A Poet's Corpse

A Poet's Corpse
A Poet's Corpse
An Exquisite Corpse is a type of Multi-author Story wherein each participant adds a paragraph to a Story in turn. A Poet's Corpse takes the same Idea and adds the arbitrary Constraint of a rhyme scheme. The First Poster (In This Case, Me) Writes a rhyming couplet, and then half of another. The Next player along Completes that couplet, Writes a Couplet of their own, and then leaves another Half Completed Couplet.
1.No using words that Don't Have Any Rhymes. That's Rude
2.You can use nonsense words if you want to, but try to keep them discernible by context (even (especially) if you foist contextualizing the word off onto the next rhymer)
3. Keeping to the Meter is appreciated but not tantamount. (He Said, Absolving himself of this sin in advance)
4. Try to Keep things Orderly. Check to see if Someone else has Replied before you post your reply. It can get Chaotic, with Multiple Poem threads running concurrent Otherwise.
5. Be As Serious or as silly as you want.


Once upon The Ides of March
A young man sat beneath a Larch
His Head was filled with Many Things
RE: A Poet's Corpse
Like stress with work, and severed links
If friends stayed, and never drifted
If he was smart, maybe gifted?
Maybe life won't be so rough

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RE: A Poet's Corpse
When he finally knows enough
To halt the Warriors from the East,
To stay the Fury of their Wartime Beast,
Whose Tusks and Horns, and Teeth and Claws
RE: A Poet's Corpse
And The Lightning Shot From Seven Maws
Loosened The Bowels of the Holy Knights
The Kingdom's Answer to Most of its Fights
The Young Man Scowled and shook his Head
RE: A Poet's Corpse
"With those thoughts, I might aswell be dead!"
He jumped up when there was a sudden crash,
He thought bad, then said, "Well I shouldn't be rash."
And after that had come a heavy smell of rot
oh hey
RE: A Poet's Corpse
From things that were, and things that ought
Not to have been; Not known by man,
The horrors that a fool's mind can
Come to a errant conclusion,
🐦🐙🐙[Image: nifOFwR.png]🐙🐙
RE: A Poet's Corpse
And cloud itself with thick illusion.
"Was I a knight from battle fled?
Am I shunned, or thought as dead?"
What he said, he thought was true,
RE: A Poet's Corpse
When the crash revealed itself to be a knight of blue.
He jumped up, his thoughts interrupted,
The knight in blue suddenly erupted -
"Where have you been?! You've been missing for hours!"
RE: A Poet's Corpse
The knight faced him with an expression, sour.
The man then replied, voice quite flat.
"I've an explanation for that."
Thinking fast, he began to sing,
RE: A Poet's Corpse
A song about a drunken king.
One who had him on a mission sent,
On which to find a certain gent.
But naught else could he recall,