ONE NIGHT BAMBOOZLE [Game Results Posted]

ONE NIGHT BAMBOOZLE [Game Results Posted]
give my bamboo to Palamedes

vote coldblooded
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It's too late to give anything! The bamboo remains yours!
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Okay, I think that'll do. The new votes are:

Coldblooded: Palamedes, Reyweld, wiltingMyosotis, Gatr, awkwardcarapace
Justice Watch: Justice Watch, Robust Laser, Joe Starman
"The puppies": a52
No Vote: Coldblooded

With that, we have a clear bamboozlee: Coldblooded!


But what was Coldblooded? Coldblooded was... Feinting Goat! Uh oh!
This is good news for those of you whose win conditions required the Feinting Goat to be bamboozled. which includes Coldblooded and Robust Laser. It's not good news for those of you whose win conditions required three hundred puppies to be bamboozled, though. Not good news at all.

And if our tie had swung the other way? Justice Watch was... Three Hundred Puppies! Wow! Close shave!

We have some other win conditions in play. Let's see who has DOGGIE TREATS. Joe Starman began the game with 3... and never did anything with them. Which is good news for those of you whose win conditions require no puppies to hold DOGGIE TREATS. But it doesn't change our actual winners.

As for the bamboo, none of the bamboo win conditions apply. Very close, though.

Finally, let's check the applause. We have the following applauders:

Gatr -> awkwardcarapace
Justice Watch -> Gatr
wiltingMyosotis -> Gatr
Robust Laser -> Gatr
a52 -> Gatr
awkwardcarapace -> Gatr
Joe Starman -> Gatr
Palamedes -> Gatr
wiltingMyosotis -> awkwardcarapace
Reyweld -> Joe Starman
Coldblooded -> Gatr
awkwardcarapace -> wiltingMyosotis
Gatr -> Gatr

What a lot of applause! I think that counts as Total Applause, don't you?

So by my count, our winners are: Coldblooded, Robust Laser, and Gatr. Congratulations! Especially to Gatr, who achieved Total Applause with total aplomb.

Here's the full role list:

Oh, and one last thing:
This game is so crazy Agenface

Thanks for hosting Seawyrm!
Lol, I thought Pala had to be my jester acolyte for sure because Laser was pushing against their own wincon way too hard to actually be the wolf.

Well at least I can put down "good at making people want to kill me" on my resume again.
seriously thought jwatch was the jester... we are the true bamboozlees.

i still won though, so thanks everyone. that total applause was surprisingly easy to get.
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Thoinks for hosting Seawyrm, this was one crazy game
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Justice Watch you magnificent bastard.

That's all, thanks for hosting SeaWyrm!
Oooooh, this was really fun!!!! Thanks SeaWyrm!!!!' ^^
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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You guys sure are silly!
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wow that was profoundly lucky for me
No kidding!
I think we had an unusually high number of scum-roles (or whatever they should be called in this game), or maybe more information would have been passed around. That was a handicap for everyone in general, but for Robust Laser in particular.

Hey, so I might run this again someday, but if anyone else wants to try running their own interpretation of it, go to it with my blessings and even use this thread if you wanna.