Alien Secret Santa: Get Gifts in by 11PM EST

Alien Secret Santa: Get Gifts in by 11PM EST
Alien Secret Santa: Get Gifts in by 11PM EST
Fortuna Secret Santa
Get your requests in quick cause we're doing this last minute!
[Image: yp2aZHG.png?1]

For this secret Santa, we'll be making a Fortuna related oc for each other, drawing art of said oc and possibly tossing a paragraph about them in there, or drawing an artwork that the asker might want! This way everyone already goes in knowing what type of gift they'll be making so there are no surprises. This means you either make your Santa an oc, with art and a tiny bit of info, or you make your Santa just a normal art piece. No one is telling you you can't do both though. ;)

- Please try not to enter if you don't think your gift can be done and sent to your representative before the 24th!
- Fill out the sheet below to tell everyone your likes and dislikes, as well as your aesthetics that way people can figure out what you might want. Also put things you ABSOLUTELY do not want down, such as if you absolutely do not want any reptile species or notails.
- Post it on the topic.
- You're done!

What to do when you get your request
- Both me and Moon will be sending out your secret Santas!
- Check out what your Secret Santa wants in an oc and design a Fortuna OC based off their wishes!
- Write a little about the oc if you want, the only required part is the art piece!
- Deadline is the 24th! Please make sure you meet it!
- Please make sure you send your finished gift to the person who sent out your prompt, that means ME or MOON, DO NOT send your gift to your secret Santa! That also means if Moon sent your prompt to you, send the gift to moon, not me!
- This goes without saying but this is a secret Santa. Please do not post your art or talk about your gift anywhere until the 25th!

Please fill this out to sign up

[b]Likes:[/b] (Things you like)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (Things you dislike)
[b]Aesthetics:[/b] (Your aesthetic, could just be a link to a picture if you want)
[b]Absolutely does not want:[/b] (Things you 100% do not want to get, ex: Reptile species, bugs, Notails, Creepy scientist characters, ect)
[b]Any other info:[/b] (For anything else you want to say.)

[b]Things you want in art:[/b] (Things you...want possibly drawn)
[b]Absolutely does not want art:[/b] (Things you 100% do not want to get, ex: Shippings)
[b]Any other info:[/b] (For anything else you want to say.)

Current list of people who have signed up: 1
- Gimeurcookie
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RE: Alien Oc Secret Santa
dabs right on in

Likes: Animal motifs, Wings, Horns, Tragedy [lov that suffering], Terrible characters [I mean I like O-6 so], Eschewing stereotypes [i.e. a hokkan who tries to act without animal instinct, a putley that has no interest in gods, etc], Justice, Robots, ....Deer [don't be going around calling me out for this, you know who you are], ...............Notails...
Dislikes: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Aesthetics: Gold, Electronic sort of glows [shit like this], Fire, Shiny stuff in general tbh, Rainbows
Absolutely does not want: uhhhhh as far as I can think of N/A I might have to edit this later Oh I don't like boobs but like considering that this is a Fortuna OC thing do I even need to add this... I don't think anyone even really has them...
Any other info: I mean my favourite characters include Apollo, O-6, and O-2 so I think anyone who knows me can already guess the kind of character personality I love the most honestly. Also, I hope whoever I get won't mind that I may end up editing their OC after they make 'em for me! :Oc
[Image: egg004.png?raw=1] [Image: BMy2LW4.png] [Image: fNYPmPd.png] [Image: uLF0DoV.png] [Image: egg009.png?raw=1]
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Likes: Reptile species, water themes, space, snakes, aftiks!
Dislikes: too much sads :(
Aesthetics: blues of all kinds, white highlights on dark shades and black
Absolutely does not want: Notails help theres too many notails. Also no gore/vore please.
Any other info: If you are reading this you are a good person merry christmas (season)
[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]

RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Note while my lists are big do not feel like you have to jam every single thing into one character, just pick a few things you want to sprinkle in! If you don't get any fun ideas from the below that's ok, cause there's nothing more I love than being surprised! If you can't think of anything please make an OC that YOU would love as long as it's none of my don'ts.

Likes: Clockworks, Shitty edgy plot twists*, Any type of horror like social/emotional/body horror but mostly social horror, Notails, intelligent horror monsters, GLITCHES AND GAME META HORROR, on the lighter side of things I like nearly every species but I'm REALLY digging all the species submitted this round, Hybrids!, Capture creatures, Adorable characters who are really cute, Positive minded characters who are utterly hopeful and never give up, just about anything on my don't lists.

