[M]om - Last Hurrah [TEXT][Cancelled]

[M]om - Last Hurrah [TEXT][Cancelled]
[M]om - Last Hurrah [TEXT][Cancelled]

Hi there! =)
It seems you did well enough to get through the process of changing your designated class, and now you get to be an M class...
Which is really good news seeing as someone like you is something we need. Hopefully this isn't just picking the only option available =)

Fact: Everyone can be summed up to just a few points of data, I wonder what you look like on a piece of paper =)


Looks like some idiot left this paper blank, but seeing as you worked really hard for this how about you help me fill in those blanks =)
Just write down what you feel is appropriate from 1-10 for each, and as long as it doesn't go over 26 it sounds real enough for anyone to believe it, but don't forget to let me know what your new mask will be. Only an idiot would forget to say that =)
RE: [M]om - Who are you? [TEXT]
T: 3
I: 3
S: 4
T: 10
S: 3
F: 3
[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]

RE: [M]om - Who are you? [TEXT]
Oh right it looks like you're not as good at things as everyone else except for eating garbage and surviving diseases, hopefully that will come in handy someday =)

But just to clarify that is
  • Bad Tenacity
  • Bad Intuition
  • Subpar Sentimentality
  • Amazing Durability
  • Bad Swiftness
  • and Bad Fortune

By the by, since you were so quiet I had to go digging around in the back for a new mask for you. A new day a new you they say, so please take this =)
You gained a bloodstained XuX mask and equip it

Now, how about you tell me what makes you you. I hear everyone has some sort of [Trait] that makes them special =)
RE: [M]om - Who are you? [TEXT]
[Dirty Memer]
RE: [M]om - Who are you? [TEXT]
RE: [M]om - Who are you? [TEXT]
[Quick Thinker]
[Image: hzso4Pf.png]
RE: [M]om - Who are you? [TEXT]
[Magic Feet]
[Image: qvqxw.png]
RE: [M]om - Coworker[TEXT]
Wow, those sure are some interesting things that make you yourself =)
Unfortunately we can't have someone wanted for violent crimes watching babies, so I hope you understand when I say that you've never committed a crime, got it? =)
  • [quick thinker]
  • [dirty memer][tall]
  • [sickness spreader]
  • [magic feet]
You forgot to mention the worst part about yourself M-9113, but don't worry I too know how it is to breath death, so I put it down for you =)
It's interesting how you devoted so much time to such a useless task, but in the end it looks like you know very well how to dance. I hope not having much else good about you turns out to be worth it =)

Now I think it's about time you stop wasting time and go pick up the shipment of infants from B-52. Losing that village was a bit of a blow, but the good news is that you and your new coworker will rebuild that little area in notime =)
When you get to the lab complex you see what appears to be a B class pacing back and forth upset next to a transport vehicle. Upon getting close enough you can tell he's not the most savvy as he's got splats of blood and coffee all over....even on his mask.
"Finally your dumbass shows up. If you're going to be late again it better be in a bodybag q‿‿p"
How do you respond, M9113?
  • "Wouldn't be late if the G class filing my paperwork had a brain XuX"
  • "Like you'd really kill the closest, and nearly only M-Class nearby XuX"
  • Use a trait
  • Flirt
  • Other
RE: [M]om - Coworker[TEXT]
  • "Wouldn't be late if the G class filing my paperwork had a brain XuX
RE: [M]om - Who are you? [TEXT]
>Use a trait: [Magic Feet] to dance, while doing that >Flirt
RE: [M]om - Who are you? [TEXT]
(01-19-2018, 05:28 PM)IronLionShark Wrote: »>Use a trait: [Magic Feet] to dance, while doing that >Flirt

I agree with the notion to dance
time to die i guess
RE: [M]om - Who are you? [TEXT]
>Insult them with a trade secret dance number! Intimidate them into submission with your height.
>"Wowie, I hope that's not how you spoke to your maternal caretaker. You could use some M-anners. XuX"
[Image: hzso4Pf.png]
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
Quote:>activate [magic feet]
>"Wowie, I hope that's not how you speak to M-aternals, maybe you need someone to show you some M-anners. XuX"
[Charisma-check failed]
"Feel free to try it, I'd love that q‿‿p" 52 says as they unsheath a short but serrated knife.

You nod thoughtfully and check the cargo. Lots of babies in there.
As you get in the driver's seat and turn on the GPS you realize there are a few routes you could take to your new home..
  • Fastest, but most unpredictable
  • Moderate, but you'll have to take a pitstop in a section of The Woods
  • Slowest, takes a full day of driving but avoids most trouble

While you're flipping through your options on the dashboard screen you notice a package glinting next to you, and it seems to be an equipment package for new M classes.
Your inventory has five slots free, and your phone takes up the only in-use slot. In a week your property should arrive at your village, but otherwise this is what you'll be working with. Seems the care package only allows selection of one thing from each of the lists.
  • Machinegun with incendiary ammo (2)
  • Flak Shotgun (2) and scrap ammo (2)
  • Flamethrower w/100% tank (2)
  • Box of Grenades (1)
  • Low-Power Railgun (1)
  • Random Attack AI (?)
  • Perimeter Scanner (1)
  • Y-Class Backup Flaregun (1)
  • Fauna Repellent Spray (1)
  • Recon Drone (1)
  • Free, random, capture creature (1)
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
> Attack AI and capture creature!
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
>Attack AI and flaregun
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
Cursed charisma-checks!

>vote for Moderate route
You want to be efficient, but it's best not to put your cargo in too much risk. 52 already sees us unfavorably.

