Animal Facts!

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Animal Facts!
(12-25-2017, 06:06 AM)Angustine Wrote: »Male echidnas have a four-headed penis.

Oh. Um. Thank you but this is not the animal fact for me!
(12-19-2017, 04:36 PM)Robottobt Wrote: »Fact! The largest known animal is the blue whale! Some can be 82 ft long!

That is many! Humans only have 2 of those :)

Quote:Animal Fact: I think, therefore I am an animal and not a vegetable.

That is true! Also the reason why animals are much cooler than vegetables.

Quote:Fact: sheep are lowkey extremely cute

They must be extremely powerful, being able to keep their cuteness hidden so subtly. Wonderful..

Quote:More Facts! Jellyfish can and will eat your garbage if unprotected. Then proceed to melt and become "jellier" than before.

Oh dear, they should be careful!
Fact: All birds are dinosaurs.
Fact: all dinosaurs are fish and Not Like You Might Think: New research shows that rather than feathered reptiles, they were more akin to really big mudskipper's
[Image: 38cGHpR.gif]
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Fact: smooching frogs will turn them into royalty.

Disclaimer: frogs carry many diseases smooch at your own risk.
Fact: All composers are animals! This includes Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Vivaldi, Pachelbel, and Skrillex.

Fact: Not all decomposers are animals! Earthworms are, but bacteria and other microscopic organisms are not!

Wowee, two facts for the price of one!
Animal fact'm: Every SCP? They're animals. Yes, even the house that chews on human flesh when you're not looking. AN-I-MALS.

The Wiki is lying to you. They're trying to convince you that they are non-animal beings, but they are WRONG. They are PULLING THE SHEEP'S WOOL OVER YOUR EYES. WAKE UP SHEEP. WAKE UP PEOPLE. WAKE UP SNAKES. THE SCP ACTUALLY STANDS FOR THE SNAKE CONTAINMENT PARTY. W A K E U P
Fact! Having a snake containment party is NEVER to be advised. You have been warned. Party with those snakes with this knowledge in mind.
Hi! Hello! Fact, Fact, I have come back and i enjoy these animal facts very much, friends! I am thankful, you are all good aminals.
[Image: UGNbp5N.png]

The jollyfis is no plastic bag polluting the ocean, but it is in actuallity the ocean's own grocery-carrier! That is one H*ll of an animal fact!
Fact: Hiphop is when two anteaters get together so they can competitively freestyle.
Fact: many animals can use a mouth technique known as biting to ingest food and/or express emotions.