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The Great Calamity - New Heroes Arise - Signups open [0/4]
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 The Great Calamity - New Heroes Arise - Signups open [0/4]
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Many years ago, a Great Calamity arose from the deepest pits of this world, lasting many a year before heroes of the land finally overcame it. This is the tale of that Calamity, and the supports who necessitated those great heroes on their legendary journey.

A tale of honor, valiance, and pride.

Spoiler: Overview
A great disaster has struck, and who will be the one to save the realm? You, hopefully.
This is a fairly standard fantasy romp, except more competitive. You and 3 other heroes are competing to become the most Renown hero in all the lands before the Calamity is over, so you can live a prosperous life as a legend. When the Calamity ends, whoever has the most Renown will be claimed the Ultimate Champion, and be the winner.

So, the basic system of this game works as thus:
1. Prepare for journeying.
2. Journey.
3. Claim Renown for your Journeys and victories over the Calamity.
4. Repeat.

Not everything is quite that deliciously simple, however. You are directly competing against 3 other heroes (and some other, lesser-known ones too.)

The Calamity will end in 3 years time. Each turn is a week of in-game time, during which you are allowed to perform 5 separate actions (one for each weekday.) These are divided into a couple of categories.
1. Preparation: Buying items, equipment, levelling up, or resting. General day-to-day business.
2. Mischief: Interfering with other heroes agendas, stealing from other heroes, looting allied heroes, and other things of that ilk.
3. Menace: Performing dark magic, leading monsters into towns, supporting monsters, and other genuine acts of evil.

Preparation has no direct negative consequences, but performing acts of Mischief and Menace can tarnish your reputation, making you lose Renown, and making Renown harder to gain later.

There are facilities in town available to you, as a hero, to rest and recuperate, or spend your money.
Church: A place to confess your sins. Confessing acts of Mischief or Menace here will reduce the future Renown loss, and improve your reputation. The sooner you confess after being caught, the more effective this is. However, the more confessions you perform, the less effective they are.

Tavern: A place to restore yourself. Buying a drink gives you a buff for your next Journey, and 3 quests are posted up here each week. Completing one of them grants you Renown and Gold.

Library: A place to study the ancient texts. Skills can be trained here, for a cost of one action per skill level.

Guild: A place for cooperation. You can join the guild for a basic fee, and you will be sponsored with equipment from Stores. Sponsorship increases Renown gain, but will be cancelled if you are caught in an act of Mischief or Menace. A cancelled Sponsorship will decrease future Renown gains.

Auction House: A place for bartering. Hosts a weekly auction for items at their base value, heroes and merchants can visit this. Items sold to the auction house will provide the original supplier with a cut of the money from the item's selling price at first, and the full price if sold. Not available if you have been involved in too many acts of Mischief or Menace.

Stores: There are four shops in this town. The Patron's Mercies (TPM), ESSENTIALS, Bloodbath and Beyond (BaB), and Akbar's Definitely Useful Commodities (ADUC). TPM is an armor store run by the local Jone Sephi who is fairly trustworthy, BaB is a weapon store run by criminal Rob Oson who has a fairly bad reputation, which won't do wonders for your Renown if you shop from him. ESSENTIALS sells useful artifacts and is run by an army veteran, Pad Ikhnum. Shopping here will provide good Renown the more experienced you are, but fresh heroes will not see any worth in it. EDUC is a general store run by a mysterious gentleman known as Akbar.

These stores will fluctuate as time goes on, and are fairly deep.

Each turn, a Journey will occur. You will select which location you Journey to, out of 5 available options. More players visiting one location will share the Renown gains throughout, but also improve your chances. Your chances will be largely based on how much you have prepared, your skills, and your equipment. There will be occasional involvement from you, but it's more about strategically prepping for your Journey.

Essentially, the way to gain Renown is by preparing for Journeys through reputable methods, and supporting stores that have a high reputation themselves. You also gain Renown and Gold through Journeying, and defeating the toughest monsters.

If there is anything you feel I have missed, please let me know through discord or by posting below. I probably have missed a few things, so don't hesitate.

Spoiler: Signup sheet
Hero Name: Your character's name.
Player Name: Your name.
Class: Choose from Warrior, Rogue, or Mage. This determines your starting skills,
and what items you start with.

Background: Choose one of these to influence your experience.
Thief: Mischief has no Renown penalty, however you may not use the Auction house.
Underdog: You gain Renown quicker, but you start with only one piece of equipment,
rather than 3.
Noble: You start with a high base Renown, but you suffer harsher consequences for Mischief and Menace.
Wilds-folk: You have a natural affinity for path-finding, and your Journeys are usually more successful. However, you will not be sponsored by the guild.
Possessed: Mischief and Menace have reduced penalties for you, but you must commit one act of Menace each turn or you will suffer a penalty on your Journey.

Note: Heroes will probably die! Please keep that in mind when creating one. You will be able to re-spawn afterwards, but don't get too attached! I don't want anyone to be too sad about their OC's death.

Credit to Lordlyhour for helping me run this.

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