Eagle Time Secret Santa 2017

Eagle Time Secret Santa 2017
Hello Eagle Time! It's that time of year again, when the various winter holidays are approaching and we celebrate by doing cool things for each other.

Once again, Plaid and I will be working together to help Eagle Timers surprise each other with fun and exciting gifts. Here's how this works.

We're going to take signups in this thread. Those will be going until December 5. (That's my time - the specific time of the deadline is a little loose and we'll worry about it when we get there.) When signups close, we will randomly pick names from the list and give you the name of somebody on the forum who will receive a special gift from you!

We expect most gifts to be art, writing, and other such digital things that can be sent through PMs; however, if you want to mail a physical gift to your recipient, we can ask them if they're comfortable giving their address out.

When signing up, it's good to tell people about the sort of things you'd like to receive. But don't worry about going into too much detail - if your Santa isn't sure what to do, they can ask us and we can contact you for potential ideas.

It's nice if gifts can be done by December 25, but if not, that's okay. However, anyone who has produced a gift and hasn't received one by February 1 can request something from either Plaid or myself as compensation.

Plaid and I will be dividing the list in two at random so that we can both participate, as we've done in past years.

I think that's about it. If anything's unclear, feel free to ask.

Participant List
-Dragon Fogel
-Robust Laser
I'd like to sign up!

For my Secret Santa: I like space, mathematics (particularly PDEs, chaos theory, and anything dynamic), puzzles/encryption, the Victorian Era and WWI, the gift I never received last year Melonspa, and bizarre/surreal humor (think Trol Seasson).
I'll sign up too!

For my santa: I enjoy video game merch, video games, and a lot of other things! I like animals (especially dogs) and cute girls and anime too? A lot. In regards to video games its probs best to ask me what games im looking for around the time, and similarly for merch.
i'm a rad teen, confirmed good dog, and i try to do things sometimes.
Yup, I'm in!
i'm probably gonna do the same thing i've always done for... wait, is this seriously the fourth year i've done this? what the heck

for what i like, um... pokemon. scalies. gatrs. i know lately i've made myself about muscles but i wouldn't want anyone to draw muscles if that wasn't their thing, so probably not that.

(my dream is that of a gatr avatar, one that i can call MY avatar)

also no songs please. i'm deaf so i wouldn't be able to appreciate that.
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This is just a friendly bump to ask more people to sign up for this! We could really use more potential Santas.

Edit: I should also give a shout-out to the Hawkspace version of this, since that could also benefit from having more participants: http://eagle-time.com/showthread.php?tid=2676

Feel free to sign up for both! It's not like the Hawkspace one is going to demand a lot of additional time.
I'll sign up, again.

I like the esoteric sci-fi thing I started ages ago I never really got to finish, aesthetics from the movie Stalker, and I live on a submarine. I'll take about anything though, really.
I'll do the thing this year! My first one!!

My interests include: BARLES (my cat), Pokemon and Animal Crossing are bae video games. THE ADVENTURE ZONE!! is A+ as well. I like cryptids, 90's fashion, aesthetics that combine creepy and cute, and I love love! Like, smoochin and stuff!

Also, I'm a huge fuckin narcissist so even fanart of me or any of my OC's would be bomb af.
Right so I'm here hello! Signing up!

Much like usual I love thing related to my characters, of which I have a toyhou.se which like, has info on most of them. (in particular i have the strongest attachment to things in the Aberrant folder)

I'm also into Fortuna, which like, I don't have anything, uh, prepared for 'hey here's what i like on it', but you can ask around tbh.

and like for more nonspecific stuff i also like the pokemans, and gosh, i dunno, video games in general kinda??? and non video games i guess, i guess i have a massive board game collection, i guess i'm constantly lamenting the fact that i don't have enough free time to play tabletop rpgs

oh also sup i have a entire sona now.


Also- uh. I like. . . art? music? games and... things?

I like a lot of things. I'm also bad about talking about what I like specifically.
HI THIS IS MY FIRST SANTA MC THINGY I CAN DRAW N STUFF!!! I will honestly accept any type of writing (especially poems, specifically about cool animals with sunglasses) and any art, anything high energy!!!, colourful, or with a noisy atmosphere is a favourite (also cool animals sunglasses), or meme art

id pick meme art over anything

My definition of meme art being anything surreal enough to make me lose my shit i have low standards

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Heyo, I'm down with secreting a Santa this year. In related news, I tried using the word "secret" as a verb, but it ended up just being written the same as if I'd used "secrete" and now I regret all kinds of decisions!

I'm mostly in this to do a thing and not to get a thing, so I'll probs be happy with whatever, but here's a link to some other links to my various works and OCs and such, if you want to do an art of one of them things.

e: bweh? did i bbcode wrong there somehow? coulda sworn that was how it do. WHATEVER
e2: oh thanks schaz
no quote marks around url!
I guess i should do a wishlist huh

I am fond of overwatch, cats, animal crossing and poison type pokemon. I have a comic that is on hiatus in my signature and uh. God idk what else. TAZ probably. Cute monster girls. I like art! I love music, and if you make me a thing of my characters then i'll love you forever!

Ask Schaz if you want to ask anything more specific tbh
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I like bugs and birds and plants and grand battles

Any further inquiries may be directed to Plaid or Mirdini
I do a lot of writing but art isn't really in my skillset.

So I would be particularly appreciative of art of any of my works. These are linked in my signature but not in a way that's really easy to identify.

Swamped, in particular, is something where I'd like to see people's artistic interpretations.

Of course, if you're not much of an art person either, that's fine. You can write about any of my stuff too, or otherwise use your talents to show me your own take on something I produced.

Also: signups end tomorrow, so if you're on the fence about joining this, better make up your mind fast!
Hey, hey, last chance to sign up! Don't be shy, I'm sure you can make something really cool.
Okay, this is the VERY LAST CALL. Sign up now or forever hold your peace.
Signups are CLOSED. Santa assignments will be made momentarily.
Okay, we have divided the list and I'm sending out Santa assignments to my half.

Plaid may need a little more time, but rest assured you'll be getting your assignment shortly.

Thanks to everyone for participating!
OKAY MINE ARE SENT OUT sorry guys i needed a nap rly bad yesterday.

Thanks folks!
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Just a reminder to people, Christmas Day is approaching!

While that's not a hard deadline, it's a good time to have your gifts done.
It's Christmas Eve! I hope people are putting their Secret Santa gifts together.
It is now Christmas Day for me, so any Secret Santa gifts I get PMed will be passed along to the recipient.

You can also feel free to share whatever you got in this thread.