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Roleplaying Game Notice Board
Roleplaying Game Notice Board
Hi Eagle Time, I've missed you all. All of you, even the ones who've shown up since I left and have never met.

I've decided to try to hang out in the Discondor, since I don't really have a ton to say that feels like it needs it's own thread, but I also feel weird just showing up out of nowhere. So hi.

Point is, I want to run and play roleplaying games all the time. Like, constantly.
I'd love to make some time to do that with you cool people, maybe commandeer a Discondor voice channel some time, and play whatever feels good.

I love the idea of meeting in chat and spontaneously doing a one-shot, but I have no idea if that would ever actually happen. So basically just making an LFG thread seemed better, and I didn't see an existing one.

I guess just drop in your hours?!
Do we have a go-to forum time zone that we talk in, for clarity?


TheBoyd: 7-10pm weekdays, 12-10pm Weekends. Eastern Time.