RE: Firmament
sure, travel with them for a while. ask if they have any good stories to tell. maybe that'll jumpstart our memory.

also pretend that i placed a vote against eating other dudes after every update from now on
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
RE: Firmament
> What I'm trying to say is that I'm hungry, is there anything to eat around here?
RE: Firmament
(01-12-2018, 03:54 AM)bigro Wrote: »can i eat the rift?

Please we are so hungry

[Image: 8L9RKuo.png] [Image: tnkzT4L.png]
RE: Firmament
>Chew on own tail
RE: Firmament
>How does reincarnating feel like?
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: Firmament
(01-12-2018, 03:58 AM)Wheat Wrote: »sure, travel with them for a while.

You let Cerulean know you want to keep travelling with them.
They seem happy to hear it.

[Image: together.png]

Together, you head off in the direction of the purple Rift.
You're not sure if you want to go through it. At least not yet.
But the Blue Soul seems to know things you don't.
Perhaps it is good to keep them close.

After floating for a bit, Cerulean speaks up.

Cerulean: Hey... Rainbow?

Whether or not you want to Reincarnate right now, I wanted to say.
I appreciate the company. Most Souls would be too preoccupied.
And I'll admit... I think your weirdness is fun to puzzle over, too.

Anyway, I know this whole Soul thing is new and confusing for you...
So feel free to ask questions as we go. I'll answer what I can.
If I can help you figure out your situation, I'd be happy to.

(01-12-2018, 02:50 AM)Arcanuse Wrote: »Theory have I am of the do.

Cerulean: You... have a theory? Oh, about your situation, you mean!
What is it? I'm curious.

(01-12-2018, 02:50 AM)Arcanuse Wrote: »Not normal soul. Not being of the oneness.
Instead, am much of the scraps.
Loose bits of soul all in togetherness, smooshed!
Pieces meant for the leaving behind, not of the wholeness.
Some bits be bigger pieces here, big enough to of the thinking.
Sometimes burble upwards and do of the talking, yes?

[Image: pieces.png]

Cerulean: So... you think you're made of pieces of Souls?
Interesting. I guess that does explain all the colors!
And the sudden shifts in the way you talk and act too, I guess.
I don't know whether or not this is possible, but it is a good theory.

Still, if you are some kind of Patchwork Soul... where'd your patches come from?
I mean... doesn't that raise some pretty grisley implications?

(01-12-2018, 02:50 AM)Arcanuse Wrote: »It is much of the fascinating, more than bit of spookyness too.

Cerulean: I'll say. Would that mean Souls can just lose pieces of themselves?
And if so, do those just clump together into confused new Souls like you?
Or worse... is someone intentionally doing this to natural, healthy Souls?

Er, sorry, that came out wrong. I'm not saying you're unnatural!
You're just... you're proposing quite the little mystery.

I wonder how that might affect Reincarnation, too.
Could a Patchwork Soul like that even live a mortal life, without falling apart?

(01-12-2018, 02:50 AM)Arcanuse Wrote: »If this is of the true, we have little natural muchness in world.
A wholeness of many bits and bobs glued together as one.

Will biggest piece win, become whole in new life?

Cerulean: I mean, I'd hope you'd be a bit more put-together afterward.
Living ought to iron out some of these quirky speech patterns at least, haha!

...seriously though. If you ever do make the trip through the Rift?
I think you'll do fine, whatever happens.

If for nothing else, mortal life is good for helping us learn and grow.

(01-13-2018, 02:51 AM)FlanDab Wrote: »How does reincarnating feel like?

Cerulean: Okay, this is going to sound silly... but I don't know?

I know I've done it a great many times by now, but I don't remember.
I cross through the Rift... and next thing I remember are early childhood memories.

If you were worried, I bet that's a small comfort... but that's how it goes.

(01-12-2018, 03:05 AM)Reyweld Wrote: »Can we reincarnate together? That could be fun!

Cerulean: Oh? Do you mean you want to Reincarnate at the same time as me?
Or are you saying that you... want to spend time together in our next life?

I mean, it's a nice thought, either way... but...

[Image: rift.png]

Cerulean: The thing is, once we cross into the Rift, and reincarnate?
We won't remember much about our time as Souls. Or each other.

It's the same way Souls only remember the particulars of their most recent life.
Living or dead, we generally only keep echoes of our past.
And if you really are some kind of Patchwork Soul?
Who knows how that might affect your memory...

But hey, next time we pass on, maybe we will still remember eachother?
We could always meet up here between lives. Trade stories? Catch up?
I admit, I'd like to know how your first life works out.

And even if we don't remember each other? I'm still happy for you.
You get to have a truly fresh start...

