[Image: JXnHzTL.png]

Your name is G-666666. You're just an ordinary G-class notail, but today you'll be beta testing a game your friends made.

[Image: 4ge7wMm.png]

P-11010 and P-10101 are weirdos, you're not gonna lie, but you don't actually have anything else to do.

[Image: eC5Bzdn.png]

Apparently this game is extremely illegal, and they gave you some other files to install to make sure the government won't know you're playing it, but it's not like you'll be playing for very long, right?

[Image: fS8yJvC.png]

Also one of them started cooing over how the other was "Sooooo smart!! <3 <3 =w=" for figuring out the solution to some problem they had with the code, and they started cuddling, so you just kind of went home in the middle of the explanation...You don't even think they noticed you left...

[Image: CfU8eAC.png]

You settle into your chair, boot up your computer, and install the game. After a short wait, a loading screen pops up, and you're taken to the main menu.

[Image: dPQmPOr.gif]

[Image: zpPCD1M.png]

Fucking hell.

[Image: tPIgBZF.png]

You give up and just select "New Game". You already agreed to beta test after all, even if it's some stupid bullshit. You don't know what you expected anyway.

[Image: cP3xCJt.gif]

As the game loads, you realize that you might want to take a look at the instructions file. They did mention it having one after all.

[Image: BwHsmYK.png]

You hate them both so fucking much.

[Image: f6ReQiI.png]

You open up the chat client they designed and installed on your computer and message the group chat you have with them.


You’re going to kill both of them one day, and that’s a promise.

[Image: lc1oc0i.png]

Later, though. For now you just switch back to the game window, and find that it seems to have already loaded. It looks like it wants you to customize your O-12 sona before starting the game.

[Image: ugIYRPV.png]

You set the pronouns to they and choose heart antenna and heart eyes for the mask, but you’re not sure what to pick for hair color + style, skin color, class, and where your O-12 home will be. Seems like you can be any class, even an A-class for some reason. Aaaaalright then.

What should you pick?
[Image: Cmh4iZA.png] [Image: z8yQvca.png] [Image: REdv8VX.png]
Class: O
Take that *dabs*
🐦🐙🐙[Image: nifOFwR.png]🐙🐙
Hair color: It's naturally every color of the rainbow!!!! ♡u♡
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the mask shape should be an owl, because owls are cool.

skin color should be... hot pink? to fit in with the aesthetics of the game? is that even an option? if its not just go with whatever feels right.

hair color can be light pink. or light blue. or both. swirled. like cotton candy. or wait no, just go full rainbow, be the gay youve always wanted to gay!

if it lets you, you gotta pick O class, for the meme. otherwise, who cares, just do G.

and finally, the seaside or the city are obviously the easiest home locations.... so of course you should pick the Underwater Dome™, for all your Underwater™ Needs™!
set all sliders to either max or min
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
>put skin colour as flannel
>hair colour as flannel
>class F...for Flannel
>Forest treehouse because people who wear flannel often hang aeound trees and also forest starts with the letter F which can also stand for flannel
[Image: uEcjEWp.png]
(A collab adventure with my dude, devil!)
> Mask shape: Seconding owl suggestion
> Skin color: Lightish-brown
> Hair color: Red(?????????)
> Class: OH
> Location: Obviously, the seaside
[Image: Johann_Sebastian_Bach.jpg]
[Image: gmzzj.png]
> Mask shape: Generic
> Skin color: Green
> Hair color: Bald
> Class: O, or G if O is not an option
> Location: No opinion on this one.
[Image: BaPjLEB.png]

Your first instinct is to see if it’ll let you be an O-class. As soon as you hit “O” on the dropdown menu, a horrible sitcom laughtrack bursts from your speakers loud enough to make you jump as an error message fills your screen.

[Image: ae26Nzt.gif]

Fucking P-classes.

[Image: phdsR0Q.png]

You go with an F-class instead and give them a flannel shirt, because everyone knows flannel is inherently gay - after all, the internet told you so. After some deliberation you go with rainbow hair as well, just to erase any vestiges of doubt about how gay your O-12 is.

For no reason in particular you give them an owl-shaped mask and light brown skin like most notails you know.

The location of your O-12’s home gives you the most trouble, but you end up going with the forest treehouse, because you’ve already got a “rugged gay lumberjack” sort of look going and damned if you won’t do everything in your power to complete it.

