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[LIVE] - 1/19/2018
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 [LIVE] - 1/19/2018

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Spoiler: author note;please read before continuing
Hey there!!
My name is Ian and I finally got around to making an adventure bc I got an idea I was really passionate about and didn't burn out and all that.
Anyhow please note that I'm still mucking about with art. PM me if you genuinely have tips. Until my art/speed gets better, there will be more text than art.
I keep talking about stuff, but trust me this is important to keep in mind. The context of this adventure is a Streamer playing a new DLC live. For all intents and purposes once the adventure is going proper all narration is by our Streamer, and all commands readers submit are from those watching her play. Acting 'in character' as your playersona is encouraged, especially when responding to things like google docs. Our streamer also will not always follow commands, and may make decisions of her own, or contrary ones.
Please note that this adventure is a Fortuna fanventure, and that all relevant content warnings apply. Death scenes may also be more intense, and some subjects such as abuse may come up in character backstories.
Lastly, the music icon is gonna change eventually, but it will still use the same system:
  • ❗ is for when a song may hold spoilers, and you are recommended to tab out as soon as you can, or not watch. I'll try and avoid videos and stick to audio only, but it isn't always possible.
  • ⚠️ is for when lyrics generally are NSFW. Generally for any blunt death/abuse symbolism. I'll try to avoid these, but I can't guarantee that the most relevant song for a scene won't need this. Not going over pg13, but this is for those who need the warning.
  • ♻️ is for when you should rightclick the video to loop it. I recommend you do this anyway, but some need it due to shortness.
  • ? when the volume part of the image is red, it's a headphone warning. Turn down your volume, or click at your own risk. No screamers, but from someone with sensory issues this is another recco where it appears.

❤️Thanks for reading❤️

[Image: JvLWfWO.png]]

[Image: 3jfoMTc.png]
[Image: wVgp2EA.png]

[Image: UlajdYw.gif]
So for those who are just finding my channel my name is Aliyah, but as you can see from the username I like to go by AliCat2020, because what you see is what you get (and I fucking love cats).

[Image: UlajdYw.gif]
This year has a really fun lineup, and I'm so excited to experience all the latest releases and even play some ol' fashion classics with everyone

[Image: HsAbOwT.gif]
Here's to another fun year ❤️

[You skim the rest of the channel trailer you find a lot of clips from various games, and while most are just sugar overdose some of them are pretty funny. Then it's time to check out the actual video...]

[Image: mVfvN2n.png]
[Image: UlajdYw.gif]
Kitkats and everyone else I have some surprise news!

[Image: TknzWTI.gif]
I'd thought about it kind of passively, but I'm going to be playing Fortuna thanks to pumpkinTaco's generous donation!! They also donated the new DLC and you'll get to watch me play it live the day before it releases (I guess there are perks to playing videogames online). I've heard a lot about how cute Fortuna is, and I'm just so excited I feel I could explode :DDDDDDDDDDD

[Image: TknzWTI.gif]
There's gonna be a form in the description you can use to help me figure out what mods to play with, and what DLC I should use a part of the budget for. Thanks again to my patrons for your monthly donations, or I'd have to wonder whether to eat cup noodles every night and buy a DLC or be able to actually eat a proper meal without any of those extra gameplay bits.

[LIVE] - a fortuna fanventure, like and subscribe to AliCat2020's playthrough of the new DLC
[M]om - a textventure about Notail raising. how will you do =)

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 RE: [LIVE] - 1/12/2018

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[Image: CgpzWrr.png]
We're excited to be announcing the next Fortuna DLC:
[Image: POYXLjV.png]
In the past you've played as brave crews boldly venturing to Fortuna, some causing tragedies or wars across the universe, and some causing the end of entire civilizations. You've defended the last stand, protected planets, and still done so much more.

Today we're announcing the next Story DLC, and it's something some of you are more familiar with than others....

World Powers is a dlc that will overhaul the game to allow you to run not just a fledgling colony or a fortuna crew, but an entire civilization.

[Image: Xj7QnHo.png]
The same deep character arcs, interactions, and long term stories will take place as you navigate the universe with an entire group of people by your side. Reach new heights, or become just another abandoned world the next fortuna crew will visit.

