The thread for flipping shits (and tables)

The thread for flipping shits (and tables)
My physical health is rapidly declining as I shuffle further into the arms of this stupid goddamn cold

but I still have finals to take and fuck if I am taking them after winter break when I have forgotten everything

I am coughing and blowing my nose near constantly

someone just

kill me now
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After a botched up delivery for a gift I spent good money on made me feel like shit for the rest of the day, no thanks to my continuous procrastination in shit that i need to do, my sister took it upon herself to make matters as absolutely horrible as they could.
I need to fill out scholarships.
I have needed to for a while now.
I still need to fucking apply to things.
I am so utterly and completley out of touch with my educational needs that it is abysmal.
I finally started to do so, in light of the postal system fucking up one of my five Christmas gifts today of all days. A day that my sister has decided is a day to go to Panera Bread. I like Panera, it is a nice place, but when you throw crayons at someone, when you pull their hair, when you repeatedly wrestle with, harass, and attack so that you can go to anywhere as a fucking favor you don't fucking deserve to go.
When, in order to go to your precious place, you disrupt someone's room, you do not deserve to get your way.
When you make a mess out of a clean kitchen, with the intent of passing the blame, you do not deserve to get your way.
When you act like nothing less than a barbarian and an infant, you do not deserve to get your damn way.
Fuck You Sis. I would have maybe gone with you after a while, after I felt better, but no.
Now it isn't about me and going. It is about you.
It is about you and your need to figure out that you can't get every little fucking thing you desire. That negative actions do not induce positive feedback. And that maybe, just fucking maybe, you should get your head out of your fucking ass, and think about someone else for once.
So, last night I paid my car insurance balance off. Some mistakes in billing before meant that I was close to being cancelled, which meant my minimum payment was pretty huge. I paid online, and the next day got a call saying I still had to pay. I assumed there had been a problem with the online billing, so I called over and got things straightened out.

I find out tonight that I got charged twice. Two nearly-600-dollar payments at once, right before Christmas. I'm 300 dollars overdrawn on that alone.

What the freaking fuck, USAA is supposed to be a good company.
Fuck the holidays

I can't make the depressive feelings go away and the fact that i have to spend my school break in the coldest, tiniest, most uncomfortable room with all of my sister's shit isn't helping at all. Also, those kids just won't shut the fuck up for a second in the morning, hey you little dipshits somebody upstairs is extremely depressed and trying to escape reality for a few hours, okay? shut the hell up. This is only making me stay up until exhaustion knocks me out cold at around noon, thus making me sleep through all the day and waking up at night, making me feel miserable for not even seeing daylight.
This is the worst, i hate kids, i hate people, i hate the holidays because they force me to spend time with my family, i don't like my family, specially when they're all together. I just don't know how to cope with this constantly abrasive feeling of hopelessness.

And you could just say 'oh well yeah just hold tight until the holidays are over' but no, it's not that easy, i still feel miserable throughout the whole year, this is just like giving the most annoying shit ever to someone who's often contemplating suicide.

I want my bed
i need my bed so i can dive in and cry myself to sleep when i have suicidal thoughts
i'm afraid i'll break this tiny bed if i do that.

that elongated Mike in my sig. looks like he's mocking my rant

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Earth, fucking stop that

you are not supposed to do that
My room looks even more like a bombsite than usual. Soooo glad I wasn't here when the 6.0 hit; my house is not very stable right now. D:
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Augh I am coughing up phlegm now, I thought this cold was getting better
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I just fell for absolutely no reason like a legit ROBERT HOMBRE

I think some of that earthquake shot through to my end of the world guys
quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
As a continuation from my previous post, this guy (who is root admin and therefore I can't ban him or really do anything to him at all) ignored my several direct warnings to stop pursuing the topic and started trolling someone who dislikes Christmas.
They dislike Christmas because they dislike all holidays with ties to alcohol, because they have an abusive alcoholic parent.
I've had to lock the Christmas topic because I can't do anything else to stop this guy, and hell even that doesn't stop him putting in a last word because he's a fucking root admin.

Merry fucking Christmas.
That really sucks. Especially because basically every holiday is tied to alcohol.

Actually that really sucks for that person too.

Man that just sucks all around.
(12-23-2011, 09:04 AM)Pick Yer Poison Wrote: »Augh I am coughing up phlegm now, I thought this cold was getting better
Over Christmas I had a really bad constant headache, which was okay because at least I could take tylenol.

Now I have a really bad sore throat, which is WAY WORSE.
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wow you know what fuck finals seriously
quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
Allow me to join the Christmas Sickness train because I've been having hella toothaches at night when I want to sleep
I just figured out a roundabout method by which I actually can ban this guy
It is so unbelievably tempting

But he doesn't need to be able to post on the forums to cut off the hosting so it is still a bad idea
; -;
I said why not

Well, this is why

Every fucking time

I'm anxious about not having finished it so of course my first instinct is to do things that will make me less anxious like dick around on the internet

Nottles I believe in you <3
please don't be so down! A lot of people have not been on time with things in their life and especially something as cute and whimsical as a gift exchange shouldn't get you stressed out. If I were your giftee, I'd be very happy to wait on you finishing it up.
quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
I am up and dressed and socialising and it is 6am. I have had four hours of (broken) sleep because of earthquakes all night, finshed offf by a 5.5 at 5:45 that felt much larger than it was. This would not bother me if i could go back to sleep in my own bed or even another bed because im too tired to care right now but as im the go to person for comforting my grandma for some reason i have to stay awake and be the strong one. Ugh. Im so exhausted that im shaking like crazy
Oh no Plaid! Is everything all right at the other side of the world?
quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
Pretty much that. ^ There was another decently sized earthquake rather early in the morning and I hadn't had much sleep and was cranky that I wasn't allowed to go back to bed. D:<
I was that far yes but I was hoping for a more 'you' answer. Family alright? No broken vases?
quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
As per usual my Grandma freaked out (she lives alone and has a bad back, which means if things start flying at her she can't get away in a hurry and then there's no one to comfort her). The quakes don't actually bother me at all any more, despite my Dad fretting about the roof moving (above my room) and the water tank maybe falling through the ceiling (above my bed). Usual plan of attack is wait in place to see if it's bigger than a 5 (which would prompt moving to the doorway) and then calling Grandma and/or walking to her house.

Interestingly nothing fell over at my rather unstable house, but Grandma had her donkey ornament thing fall off the dresser in her very secure little flat. The donkey is a pretty good gauge of earthquake magnitude: as soon as it hits 5.0 it makes an ill advised attempt at flying.
Doorway is bad plan and also obsolete. Get away from bed and try the computer desk instead. *nod nod*