[Image: v2ODMmb.png]

You realise there are muscle sliders and set them all to max. Ohhh, they’re ripped. You fan yourself a little. Maybe the clockworks that will inevitably rip your O-12 to shreds will pause to go “damn, that’s one ripped motherfucker” before integrating them into their horrible, horrible bodies.

[Image: njHMoqy.png]

Your sona is now ready to gay. You mean ready to go. (No you don’t.)

[Image: aZtvWDF.gif]

In any case, you click submit and wait for the game to begin.

[Image: dmOS43W.png]

[Image: 3Xs1esl.png]

[Image: CioUQ2x.png]

[Image: hC11Ovl.png]

[Image: evk6PwG.png]

[Image: mKAhXeb.png]

[Image: FLjhrLD.png]

[Image: g6arhw7.png]

[Image: Nc06Upv.gif]

[Image: xDsOzYl.png]

[Image: 2QdW8jP.gif]

[Image: 3jBIZ9y.gif]

You make a note to complain about your sona consuming only slightly illegal tabloids. Stupid P-classes. Your sona would do everything illegal.

[Image: ftEJnQT.png]

[Image: y5zpCe6.png]

[Image: sAgVwOx.png]

[Image: bUcFsMw.png]

[Image: l5y72kp.png]

[Image: y17PWx8.png]

[Image: dfBDued.png]

[Image: n2IEpIB.png]

[Image: LONYxE3.png]

[Image: EwHZlIL.png]

[Image: MLD6UaE.png]

[Image: 3Vvamkg.png]

[Image: lg7XJDb.png]

[Image: rSwi0C2.png]

[Image: pU1tBI5.png]

[Image: cX5mLFr.png]

[Image: ndmbeHU.png]
[Image: Cmh4iZA.png] [Image: z8yQvca.png] [Image: REdv8VX.png]
>find someone to talk with asap or just do leg day with O-5
> Go through the main door, and see if you can catch up to that hunk of... uh...

> You know what, let's not deal with trying to justify it and just go dating O-6
🐦🐙🐙[Image: nifOFwR.png]🐙🐙
>Jump, but realise that you cannot fly too late.
> Do an acrobatic freakin pirouette off the handle out the window.
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> Talk to O-11!
>Do the opposite of talking to people and run to the backdoor.
> Lets start with O-6 and hope he decks us in the face, killing us instantly.
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
>Yes, get decked in the face by O-6 please, what I've always wanted
[Image: uEcjEWp.png]
(A collab adventure with my dude, devil!)
start with o-6 and intimately dominate them by sensually killing them with a concealed tire iron. announce that you have done a power move and that you are in charge of o-6's harem of men now and they'll have to do dating games to get you.
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
If we can't catch o6 then just hit up the ox.
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
[Image: BEHVDXF.png]

[Image: 14lYr2L.png]

[Image: IXBZkzC.png]

[Image: Km7TuMi.gif]

[Image: wH4fYvE.png]

Hm, yeah, you prooooobably should’ve seen that coming. You just shrug, remake your O-12 with all the same settings, and skip until you get back to where you left off.

[Image: OXn4VQa.png]

[Image: cgXWGWv.png]

[Image: 4200rtc.png]

[Image: FbaOi7F.png]

[Image: XFJYc0N.png]

[Image: zHgBMiG.png]

[Image: EkIiCmw.png]

[Image: Pkzalue.png]

[Image: lQfZisK.png]

[Image: V1ZeBI2.png]

[Image: XgV6Dtm.png]

[Image: 2l2rq5g.png]

[Image: wTDbHoc.png]

[Image: WMyCJ3p.png]

[Image: Efh2wdm.png]

[Image: evr7hND.png]

[Image: 5OXQcBH.png]
[Image: Cmh4iZA.png] [Image: z8yQvca.png] [Image: REdv8VX.png]
"I have a mutation that turns everything all shoujo.

Just imagine how that could be useful with your men."
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
>"I am in awe of your every move but i fell on you take me now ♡u♡"
[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]
>"hey big boy"
>extend leggy
>"you come here often lmao"
[Image: uEcjEWp.png]
(A collab adventure with my dude, devil!)
> Flirt.
> Flirt.
> Flirt.
> Flirt.
> Flirt.
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I'm Athenike on the Discord chat and memes2electricboogaloo on the Twitch chat!
(11-06-2017, 12:15 PM)[Robocoon] Wrote: »>"hey big boy"
>extend leggy
>"you come here often lmao"

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