Every action has added stakes as how a character arc ends determines once more how they affect those around them, and in a position of power this goes down to the people of your civ too.

[Image: bjfRDUC.png]

[Image: gnKQ7Lb.gif]

We're also including a number of new species that each affect the gameplay we've mentioned so far, and given the coming sneak peaks your favorite streamers will get there'll be a free Streaming Mode DLC that will get out the features we've heard the fans requesting for a while now.
Stay tuned for further updates here, and add World Powers to your wishlist!

[LIVE] - a fortuna fanventure, like and subscribe to AliCat2020's playthrough of the new DLC
[M]om - a textventure about Notail raising. how will you do =)

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 [LIVE] - 1/19/2018 - Species Trailer

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[Image: CgpzWrr.png]
[Image: oRksMoh.png]
[Image: lKjneyN.png]
[Image: WE2kdeC.png]
[Image: lOci6tL.png]
[Image: oinu5ig.png]
[Image: vCadBBy.png]
Spoiler: A/N
Thank to everyone who's voted in the google form. It'll be closing in the next week as I prepare to make the actual first update and allow stuff like commands.
In addition there are at the time of this post 6 new species for this adventure. I may add more later, but general idea is that every species added in this fanon is linked to the DLC a la "their civilization does x well" stuff.
For those curious what the current votes are, click the next spoiler~
Spoiler: Vote Spoilers
So to start off, each spoiler will be a diff part of the form. It's still open though, which means not only can things change (Some), but that you'll know some of what's coming
Spoiler :
Nearly Guaranteed Winners
  • Aesthethicc Fortuna
  • Better UI Presets
  • Console Commands
  • CuteTune
  • DovePet
  • More Notail Faces
  • Physics Fix (v9)
  • Random Black Hole Fix
  • UI Customization
  • V-Day Event
Revised Right Click has been removed from the running due to realizing it'll be more complexity and art for me to work with, and it helps to put limits like that. Shrugalug here. Anyhow it only took 4 votes to be considered In, but it was raised to 6 as we started getting more responses.
Spoiler :
Balance Breaking Winners
  • Expanded Crafting (9 votes)
  • Safe Clockworks (9 votes)
This one was trickier. 5 was considered the threshhold, but these are also serious balance breakers. Perfect Hybrids and Rewind are at 8 and 5 respectively. Perfect Hybrids is likely to be included, and along with it Safe Clockworks will also get a slight nerf in writing. They'll break balance, but not as much as they could, since we got three of these.
Spoiler :
Story Changing
  • Wedding Mod (15)
  • The Return Trip (10)
Spoiler :
  • A Freindly Raccoon (5)
  • Vocaloid AIs X3!!!(5)
  • Tobyfox Collection (4)
  • Less Memey Nike (2)
  • Else (1)
Turns out when you give only one option selectable people divide themselves. Ties do count as a win for this one.
Spoiler :
Responses here were p fun. These aren't being shared as they give light spoilers to the modlist itself
Spoiler :
  • Egyptian (5)
  • Norse (3)
  • Goetia (3)
  • Celt & Fey (2)
  • Holidays (2)
  • Homestuck Aspects (1)
  • Japanese (1)
  • None (6)
  • Invalid (2)
End result of this one being that Egyptian is p much a for sure thing. If we still have a tie I'll do a coin toss.
None Results (vanilla game) was considered to be in competition with the amount of votes for other pantheons. Meaning since there were more than 6 votes for non-greek/roman, pure vanilla pantheons is out of the running.
If you read this section and haven't voted yet, please do. Just select two mythological pantheons. If it's not a real world pantheon or a part of the fortuna canon (holidays are an example), please put it in the mods section.
Don't worry if your fav pantheon doesn't show up, I have plans to open it back up later.
Spoiler :
This section is a bigger spoiler. You'll find out next update.

[LIVE] - a fortuna fanventure, like and subscribe to AliCat2020's playthrough of the new DLC
[M]om - a textventure about Notail raising. how will you do =)

01-19-2018, 10:49 AM
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