Dislikes: Multi-headedness unless for horror, True hiveminds, species who cannot vocalize, really hard to grasp concepts like the 4th dimension, Dark/horror for horror/edgy sake. Not too into characters who lets say murder their family because "They're Edgy" etc. I like bad edgy plot twists but with meaning if you get my flow. (As a note for most of those those are for personal ocs, I love most of those things otherwise)

Aesthetics: Good examples of my aesthetics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Aesthetics x2: Black and Gold, Black and Gold again, Black and bright blue but sometimes with gold. Don't feel worried you have to make a black and gold character though, feel free to surprise me! ALSO GLITCHES AND GAME META HORROR. STILL THAT YES.

Absolutely does not want: Ocs of species I have personally created unless it's a notail! I'll take Ocs of AIs I have created though! I'll only take a notail oc if it's a notail leader who isn't the R,P, or N leader! Please check out the notail section for what the numbers of the other leaders are! I wouldn't recommend doing a notail oc unless you think you can get the notail aesthetic right. (See the O-class entries.)

Any other info: Feel free to take two of my ocs and then smash them together to make a fictional child I love ship children. When I mean my Ocs know I don't mean characters like Cobalt or Nova, I mean my personal Ocs like O-2 or my AIs, no characters who have been made for our crews. (Unless the ship is Athena x Eris, I don't want ship kids from that.)
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Likes: Any type of horror, phobias, creatures, Hybrids, Clichê anime tropes, Robots, Drakons, Horses, MUSIC. Not O-7, a horrible and cursed number of something ( Legs, Eyes, Hands, Teeth, ETC ), Comedy, Characters with Gimick.
Dislikes: O-7, Plague Doctors with no humour, Cats, Blood ( I really like blood but, you know, go big or go HOME ), Priapus. Don't draw priapus, I alredy have enough priapus.
Aesthetics:,,,, ( REALLY GOREY, +18 )
Anything bad and cursed, Hospitals.
Absolutely does not want: Birds, O-7
Any other info: Don't let them get in or out. Don't let O-7 see it. Burn it.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Blah I got too much stuff to list!
Likes: Mushrooms, technology, horror, origami, frogs, cats, reptiles, background characters, birds, fantasy, detective stories, arthropods,dumb slice of life anime, Ackolids, water species, robots, music boxes, Hatoful Boyfriend.

Dislikes: oversexualized characters, hospitals.

Any other info: Nope! Happy holidays!
Absolutely does not want: Aftiks (I love 'em but I already have 8 of them), Generics (same thing as with aftiks), Drakons, (same thing as with aftiks), otherwise I can't think of anything!
[Image: egg009.png?raw=1][Image: egg012.png?raw=1]

RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Don't feel like you have to include everything I like, just use this as a starting point! You can click on some of them for examples and stuff.

Likes: Dragons, birds, knives, overly decorated knives, robots, gems/rocks/minerals, tentacles (I swear if someone takes this the wrong way I'm gonna scream), creepy but not in a bad way (think Welcome to Night Vale), bonus arms
Dislikes: Too edgy, unrealistic backstory (if applicable), too bright colors, insects (I can't draw them), powder backstories that make you say "ow"
Aesthetics: Pastels, punk, pastel punk, t r i a n g l e s, minimalism, drippy bois, memes, SPACE, whatever emotion this song is, retro computers, sleek designs, 80's (hELLA), vaporwave, THIS LIKE EXACTLY
Absolutely does not want: Monkeys. Clowns. No OCs from the 1 species I made. Also do not go off the deep end with the creep factor. Horrible clockworks are fun to draw, but aren't the best for OCs, you feel me?
Any other info: I am a BIG nerd for robots and birds. And robot birds. Custom AIs are really interesting to me!

If I think of anything else, I'll edit this before the deadline.
Lambda: Robot Regret ||| Flight Rising ||| Dragon Cave
I'm Athenike on the Discord chat and memes2electricboogaloo on the Twitch chat!
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Please don't feel like you gotta have everything here! I have a hard time saying what i like but i like... a lot of things.

