)
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
[Image: g3bU5TV.png]
still just a leg

maybe one day a legend
potato: Potato Potato
potato potato: 986 768 2867
potato: 16 Potato Potato., Potato, PO 01059
potato: potato

Potato potato potato potato potato potato, potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato. Potato, potatoes potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato, potato potato potato. Potato potato potato potato Potato Potato PoTato potato potato potato, potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato's potato-potato potato potato potato potato, potato potato potato potato potato potato Potato.

Potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato 'potatoes', potato potato potato potato, potato potato, potato potato potato. Pota'to potato potato Potato PoTato's potato potato potato potato, potato potato potato potato potato, Potato potato potato potato potato potato.

(Farmer's note: Potato means... lots of things)
Try figuring out the above firstShow
ɟnʇnɹǝ uǝɐɹ ʇɥǝ ıu doıuʇ ɐɹqıʇɹɐɹʎ soɯǝ ɐʇ ɔןosǝ ʍıןן sıƃunds

˙ɔoɯdǝʇıʇıou ʇɥıs ıuʇo ɔןoʍu ɟɐʌoɹıʇǝ ɯʎ ɐɔɔǝdʇ ouןʎ ʍıןן ı 'ɐppıʇıouɐןןʎ ˙ɹɥʎɯǝ sɥǝǝʇ ɔɥɐɹɐɔʇǝɹ ǝuʇıɹǝ ʎonɹ ɯɐʞǝ ʇo ɥɐʌǝ ʎon 'ɔןoʍu ɐ dןɐʎıuƃ ɹǝ,ʎon ıɟ 'ɥoʍǝʌǝɹ ˙ʍıןp ƃo dןǝɐsǝ 'dןǝɐsǝ 'dןǝɐsǝ -sɥǝǝʇs ɔɥɐɹɐɔʇǝɹ ʇo ʇǝɯdןɐʇǝ uo ıs ʇɥǝɹǝ

ɹonup ǝɐɔɥ oɟ sʇɐɹʇ ʇɥǝ ɐʇ ɐuuonuɔǝp qǝ ʍıןן sǝʇnd ɐup sǝʇʇıuƃ ʇɥǝ

ʇıɯǝ ouǝ ǝןıɯıuɐʇǝp qǝıuƃ ɟɹoɯ ıɯɯnuıʇʎ ƃǝʇs ɯǝ ǝuʇǝɹʇɐıus ɐןso ʇɥɐʇ sɥǝǝʇ ɔɥɐɹɐɔʇǝɹ ʌǝɹqosǝ ɯosʇ ʇɥǝ -sɥǝǝʇs ɔɥɐɹɐɔʇǝɹ ɟoɹ ɹǝʍɐɹp ɐ ƃıʌıuƃ qǝ ʍıןן ı ˙sɥǝǝʇs ɔɥɐɹɐɔʇǝɹ ʎonɹ ɟoɹ ןıɯıʇ ɔɥɐɹɐɔʇǝɹ uo ıs ʇɥǝɹǝ

ɹonup ıupıʌıpnɐן ǝɐɔɥ ʇo ɹnןǝs nuıbnǝ ɐppıʇıouɐן qǝ ɯɐʎ ʇɥǝɹǝ

˙ǝןıɯıuɐʇıou ʇɥɹonƃɥ ʇɥıs ǝuɟoɹɔıuƃ ɐɯ ı ˙ɔןoʍu sɐp qǝ ɯnsʇ ʇɥǝʎ qnʇ 'ɹonup dǝɹ ɯoɯǝuʇs ɟnuuʎ ʇʍo ɐןןoʍ ʍıןן ı 'ɔןoʍu ɐ ןıʇǝɹɐןןʎ ıs ɔɥɐɹɐɔʇǝɹ ʎonɹ ıɟ ˙pɹʎ ıʇ ʞǝǝd so 'ɹonup dǝɹ ouɔǝ ɥnɯoɹons qǝ ʇo ɐןןoʍǝp ouןʎ ɐɹǝ ʎon

ɹonup ǝןıɯıuɐʇıou ɐu qǝ ʍıןן ɹonup ǝɐɔɥ ˙ɹonup ǝɐɔɥ ɟoɹ dosʇs ʎonɹ ɟoɹ ןıɯıʇ ɔɥɐɹɐɔʇǝɹ ɹɐupoɯızǝp 'pıɟɟǝɹǝuʇ ɐ ɥɐʌǝ ʍıןן ʎon oɟɟ ʞıɔʞs ʇɥıs ouɔǝ

ɟɹıǝups ɥǝןןo
[Image: jt0Cf7522wX9Gp-rLZuSVuS9drxEdxC7ZldowSZy...640-h80-no]