At this, Cerulean trails off. You continue your journey in silence.
As you draw closer to the Rift, you see more and more lights around you.

More Souls, gathering in the general vicinity of the Rift, you suppose?

(01-12-2018, 02:50 AM)Arcanuse Wrote: »Not much of the else out here but souls, yes?

Cerulean: Well, not just Souls. There are some things out here in Limbo.

For one, some Souls aren't ready to move on. Some are even fed up with mortal life.
Those types like to get together, and do things to pass the time.
They build Constructs out of their memories. Pieces of the worlds they knew.
Places to hang out in with other Souls. Or sometimes, just to linger alone.

Frankly? That all seems pretty... navel-gazey, and self-indulgent.
It isn't really my scene.

(01-12-2018, 02:50 AM)SeaWyrm Wrote: »What if...

Cerulean: ...hmm? "What if" what?
(01-12-2018, 02:56 AM)Vic Wrote: » it likely that we will meet new friends by staying?

Cerulean: Was that a change of subject?

Well, sure. You or I might meet some other friendly Souls by staying in Limbo.
But there's no guarantee any of us will even remember after the next life.
And that... I mean, isn't it...

Don't you think it's a bit of a waste?
Why bother reaching out to someone else, when nothing is sure to last...

Awkward Silence Wrote:...

Cerulean: Anyway, you started asking a "What if" earlier.

Is... that all you wanted to ask me?

More Awkward Silence Wrote:...

Cerulean: Whatever's on your mind... you can say it.

I'm listening.

(01-12-2018, 02:50 AM)SeaWyrm Wrote: »What if, instead of you going into the rift...

[Image: surprise.png]

Cerulean: Y-yes?
(01-12-2018, 02:50 AM)SeaWyrm Wrote: »What if, instead of you going into the rift, I were to eat you?
Would that be okay?

Cerulean: What?!

No! No, that would not be okay!
I... my stars, what? I thought you were about to...

...I thought that would've been obvious by now!

(01-12-2018, 03:54 AM)bigro Wrote: »Can i eat the rift?

Cerulean: Ughhhh... of course not!
The Rift is much bigger than you! And... it's not even solid?
It's more like a hole that pulls things close, and...

...wait. Wait a minute. Did you just... are you having a laugh?

(01-12-2018, 04:30 PM)The One Guy Wrote: »What I'm trying to say is that I'm hungry.
Is there anything to eat around here?

Cerulean: You were serious, just now...

[Image: facetail.png]

Cerulean: Well fine... yes, last time I was here in Limbo, I saw a place.
Some Soul's Construct, floating on the way to the Rift. A "Cafe".
I imagine they have something that's meant to be eaten there?

I'm pretty eager to Reincarnate at this point, so I'd rather not make the stop.
I'm certain you could find it on your own.

(01-12-2018, 06:34 PM)Myeth Wrote: »Please we are so hungry

Cerulean: ...

(01-12-2018, 08:03 PM)SeaWyrm Wrote: »>Chew on own tail

[Image: ouroboros.png]

You twist and loop around, and eventually manage to bite onto your own tail.
Nibbling on it doesn't fill your non-existant stomach, but it does make a point.

Cerulean watches your ordeal in exasperated silence for a moment, before letting out a sigh.
Despite not having any, you get the distinct impression they are rolling their eyes.

Cerulean: Oh, fine... come on, you dummy.

I'll bring you to that Cafe. I'm going that direction anyway.
But that doesn't mean I'm sticking around to get chummy with the locals!

I just don't want you flying around the Rift chewing on people, and making a whole scene.

Barely waiting for you to follow, Cerulean heads off at a slightly different trajectory than before.
You travel quickly now, and in silence. Seems they want to waste no time.

The Blue Soul guides you toward a green light, bigger and brighter than the rest.
Before long, the light resolves itself into a faintly glowing structure, with a sign overhead.

[Image: cafe.png]

Cerulean: Well, here you are.


RE: Firmament
Do many souls is eating of difference souls?
Had afraid, yes?

>Start eating the cafe.
RE: Firmament
don't eat the cafe.

tell cerulean, "in case I'm too long and you decide to leave, it was nice meeting you! thank you for the help."

then either

>go into cafe, heading straight to the jukebox, which you will hit in a real cool way causing cool music to happen. People will be so impressed that they will want to be your friend and order a big boy breakfast all for you


>go in and order a stack of panopticakes like real souls do, then ask for directions to nearby notable attractions
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
RE: Firmament
eat the cafe
RE: Firmament
do not eat the cafe
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Firmament
Cerulean, before we part ways, I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciated all the help you gave me today in figuring out whats going on. I was terrified when I was first brought into this void and you were really there for me even when I got weird. I will never forget you and I am really glad that we could be friends.

eat the cafe
RE: Firmament
>"Cerulean, I bet you would've been tasty and filling! (That's a compliment.) Have a nice life!"