Likes: Eye horror, characters with strong personalities, meek personalities, characters that are narssistic, chiras, actually i like bats, 'soft' species in terms of personality, backstories that are extra or mundane, um this is condradicting isn't it, bright colours, pastel colours, cliché tropes, i really like furry species in general actually
Dislikes: really really creepy things to the point its too unnerving, anything too sad! please no sexulization whatsoever. i'd prefer no gnosis but if you got a good idea go for it!!!
Aesthetics: pastel colurs, pale colours and bright colours are a super yes!!! i also like monochrome palettes aka palattes that are diffrent shades of one colour but you can put in a diffrent colour for constrast and itd be neat. eye horror's 100% my aesthetic. by soft maybe look heeeeere i dont know if that explains it though!!! also also fancy things. royal aesthetics. search up royal Aesthetic its all good
Absolutely does not want: i think i have enough notail ocs then i know what to do with! [re: like, 2 ocs. children] so no notails please. also maybe no characters that are superdupr creepy or tackle super serious topics- i don't expect anyone to make things like that but felt like i should say anyways! also guns, fire, nsfw stuff and alcohol bother me a bit so maybe no characters w/ that, thank ;w;
Any other info:Thank you for being my santa! ^^ sorry if any of this sounds weird but i'll really be happy with what you make me!
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Likes: Notails, basically every AI in Fortuna, Creative shitposting, colorful bandaids? Aftiks, either everybody being happy or everybody being miserable and fauna.

Dislikes: nothing in particular!

Aesthetics: Red, gold and purple stuff, Robots, flower crowns, fluff, softness, other nice garbage like that and people being unhappy.

Absolutely do not want my only request is to keep it safe for work! Anything else is perfectly fine!

Extra notes I would absolutely be on board if anyone wanted to make anything absolutely MONSTROUS, like something funny but no one would ever want to look it right in the eyes for fear of becoming monstrous too.
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Likes: Downward spirals/negative character development, good people who do terrible things, nonbinary characters, characters who take a trope/stereotype and twist it interestingly, characters who Really Fuckin Love a particular person or group of people
Dislikes: Gender stereotypes, characters who embody stereotypes/tropes in general, tooooo much body horror (some is ok)
Aesthetics: Birds/feathers, forests, violet (you know like Eridan violet? yeah) and gold, religious symbolism
Absolutely does not want: Tiddy, NSFW, sexualised characters
Any other info: Merry crisis :D
[Image: fNYPmPd.png][Image: uLF0DoV.png]
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
these are all just starting points!! as long as it doesn't include stuff in dislike/absolutely dont want i'll absolutely love it!

Likes: OH MAN I LIKE A LOTTA THINGS. any type of horror but eye horror is my fave appearance-wise and social horror is my fave story-wise, gore boys, sweet characters, sour characters, salty characters, im suuuuuper duper fond of the trope where a character goes through loads of hardship but is still determined!!! but horrible people can be fun too...honestly any kind of thing where a trope is subverted in an interesting way is pretty neat! but joke characters are also funny. i love loads of things! there really isn't much about stuff that i don't think i could find smth to love about em.

Dislikes: no unsanitary i beg you. no oversexualized stuff in general either please! and hmmm im nooooot too fond of super duper edgy stuff, like...edge for the sake of edge maybe? i can dig super dark stuff if it's got purpose and intention but not if it doesnt is all

Aesthetics: UHHHHH AW MAN IM SUPER FOND OF BLACK/DARK COLORS + A LIGHT COLOR AS AN ACCENT, like neons or pastels, but also accenting with white is good! and like dawn/dusk color schemes yknow, yellow/orange/pink/purple/blue/black. i also like shades of creams and brown, but monochrome can be super striking too, but i just love colors dude. i also like flowers and stars and obviously moons, and hm...i love tons and tons and toooooons of stuff aesthetics wise. i also really like eyes and shit like especially fucked up eyes? and multiple eyes? multiple fucked up eyes???? nice. actually it might be easier to just link my aesthetic blog if you want more examples of stuff i like visually but you don't have to look at it or anything it's all good.

Absolutely does not want: HMHMHM nothing really that isn't already in my dislikes! maybe no chiras or ruhis please.

