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Sixty-four Pixel Colonists
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 RE: Sixty-four Pixel Colonists

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>Have some discreet suveillance around the tank for two nights and then stop it and inspect it nomatter the results anyway because the newt hospital is freaking astronomical units away and we really can't afford any risks of food poisoning

>Also if it's proven someone is tmpering with the food supply, the vital food supplies, on purpose, let's explain how next time they pull that kind of crap there will be serious trouble.

Which reminds me:
>We should choose a security chief to enforce our colonies 'laws'
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01-17-2018, 03:18 PM
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Justice Watch
 RE: Sixty-four Pixel Colonists
Friend from the Cosmos

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A City on the Moon
(01-17-2018, 03:18 PM)smuchmuch Wrote: >We should choose a security chief to enforce our colonies 'laws'

Do this through democratic vote after everyone has eaten.

[Image: tN4CQnw.png][Image: 6miAxpY.png][Image: xrt4V73.png]
[Image: LAbvoew.png][Image: kHYNSyp.png][Image: 2xEY8jD.png]
01-17-2018, 11:17 PM
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☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆
 RE: Sixty-four Pixel Colonists
i'm rad as hell, and i'm not gonna take it anymore

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no don't. fuck the police.
01-18-2018, 01:35 PM
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 RE: Sixty-four Pixel Colonists
The Roar of the Surf

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Spoiler :
Spoiler :
(20 Plasticarbon)
A simple, bare-bones housing unit with air filtration, liquid recycling, heat management and pressurized door seals. Holds 5 colonists.
Requires no power.
Vulnerable: Low Morale

(5 Plasticarbon)
A small but durable plasticarbon box.
10 unit capacity.
Requires no power.

(10 Plasticarbon)
A portable, space-efficient algaculture tank for farming food and other organic substances.
Requires 400 W power
Can generate one of:
4 Food Units / Turn
5 Plasticarbon / Turn
1 Fuel / Turn
4 Biopaint (red, green, yellow) / Turn
4 Fertilizer / Turn
Vulnerable: Contamination
Vulnerable: Low Morale (if used for food)

(20 Plasticarbon)
A small algaculture tank for farming food and other organic substances. Takes up more space and wattage than a single Compact Algae Tank, but produces more yield.
Requires 500 W power
Can generate one of:
6 Food Units / Turn
8 Plasticarbon / Turn
2 Fuel / Turn
6 Biopaint (red, green, yellow) / Turn
6 Fertilizer / Turn
Vulnerable: Contamination
Vulnerable: Low Morale (if used for food)

A device for transmitting and recieving messages in real-time at interstellar ranges.
Requires 800 W to send a 128-char message once per Turn
Requires no power to recieve messages

(10 Plasticarbon)
A simple array of solar panels.
Generates 1.2 kW

(20 Plasticarbon)
A power generator that burns biofuel or other combustible substances.
Requires 1 Fuel/Turn
Generates 2.5 kW
Vulnerable: Breakdown

(25 Plasticarbon)
A simple space for colonists to socialize and hold community meetings.
Requires no power.

(10 Plasticarbon)
A container for growing plants in the absence of proper soil by partially submerging the roots in nutrient-rich liquid.
Requires 200 W power
Requires 1 Fertilizer/Turn
Generates 8 Food Units/Turn
Vulnerable: Blight

Spoiler :
Drones must remain within a certain radius of a signal antenna to function. All standard landing craft are equipped with a built-in signal antenna.

A mobile, self-driven framework capable of printing plasticarbon building foundations onto any flat, solid surface.
Sight 1
Move 2
Range 3
Vulnerable: Nozzle Jams

A small drone equipped with a weak laser-saw for cutting through solid rock. Programmed with algorithms for identifying and excavating valuable minerals. 1 unit capacity.
Sight 1
Move 3
Range 5

A small drone equipped with recording and measuring devices. Can take soil samples and capture signals across the electromagnetic spectrum.
Sight 2
Move 3
Range 6


Colony Mood:

Construction Drone: UNPOWERED
Compact Scouting Drone: UNPOWERED
Compact Scouting Drone: UNPOWERED

Foot Expedition to the Northeast: ?? Turns
Design - Radar Tower: 1 Turn
Repair - Solar Panel (jury-rig): Complete!

[Image: map_7_cropped.gif]

The broken solar panel is fixed, but cheaply. Make good use of it while the repair holds up!
+Vulnerable: Breakdown

After spending a turn back on full rations, the colony's mood has improved. They're not eager to cut rations again any time soon.
Mood: -Hungry, -Short-tempered

Colonists spot a figure approaching from the northeast: It's the geologist, alone. "They're crazy!" says the desperate geologist, referring to the biologist. "We were starting to make some progress on the sample collection problem, but it was slow going. We were running low on food and air. I said we should go back. They insisted we should stay, that we were too close to our goal. We had a big argument, and I thought I won. We went to our pressure-tents to sleep, intending to start the journey home early the next morning. But when I woke, I was alone. They took all their gear and supplies and left mine. I don't know where they went, and they won't answer the radio. We need to go back and find them! They'll die out there!" "This," says the medic, solemnly, "is why we use drones for this sort of thing." "No," says the geologist, "it isn't! Because we are supposed to be trained professionals who know and respect the limits of our own abilities! We are supposed to have enough sense not to pull this kind of crap!" The geologist is extremely agitated and more than a little bit angry.