>Gnaw on cafe.
RE: Firmament
want be

friend forever please

life frightening
RE: Firmament
(01-13-2018, 09:53 PM)kilozombie Wrote: »want be

friend forever please

life frightening

"come in cafe." then physically drag them in you caveman slug
RE: Firmament
No eat cafe. Enter cafe.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: Firmament
We think name now. We, Patches. Patches good name?

Also, if reincarnate and die, how find Bluey again? Somewhere meet?
RE: Firmament
Say farewell to the blue soul, and get your chow on (eat whatever's tastiest)
RE: Firmament
All the good stuff great said, seconding. Gotta impress the fellow dudeworms


[Image: 8L9RKuo.png] [Image: tnkzT4L.png]
RE: Firmament
(01-14-2018, 03:25 AM)Reyweld Wrote: »Say farewell to the blue soul, and get your chow on (eat whoever's tastiest)
RE: Firmament
eat your blue friend as a parting gift
[Image: 933hfLL.png][Image: aCQpT7Z.png][Image: iRoHjKM.png]
RE: Firmament
alternatively go get them some forbidden fruits
[Image: 933hfLL.png][Image: aCQpT7Z.png][Image: iRoHjKM.png]
RE: Firmament
(01-14-2018, 06:09 AM)bigro Wrote: »eat your blue friend as a parting gift
(01-14-2018, 05:43 AM)SeaWyrm Wrote: »get your chow on (eat whoever's tastiest)

Ah yes. Violence.

You've been thinking about it for a while.

Other Suggestions:Show
When you do think about it, though... you've not been feeling truly hungry.
Eating has no utility for you, and your "mouth" doesn't lead anywhere.

Why, then, have you wanted to attack and eat another being so badly?

[Image: hindsight.png]

(01-13-2018, 07:21 PM)Wheat Wrote: »It was nice meeting you! Thank you for the help.

Cerulean: ...

Sometimes, it's anger that drives us to a moment of violence.
Such acts can bring a cathartic sense of relief for that anger, if only for a moment.

When desperate, violence can also be a means of self-preservation.
Taking things, harming others... at times it's necessary to maintain your existence.

(01-13-2018, 07:43 PM)BananaPanda Wrote: »I was terrified when I was first brought into this void and you were really there for me even when I got weird.
I will never forget you and I am really glad that we could be friends.

Cerulean: ...

You don't think these are the reasons you've been feeling inspired toward violence, though.
Cerulean has never done or said anything that threatened you, or angered you.
Apart from some little jabs here and there, they've only been trying to help.

Perhaps you were simply curious what would happen?

(01-13-2018, 09:53 PM)kilozombie Wrote: »want be

friend forever please

life frightening

[Image: friend.png]

Bisected at the neck by your teeth, the remains of a Soul named Cerulean drift into the void.

Lacking a stomach, you found that you could not actually eat anything.
You simply spat the severed part out.

They haven't responded to anything you've said since.

The cross-shaped Sigil on their head has faded.
So too has the blue glow they once cast into the darkness of Limbo.
Their body has already started to fray into dull, ragged tatters.

Soon enough, nothing of them will remain.

The moment your teeth sank into their neck, you could taste their final thoughts.
Mild social anxiety at the idea of meeting new Souls in the Cafe.
Worry that they may meet someone in particular. Someone from a difficult memory.
Mostly, they feared the inevitable pain of being forgotten by those that mattered to them.

Apart from fear, there was a frustrated uncertainty. About you.
Conflicted emotions, about whether it was right to leave you to fend for yourself.
A quiet hope you would ask them to stay, so they didn't have to decide.
There was even a faint but unexpected sort of warmth, at your unpredictable behavior.
Frustration, to be sure, but also an understanding that this was just who you were.

Perhaps, the small beginnings of trust and friendship?

Nothing suggests that they were afraid of you still, as they once were.
They no longer thought you would ever actually harm them.

You are not quite sure what you wanted to happen, here.
Perhaps you expected a different result.
They did tell you that eating them wouldn't be okay.

You think, now, that they may have been right.

(01-14-2018, 03:25 AM)Reyweld Wrote: »Say farewell to the blue soul

You bid Cerulean goodbye.

Their ragged remains dissolve into dust.

[Image: outside.png]
RE: Firmament
>Feel horrible forever.
>Never eat again, even if you get a stomach.
RE: Firmament


come  back
RE: Firmament
> feel remorse, regret, and shame
> go to the cafe
> first clean off your mouth so the crime isn't obvious