Any other info:
[Image: Cmh4iZA.png] [Image: z8yQvca.png] [Image: REdv8VX.png]
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Likes: Lots of fluff, long/thick tails, quadrupeds, space, dragons, extra limbs, slightly spooky/odd designs and patterns, cool colors, big ol' monsters, fun claws

Dislikes: Warm colors (unless used as little accents), complete lack of color, things with human faces, super fancy clothing (fabric is my weakness)

Aesthetics: Color combos like blue/black/purple, mostly neutral bases with pops of vivid color, complex designs

Absolutely does not want: Heavy body horror, a n'nik (I have so many of my babies already XD)

Any other info: I'm open to most stuff because I love seeing how other people design things, so if you don't really feel super inspired by my info feel free to go crazy! I never shy away from a complex or challenging design either, by golly I'll draw the thing if it kills me! You can make whatever ya want as long as you have fun! And happy holidays!
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Likes: Bill Cipher, Illuminaty Shit, Eris, Pokemon, Splatoon, Shin Megami Tensei, Art stuff, Electroswing, the color blue, purple, and gold, owls, gemstones, eldritch stuff (lovecraft mythos etc), overwatch, robots, monster hunter, tea, coffee, insects man I actually really love insects aesthetically just not like, touching y'know.

Dislikes: Unnecessary body horror and sexualization, otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This song, not the game.
Hopefully this gives you some insight into my aesthetic, kind of chill, kind of creepy, kind of weird. It's just Hichico

Absolutely does not want: I'm gonna make this a little more challenging, no species I've created. No tegyps, Malventus, Klannec, or Ariesa. I make enough of those as it is.

Any other info: Get good, be chill, be happy, be healthy
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
You don't have to cram all of this stuff into a character, make it interesting and different! Heck, add in some of your likes if you want, just nothing in the absolutely does not want :3

Likes: Reptiles, claws(dull or sharp), birds (but less than reptiles), long tails, thicker than normal tails (ex:alitgators tails, they're pretty thick) reptile and bird feet are prefered (don't make it weird, it's not like that >:T), stars (five pointed kind more than the space-y kind) warm colors like red, maroon, orange, and yellow, dark pastel blue, water themes, heck just water in general, pineapples, triangles, maybe just simple shapes in general, sleek/futuristic colors (ex: black and gold) combos of scales and feathers are neat, robots and AI, reptiles (again), plant related fauna and other stuff, s w e a t s h i r t s and other lazy outfits like that (don't be afraid to do something outside the norm and make a character wearing something weird or unusual, or even just a suit or something formal like that! I love to draw stuff like that too!!) oh and good people who are seen as bad/do bad things. Interesting personalities too, even if they lean more towards the negative, gotta love that shit! Plot twists, especially the funny ones that make absolutely no sense, but if you squint at a ninety degree angle while holding a triangular pineapple, it might make the slightest bit of sense!

Dislikes: Overly cute/fluffy things, overuse of body horror (I don't mind a little bit, but don't make the entire body trypophobic or covered in eyes please!), ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there isn't much to put here if I'm completly honest

Aesthetics: Black and gold/sleek looking colors (as mentioned above) water, reptiles, stars and moons and all that junk in space, any pastel color that isn't green, creamy colors and browns are quite nice too! monochrome is pretty neat looking too, triangles, and eyes. Like, not an entire body made of eyes (as mention before) but just a few, (maybe like six, at the most) (is gay an aesthetic? Oh boy do I have problems..) oh also, edginess for the sake of edginess, have actual explanations if they are please :3

Absolutely does not want: I'm actually repeating alot of stuff heh sorry about that! Uhh sexualized characters, (though I doubt people would do that) fluffy paws/ cat or dog paws, and overly complex designs. I like to draw my characters on paper alot, and have them be fun to draw. If there are too many details to remember, I will wind up drawing them less and less, and they might end up in a mental folder somewhere, probably never to be seen again. You can have interesting designs that are still simple! Take Artemis V1 for example, they have nice details, but nothing too hard to remember! I hope this isn't too much! UwU

Any other info: If the character ends up too complicated for me to draw, there is a slight chance for design change. Also, Merry Christmas! And thank you so, so much for doing this and putting up with my likes and dislikes :D <3 *W H E E Z E* I'm sorry this is a really long list
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens

Likes: raccoons, robots, raccoon robots, COLOURS, meme characters (u know which green character im refering to :eyes:) pleasing simplistic colour palettes, night colours!!, notails (O-5 and O-3 specifically uvu), cute characters, CLOWN, and wholesome stuff in general, dudebros B)

Dislikes: id prefer not having anymore bunbun art (no offence to the lil guy, i just have a l o t of bun art) i dont really dislike much!! As long as its not too sexual, or gore-y, im chill 'u'b!

