CyberDarkWingCafé [Vulture Future Rp Café]

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banana CyberDarkWingCafé [Vulture Future Rp Café]
CyberDarkWingCafé [Vulture Future Rp Café]
[Image: bfN9Zh6.png]

These street's are mean, but there's one thing meaner, and that's the "food" from CyberDarkWingCafé. A notorious driver, dive-in or dine in for any ne'er-do-well or rapscallion , CyberDarkWingCafé is THE premium spot to hear the latest news from the streets of Vultropolis.

[Image: mEDcH7y.png]

It's not all business, though, the bar is renowned for its delicious and wholesome "food" items, each cooked according to an ancient recipebook left by a bearded sage. The most famous is a massive burger called the Curato, which has claimed more victims than any other meal in the city.

As you enter, the bartender offers you any drink you can imagine, in a special cup that you can drink out of with a beak.


[Image: DJ9JFjq.png]
[Image: 38cGHpR.gif]
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