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[library] - a textuna adventure
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 [library] - a textuna adventure
Too Busy Reading

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The library. The biggest, most fabled building in all of Istopia. The smell of books and the sheer amount of them are the best things about it. And that you can borrow books any time you want? Perfect. The best thing anyone has invented.

On the other hand...


Majesty, a pale lavender gnosis witha carboard crown, rolls their eyes and ignores their brown gnosis friend. They cross their arms and walk away, purple tail dragging a stack of books.

"Look," their friend says, exasperated. "it's just a book filled with our history."

"No, Kno!" Majesty says, loudly.

Kno sighs. "Knowing a little won't hurt you."

"We are not bringing that in for a story telling session."

Kno rubs the temples on their forehead, and grabs the history book anyway. "Then I'll say it's research."

"It is not research, and you know it!" Majesty insists. "Plus, we've all already read the history books!"

"Not extremely untampered ones."

Majesty groans. "Can we go now? I really want to eat."

Kno slips a heavy, thick book in their inventory with a sigh. "Fine. We'll leave now."

Then they look up at the spaces between the massive shelves, searching for a sign. "Exit here." "Fictional section."

There were none. The lack of which was both extremely disturbing, and annoying. Where were they?

"Uh, Kno?" Majesty waves their hand in front of Kno's eyes. "You've been spacing out for a bit. What's wrong? Is it the idea of food?"

Kno grumbles. "I like eating, thank you. Do you remember where we came from?"

"Sure, it's a left, and then a right, and then, uh, a lot of shelves... Hm." Majesty paused. Their eyes widened. "We're lost in here, aren't we?"

"Unfortunately. It's no easy feat considering this damn thing is.. numbers long." Kno sighs and sits against the shelves. "Do you have anyone's number?"

Majesty brings out their phone and shuffles through their contacts. "Is Clei on shift today?"

Kno shrugs and closes their eyes. "Doesn't hurt to ask."

Majesty opens up the text messaging app.

Spoiler: Chatlog
Majesty: Cleiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
Majesty: Clei.
Majesty: C l e i .
Clei: Seen: 3:10 PM.
Majesty: Are you on your shift today?
Clei: you told me to take a break today remember.
Clei: B.C. I was "working too much and needed to hang out".
Clei: T.B.H., you're kinda right, but you know.
Clei: You literally asked for this
Majesty: DRAT. Me and and Kno are stuck in the library.
Clei: [Audio Message]

Majesty presses play. The audio message plays Clei laughing.

"Turn that down," Kno says.

Spoiler: Chatlog
Majesty: why.
Majesty: You're SUPPOSED to be quiet in the library.
Clei: It's funny to me B.C. Kno is with you

"She says it's funny because you're with me," Majesty giggles.

Kno glares at them.

Spoiler: Chatlog
Majesty: Awww, they're glaring at me.
Clei: Laughing out loud, literally
Clei: Do you really want me to pick you up?
Majesty: YES, please.
Clei: 'Kay. W.R.U.
Majesty: The library.
Clei: I meant what section. What book did you get there.
Majesty: Kno's dumb history book.
Clei: F.M.L. that's so far.
Clei: Whatever; I'll be there in maybe.. 15 minutes
Majesty: I thought you worked here, why fifteen minutes.
Clei: PLS., my house is that far.
Clei: O.M.W. Don't move or I'll leave u.
Majesty: You're the BEST, Clei.
Clei: Damn right I am

"She'll be here in fifteen minutes!" Majesty grins and takes a seat beside Kno.

Kno groans. "Well, this will be a dull fifteen minutes."

"Oh, come on. Not that long."

"What do you suggest we do while we wait?"
11-16-2017, 03:08 AM
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 RE: [library] - a textuna adventure
moon moon

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climb on a shelf to get a good view!

[Image: Hzq1RVY.png]
11-16-2017, 03:30 AM
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 RE: [library] - a textuna adventure

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Waiting? Why not skim through the history books and look at any wicked-exciting battle paintings!

11-16-2017, 04:34 AM
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