Aesthetic: pleasing colour palettes, simplistic yet cute designs, r a c c o o n s any unique way of shading, t h e s e (its a gallery!)

Absolute no-nos: pls no vore, or extreme gore!!

Any other info: nop, ily amd thank u *dabs*
[Image: uEcjEWp.png]
(A collab adventure with my dude, devil!)
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
right okay right i wanted to sign up for this right right right let's do this oh god what do i like

Likes: tuff girls what like to fight, cute people, people who are cute and tuff simultaneously. bugs n' furries. body horror is cool, but especially body horror that the "victim" of it is totally cool with. I also got a history of apparently being into inventor types. also transformation is cool look i have 'good body horror' listed is this a surprise oh yeah and of course i love contrast between appearance and personality
Dislikes: i dunno i guess i don't really know what to do with characters that aren't at least somewhat humanoid, like, pure quadripeds and the like. AS well as characters that are like, monstrous in mind, like, lack of rational thought kinda stuff.
Aesthetics: uhhhhh purple is always a good color, i guess? top aesthetic is urban fantasy, but like, dingy urban fantasy. the pawn shop downtown that you weren't sure was there yesterday, a neon sign not quite working right, flickering, advertising all your dreams coming true.
An aging mall, more storefronts empty than actually containing stores. There's a certain sterility to it, somebody is keeping things very clean, despite the dwindling clientele. There's an intense feeling of unfamiliarity, like nobody here comes from anywhere you'd recognize, and yet somehow you feel safe. Whoever keeps care of this place watches over all who walk its halls.
These pictures give me the strongest feelings of this: [X] [X] [X]
this doesn't specifically mean magic so much as a sense of the unreal, really.
Absolutely does not want: i mean i kinda used my dislikes to give what i'd be less inclined to want, but i'm not gonna explicitly say you can't try if you think you have like, just the idea to make me more into it. nothing really i'd be super against OH WAIT except racists and the like. keep that [racist] trait away from me thx
and i mean on the 'not required but consider otherwise' front, look we all love notails but there are enough notails already, and they aren't furry enough anyways
Any other info: I hope I win!!
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Likes: Space, birds, and literally anything that has to deal with music, one eyed characters are always cuties, some fluffy cute character or wings are cool too.

Dislikes: Really visual gore, suicidal/depressive themes, mostly anything that is related to gross stuff

Aesthetics: retro colour palletes and space themed stuff
I also really like rainy stuff, like a chill day feeling

Anything else: nah fam im cool
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Likes: making people screm (please reference anytime that in the discord someone screamed IAN or IAN NO), "I am pushing past what you can understand", non-neurotypicality, intelligence, transcendance, capture creatures and pets. if you've read it I enjoy floornight and cordyceps on ao3, along with danganronpa and warframe and lots of stuff. Feel free to ask my friends, I'll even add a list of friends to this. I really like Ghost-P and related vocaoid artists, along with animation memes involving body horror like Hot Milk memes, and my fav bodyhorror work lately is Chiasmata. I also like dating sims like Dream Daddy. I'm morbid, love unreality stuff, and idk what else to say, I'm ichimatsu trash, I love spoopy occult stuff.
Dislikes: I tend not to like stress about survival (hence my unrealism). I don't really like a lot of fighting stuff, especially due to my tendency to go from 1 to 11 with regard to destruction. I'm also really not into superheroes, like the closest thing I like to superheroes is Chaismata.
Aesthetics: otherworldly stuff, dreamy pinks and purples, glitch horror, isolation fantasies (the world ended and I'm the only one left but all the stores are still stocked with fresh food for some reason). a lot of sensory dissonant stuff. Lemme tell you I hecking live for the bodyhorror that comes out of the abomination/clockwork part of the fandom.
Absolutely does not want:notails, xenophobes and racists, utilitarianism in any form, throwing people under the bus for 'the greater good', manipulative/emotionally abusive people, 'no ends justify the means'.
Any other info:I'm probably going to write you a 5k thing about the character I give you, and I'll probably write vignettes unless I'm told not to. I'm gonna add songs probably to this.

