Handy Dandy Handycrafty Thread

Handy Dandy Handycrafty Thread
High quality, high cute
Thanks friends! That's the plan, I've already found a good fabric for Popplio but Litten's proving troublesome - If I'm making all of its red parts out of a complementary fabric, it's going to have to be something that doesn't fray or those whiskerlets are gonna be hell.

Some other bits and bobs of the stampin' variety

[Image: UHd0ovY.jpg] [Image: s89LdOm.jpg]

[Image: HPwiTCV.jpg]

Another pokemon spoiler.
That's brilliant
[Image: msicon1.png][Image: msicon2.png]
I doodled some birds then someone commissioned me to make a set of stamps of 'em.

[Image: dkRIaAi.jpg]
tiny friends tiny friends!
[Image: tN4CQnw.png][Image: 6miAxpY.png][Image: xrt4V73.png]
[Image: LAbvoew.png][Image: kHYNSyp.png][Image: 2xEY8jD.png]
Sewing: I'm not great at it. I can work with flat shapes, but have a bad habit of treating fabric as flat planes rather than panels with actual width-dimensions, which is why my quilted ipad cover was a little too snug to consider it a roaring success. At least the print is super-cute?

Anyway I had slightly more success with this case for my needle felting accessories. It rolls right up and holds all my needles so I can carry them round without accidentally stabbing myself!

[Image: HGX9hP6.jpg]

[Image: AXaJXNt.jpg]
Finished the Skitty!

[Image: t3JTZl5.jpg]
(Image links through to more angles, if you're so inclined)

Most of my projects consist of working up the nerve/momentum to power over multiple "bumps" - in this cat's case, it was those damn ears (which you can see were noncommittal chunks of loose fluff on either side of the head a month ago). Making identical pieces is hard, symmetrical stuff is even harder. It additionally does not help that adding a high-contrast color to a shape will start "warping" the original contours of the shape, although that actually kind of worked to my favour when I added the purple. Next time, I probably won't be so lucky.

The tail was comparatively easy after a few afternoons well spent with my school's Life Design club, where I hid from my responsibilities with a bunch of students making braided bracelets. Totally going to use this method for other wrapped wires in future because it looks ~amazing~

I've obviously still got a bunch of other stuff to complete, but in the interim, added to my to-do-eventually list:

a few years ago I made a clock out of an old floppy disk (the maroon one on the left) but I recently had to clean and repair it because something soaked into the label (I dunno what it was but at least it made it easy to remove!) and the superglue holding the L-brackets wore off

I realised I still had another clock movement so I made another one, this time with the other side of the floppy used as the face

[Image: AgmNtGB.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_o9mdoj1SvX1r21i1co1_400.gif]
ffs schazer

Sadgi, those clocks are really cool! How'd you make them?
[Image: er5FMD6.jpg]

you can buy quartz clock movements and hands and stuff from craft stores, so you basically just have to make sure the thing you want to make a clock out of is
  1. able to have a hole drilled in it somehow
  2. thin enough that it doesn't totally obscure the thread on the... bit you put the hands on.
    you need to be able to screw a nut onto it to hold the movement in place on the back
[Image: 8bqrC53.jpg]

floppy disk plastic is fairly brittle and the maroon one actually cracked a bit when drilling it on the drill press, but it wasn't totally ruined so I just made the cracked side the back so you don't see it! it's covered by the movement anyway

this time I covered the disk in masking tape and started with a smaller drill bit and worked my way up to the diameter I needed so there was less chance of cracking
it did chip a little bit but it was way better than last time

to hold the protective slide-y thing open that goes over hole where the actual inner disk is read, I pried it off gently with a screwdriver, took the spring out that makes it stay closed, then glued it in place with plastic glue
A small friend

[Image: qN9rhkZ.jpg]

[Image: NeMhpQX.jpg]
How precious! Amazing as always, Schazer.
Might actually complete this in time for the school cultural festival this coming weekend!

[Image: DjEH3aT.jpg]
Um? Holy shit? Schazer I am always in awe of your creations.

This puppy was a solid two months' work! (Not an actual dedicated two months, I had a few weeks where I just made zero progress on Makin shit.)

Actually all things considered that's a pretty fast turnaround for me. You can thank my school's Life Design club (they do sewing, handicrafts, and cooking) and its students for suggesting this particular beast, and the aforementioned cultural festival which gave me a solid deadline by which I needed to get this done.

Anyway I have more photos on the blogge now that it's not 2am and I had a chance to take some nice photos.
[Image: WArs0RM.jpg]
[Image: hGDywSx.jpg]

I made a portrait of one of the magpies but I don't know whether she likes it or not
wow! That's impressive!
Winter always kicks my ass creative output wise but I've mostly been on the stampmake with some goopy rubber stamp renditions of my feelings

My fave student in the Life Design club asked me to come along and help him with his needle-felted pig so I had the social impetus to bust out some crafts

[Image: 2FRDdLV.jpg]
I tried to make a petal for my Meganium needlefelt from memory and goofed on it pretty bad, so I kept embroidering it and now it's a moth?

[Image: wGHFfcr.jpg]
Patch for a hole in my jacket
Haha that is a great idea re:hole in jacket!
Current Thing: Sewing (again)

[Image: 18879239_1873301802697050_5632900980807827456_n.jpg]
[Image: 18889245_1331210113583415_6672338445748142080_n.jpg]
[Image: 18879388_1899390716942842_3473619066235650048_n.jpg]

[Image: 18299259_1779966025379108_695909479341883392_n.jpg]
[Image: 18253078_143150719558493_4271756034306998272_n.jpg]

Today I'm fixing up this jacket I nabbed for five bucks:
[Image: XcB3yo4.png]

[Image: k6c755j.png]
The lining on the sleeves has worn out and detached from the base of the wrist, so I'll fold it back and sew it up so I'm not constantly sticking my fingers through it while wearing it.