Bigros Bizzare Adventure(s)

Bigros Bizzare Adventure(s)
Talk about em or ask me things or whatever honestly. Maybe bother me about updating long dead ones if you're game.

Active currently.
Mistakes Were Made You wake up in a bad situation. A, very, bad situation. Can you survive? Probably not, but worth a shot. Text Adventure.
A Tale Of Two Mayors. Collab with one chwoka in which two mayors duke it out to see who is the most mayoral mayor that ever mayored.

Dead and/or inactive.
Big Tex has a great day with friends. Big tex has a great day with friends! (Actually, big tex is the bringer of the apocalypse.) Text.
Visionary In the same vein as cityquest: last chance (eventually) but with more added flavor.
ESCAPE: ABBOTT ISLAND Wild and untamed shitpost proceed at own risk. Text.
Eco Warrior A lizard fucking dies. Had things planned, might happen.
FUCKs Big Night FUCK (a band) has a show on tonight, can YOU get ALL the members of FUCK to the concert on time? Text.
ARSE This is just awful. A lot of dead images thank the lord. Don't read this. (worth noting this was continued on from a thread on mspa! Not that it matters given how little any update makes sense in relation to the previous.)
Cross the gap: Hard Mode Self explanatory honestly. Cross the gap. But it's hard.
Post modern adventure Your'e*
Post Pirate This is a shitpost, kind of. Meta adventure anyone can update about a pirate that steals forums users posts.
Over the wall. Text Adventure. About a guy that gets sent to a dystopian prison city in the year 20XX.
Hamsteak. This is a shitpost.

Super dead. Images broken, don't have em anymore, website doesn't exist, etc.
The great ro get-together goes awry. A whodunnit sorta deal where we get to the bottom of a murder case in the wonderful world of ro's. Majority of the images are dead, some are not, but most are. And that sucks doesn't it.
Cityquest: last chance. It's basically simcity/harvest moonish sorta deal but an adventure. Don't have the original files anymore so calling this one as D E A D.
Caffeinated Western. Old collab I did with Best Tea Maker for a u4g contest back on mspa.
DOG A world of dogs but ALL the images are broken. If I recall, this was something I did on post it notes and scanned the buggers as panels.
+ Anything I did on mspa RIP in fucking peace. ;_;7

God I have so many dead ends.
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(12-20-2017, 02:19 AM)bigro Wrote: »ARSE This is just awful. A lot of dead images thank the lord. Don't read this.

ARSE was the best, how dare you.
the best at being awful no doubt about it.

Wouldn't have it any other way.
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who's the second chwoka
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(12-25-2017, 05:49 PM)Coolacanth Wrote: »who's the second chwoka

we have a mafia