X Hyperdontia Series (it's very relevant to my personal vent stuff, content warnings inside the work)
X I love happy bouncy stuff at times.
x bodyhorror/flashing stuff
x 4th dimensional stuff is fun ok
x I love fanfics like this, if it helps you understand stuff I like?
x my goth ass loves this stuff ok
x big mood is the setting out music
these should probably all help better define "what does Ian like vibe wise"
[LIVE] - AliCat2020's modded dlc playthrough, like and subscribe if you enjoyed

RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
[dashes in last minute!!!!!]

Likes: birds, bugs, cute and/or cool characters, characters with a "gimmick" (ik this is vague, but it's like some special ability/signature unique to them eg. clockwork cobalt's guntail) (feel free to totally skip this point if you have no idea what i'm on about), simplistic design, cool colours (purple is a fav), musical instruments, casual clothing, goop???, extra limbs

Dislikes: no sexual pls!!!, no E D G E pls

Aesthetic: PIXELS, this, simple & ANGULAR designs

Absolute no-nos: uhhh, any out-there fetishes (you know.........), or the aforementioned sexualization

Any other info: you don't gotta include everything in here ouob (boy that would be a toughie)
[Image: qvqxw.png]
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Likes: Monsters. Thing that remind me of monsters. Lanky bodies. Long bodies. Bigness. Noodles. Teeth. Colorful, stripy patterns. Floof. Intelligence. Black humor. Deep characters. Silly characters. Eccentric people. Complex, progressive ideas. Dissonance. CHAOS. Surreal themes. The bizarre, avante-garde, otherworldly. Birds are great. Robots are fine. Dragons are pretty cool too.

Dislikes: Internet lingo (unless it's tongue-in-cheek), predictability, sexualization/fanservice.

Aesthetics: Scary but beautiful. Cute but fearsome. Smooth and expressive. Jazzy. Cool.

Absolutely does not want: The mundane. Regular everyday humons. Boooring.
Which doesn't really apply to anything in the 'dex, so go nuts I guess.

Any other info: Doesn't have to be anything on here, this is just to give you an idea of what kinda person I am. Feel free to surprise me, I'm not picky. I pretty much mega appreciate anything people are willing to draw for me.
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Likes: Transformation, Secrets('My Watch has a secret compartment/can turn into brass knuckles/tells the time in code!'), grace, elegance, honor, conflict, drama, crazy, absurd, humble, egotistical, kind, utilitarian, determined, confident, snarky, lasers, meta ,, ..broken things? ..birds? , do you put it... balance? (I.E.:If you can, it'd be nice to see a less-talked-about-species...)
Dislikes: *shrugs*
Aesthetics: ...ʷʰᵃᵗ'ˢ ᵃᶰ ᵃᵉˢᵗʰᵉᵗᶦᶜ﹖
Absolutely does not want:
Any other info: I'm not certain on, well, anything as far as likes or dislikes, and I'd recommend using them as guidelines more than a to-do list. I feel like this is probably a good opportunity to get a character that is less like the type I would usually make, so yeah...
I'd say just have fun with it, but I feel that would apply to anyone's OC-Gift.
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Likes: cactus, birds, scenery/landscapes, travel, music, dogs, relaxation

Dislikes: fussing

Aesthetics: see avatar - cheesy 90s action sports cartoons who are supposed to be cutting edge and hip but aren't really. also dogs inside or on top of trucks, also avante garde, surrealism or magical realism, things that are a bit absurd

Does not want: notails

Any other info: maybe a species/ai that hasn't gotten much love. roll if you want
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Sign ups are now closed, wait an hour and then check your pms! If you don't get a pm tell me!)

- DO NOT TELL ANYONE who your secret Santa is or else you could easily ruin the surprise for someone.
- Get in your gifts by 11pm EST Dec 24th to your representative. Your representative is the person who sent out the pm to you, do not send them to me unless I'm your representative.
- If you do not send your gift by the 20th you will get a friendly reminder about the end date in a pm. Please do not wait for the last minute.

- Have fun!
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Friendly reminder sent out to all! Only 3 more days left!

If by chance you do not think you'll get your oc done on time please inform your rep as soon as possible!
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: Secret Santa But With Aliens
Secret Santa gifts must be sent out by 11pm EST!

That's in 10 hours from now. Please consider sending them to your rep a little early so you're not rushing at the last moment.
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]