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You Wake Up In A Bar
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☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆
 RE: You Wake Up In A Bar
i'm rad as hell, and i'm not gonna take it anymore

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clippy but a gun

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[Image: elXiCrv.png]

time is money, but so is health. let the doctor come behind the counter and comically rush around taking your temperature, blood pressure, etc while you wash dishes frantically
Yesterday, 01:13 AM
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 RE: You Wake Up In A Bar
The Roar of the Surf

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(Yesterday, 12:45 AM)Myeth Wrote:
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I already did like a zillion, though!
Oh, okay. Uh...
-The Inverted Man
-A hatchling
-A centipede with iron legs
-A being whose body is a translucent sack of what appears to be water
-A steampunk swan
-Two hovering cylinders, each bearing three different faces
-Blueberry Pie Guy
>Let O'Hare check you out, and use the opportunity to ask him some questions. Like, what's that book?
>Take another stab at Tangy's drink.
>Privately ask Stax what all that was about just as you blacked out. Something about "The Fog"? or, "The Fool" maybe?
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Yesterday, 02:50 AM
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 RE: You Wake Up In A Bar
Guy the Chap

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Oh I noticed the secret after I read you wanted the update to be wider. Bartenders don't sleep and all. (And they probably stop existing if they get out from behind the counter, too. Just normal bartender stuff.)

Make Tangy a coffee with bits of liquorice root. Mushrooms like plant matter, right?

Don't let O'Hare check you, he might discover something you don't want people to know.
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Yesterday, 10:19 AM
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