The colonists realize that, duh, they can just turn on the spare algae tank while they drain and inspect the weird one. A couple of them volunteer to do the teardown. What they find, however, concerns them: There's a thing in the tank. "A thing?" asks the medic. "Yeah, a thing. Some kind of fuzzy little lump. Bright violet, and only the size of a lentil. Maybe it's some kind of mold? We tried to scrape it off, but it's adhered to the side of the tank really well." They'll go ahead with the rest of the sensor test suite and so forth, but that will take a little longer. But what's this mysterious mold?
New Project: Diagnose Algae Tank A's electronics systems (1 Turn)

The tank-tampering issue has started a debate: Some of the colonists suggest the colony appoint a Chief of Security to handle these kinds of situations. Others think that's stupid and unneccesary in a colony of 10 scientists and trained explorers who, after living in cramped quarters for as long as they have, know each other intimately, and who have been getting along in a state of enlightened anarchy pretty well so far. "Yeah," counters the pro-security side, "and we'd agree with all that, if it weren't for the fact that someone's already been tampering with food production! So apparently it's not unneccesary after all, is it?" The colonists have strong but divided opinions on the subject. After some quarreling, they decide to put it to a vote: Should the colonists appoint a Chief of Security, or not?

While the debate is ongoing, the archivist takes it upon themself to set up a discreet surveilance camera over the tanks. Within a day, the camera catches someone skulking about: It's Shiva, who does something surreptitiously at tank A and at tank C. Unfortunately, the camera doesn't get a clear shot of what they're up to: It was focused on the two food-producing tanks, B and D. The archivist isn't sure what to do with this information.

The colony generates a little bit of plasticarbon and 1.2 extra kW of power. What should they do with it?

Spoiler :
You currently have 2.4 kW of power generated by
Solar Array
Solar Array (Jury-rigged)
3 Compact Algae Tanks (1.2 kW)
Ansible (Send Mode: Requires 800 W)
2 Compact Scouting Drone (Requires 200 W ea)
1 Construction Drone (Requires 200 W)
1 Compact Algae Tank (Requires 400 W)
1.2 kW

Algae Tanks are generating:
A: Offline for Maintenance
B: Food (4 units/Turn)
C: Plasticarbon (5 units/Turn)
D: Food (4 units/Turn)

13 Food (-2)
5 Plasticarbon (+5)

Yesterday, 07:32 AM
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 RE: Sixty-four Pixel Colonists
Undying Aberration

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Outside of local reality
I say we save up that Plasticarbon for later so we can build another proper Solar Array on the next turn. That way, in case the jury-rigged one breaks down, we'll still at least have 2.4 kW of power to draw from. Either way, we should definitely not waste any time on diagnosing the problem with Tank A's electronics systems. And whenever we can, see if we can't figure out what the hell is up with that mold. That seems to be pretty important as well.

...Also, given the knowledge we're armed with, it may be best to have someone check up on Tank C as well, just in case.

EDIT: Ah! And while we're at it, we should use the power we have to send a scouting drone out to check on the northeast and see what the hell happened to the guy that decided to stay behind. ...Maybe use the other one to take a sample of that mold, if possible? That, and to put that unpowered compact tank to use, and get it to generating food to compensate for the fact that A is offline.
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☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆
 RE: Sixty-four Pixel Colonists
i'm rad as hell, and i'm not gonna take it anymore

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mold is not proof of tampering, it's proof of fucking mold, it grows on food and shit, it happens sometimes, you're on an alien planet, get over your paranoid cabin-fever asses
11 hours ago
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 RE: Sixty-four Pixel Colonists

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>Send both scouting probes to look for the Biologist
>Ask Shiva to explain what they were doing and please stop being so goddamn shady for no reason whatsoever

Vivian Quest
Tale of a small lizard, crime, and weird biology!
10 hours ago
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 RE: Sixty-four Pixel Colonists

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Okay first thing first, we need to start looking into tank A and get an anlysis of that mold.

Either it's a earty contaminant, brought with us in the ship likely. That means that etiher through tampering or accident brought it in there.
And while it's not like a national emergency if it's not tapering, it still a big-ish deal. Even if we recycle most of our oxygen and water and our food production is surely but slowly augmenting (hopefully), we're /still dealing with limited supplies of all of them. We really can't afford extra contimanations. Accident will alway happen but negligence however can be prevented.

If it's an alien organism... well that's a big godamn deal now isn't it ? I mean we're a research colony, this kind of exactly the kind of stuff we're looking for.

And if turns out that, say, complelty at random, Shiva is using the tank to grow pigment for his paints... dude you could just ask and wait a bit, we'll save you a tank for this kind of stuff and weed growing when we have established food production.

(To be fair, CHOWKA is correct.
Mold is not proof of 'tampering' per se. (although given we are on as asteroid with no oxygen, the chances of purely natural contamination are much slimmer than on earth) and even the camera footage, should the archivist choose to share it, is not 100% proof Shiva is the 'culprit' per se. It's still very strong evidence, tho, and at the very least those noctural visits deserve some dman good explanations)


Saving for an extra solar pannel does seem good idea.


To clarify, when I mean a "security officier" for now I don't necessarily mean like a permamanently armed cop who enforce the law at every hour. I just mean one guy or gal who can be trusted to go down when/if bad shit start going down, like breaking fights (I mean ten people cramped spaces t's gonna happen sooner or later) or people acting like jackasses, general reckless endangerement and telling Shiva to cut it out.

So relax, no 'judge Dredd' here, not even 'sherrif' and more 'mall cop' or 'playground supervisor' level of authority here. For now that should be enough. Hopefully.
And the position should be given to a volunteer with at a majority of vote support, with a one/two week mandate.
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10 hours ago
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