>Attack AI and Perimeter Scanner
[Image: hzso4Pf.png]
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
>Moderate. Cargo safety is a priority, but so is arriving in a reasonable amount of time.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
(01-25-2018, 06:10 PM)Clockwork Dragon Wrote: »> Attack AI and capture creature!

This, and the moderate route.
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
(01-25-2018, 06:10 PM)Clockwork Dragon Wrote: »> Attack AI and capture creature!
Stepping out of the truck you select the capture creature first, and a cage is dropped to the ground.
Activating it summons a Thornhead!
Upon inspecting it you can tell that it's barely been affected by the capture-cage. It's a good thing it was put into the cage with some jerky, as otherwise you'd have nothing to feed it with as it wakes up.
It's young enough that it takes the jerky easily, but not so old that anything telling you about it's name was included. Seems you'll be able to do that when you get more settled in. As you go to select the attack AI you start to think on what would be a good name for your meatshield.

The robot pops out. Mostly metal, plastic, and rubber, the lynx-like robot in front of you sits with two folded wings, a partly furred and electronic face, and a collar of woven wires and cords.
You wait for it to start doing anything, and shortly after realize it hasn't been turned on. As you turn the AI on you take a brief look at the manual.

As you finish another skim you notice that your new bodyguard is awake.
"Please define charge."
"What am I protecting? Do not tell me you have enlisted me as a.." Freya says, pausing for a bit before saying the next with disdain, "housepet."
"No, I'm M-9113. You're making sure the babies don't die. Now what's your model number?"
"v572. Your noble cause is one I am a valid match for." She says, and hops into the truck through the open door without asking, and sets herself down in the cardboard box in the passenger seat.

(01-26-2018, 06:25 AM)Arcanuse Wrote: »>Moderate. Cargo safety is a priority, but so is arriving in a reasonable amount of time.
You leave the thornhead outside of the truck, and as you start heading down the path you look back to make sure it's following. Your thornhead, afterall, is following you loyally.
As you drive along you tune the radio to listen to the latest news.

[It's a discussion of recent sensationalist news stories. You're happy to hear that the R-class bandits that were plaguing the Woods have all cleared up.]

The ride is uneventful, and surprisingly fast as you make it to the rest stops with time to spare. v572 gets out to stretch, and you take a look around at the rest stop.
Questgivers, barter stations, and even refueling for vehicles like your own.
The truck seems to have enough fuel, and you have no reason to take a quest at the moment and delay yourself. You call v572 back to the truck, and she hops back in. Your thornhead seems to have rested up too.

Back on the road is again quiet, and every so often you check to make sure your new companion is keeping up. It's a fast one although it lags behind just out of sight.

It's very late as you pull into the village.
Most of the buildings bear telltale bloodstains, and from the bodybags and the Y-Class patrol it seems the cleanup crew is still working. Your badge is checked, cleared, and then you're in.
v572 follows the Y's who are putting the babies in the nursery, and she seems to be sizing them up as if she's ready to strike down every threat around her.
Your thornhead comes trotting in through the security gate, and circles around you happily.
  • Talk to the (G, F, Q, Y) classes on the cleanup crew.
  • Talk to v572
  • Help out with getting the babies settled in
  • Help load bodybags onto the truck
  • Train the Thornhead
  • Inspect the village
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
> You're an M-class. It's time to do what you were made to do.
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
>Help with babies or train the thornhead.
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
>Name your thornhead something refined, something powerful… like Arch Kapopoulos the Supreme Overseer (or Archie for short)
>Teach Archie the basics of babyguard duty
>Now fulfill your purpose. Help with them babies.
[Image: hzso4Pf.png]
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
(01-27-2018, 06:50 AM)Clockwork Dragon Wrote: »> You're an M-class. It's time to do what you were made to do.
(01-30-2018, 07:29 AM)CosmicClaxon Wrote: »>Now fulfill your purpose. Help with them babies.
As the Y-classes toil in the nursery you're busy familiarizing yourself with the control room. Robotic arms slide back and forth across the ceiling for sorting, feeding, and analyzing with efficiency.

Since this batch was a rush job done by what seemed to just be a single B-class you expect a much higher rate of abominations or duds, but you only manage to find one so far. The babies are a random assortment of classes, otherwise.
An attempt to make back the losses from an entire village being wiped out, but you didn't have to get rid of more than a single Notail so far... For just a brief moment it pains you to flag the baby as a dud, and not long after a Y-Class has already carried it off.
But then you chuckle at just how lucky you and those around you got with 199 valid babies!

You settle into the control room for a moment. but hear a knock on the door! It's one of the G classes puttering about.
"Hi there! 8)"
"Yes, is it important? XuX"
"Oh nothing too much, but I figured someone should let you know what's up and running so far 8)"
"Go ahead XuX"
Repair PlansShow
"What happened to the other storage XuX"
"If you didn't read what I handed you they're all too damaged 8)"
"oh, right XuX"
And the G class scampers off to work.
You head into the building's breakroom and make a pot of coffee.
It's coffee alright.
(01-30-2018, 07:29 AM)CosmicClaxon Wrote: »>Name your thornhead Archie
You check on your thornhead, and it's been chasing after scraps of meat a G class is throwing. You shoo him off, and call the thornhead over for the intent of naming him.

A young thornhead stands before you tonight, and though it just so happens that thirteen hours since you took ownership of him, it is only in this moment he will be given a name.
You name him Archie, and go back to your work.

As head of the village you can make certain choices. You could reorganize the repair schedule, lessonplan, work schedules, and more.
You take note that the repair crew will be around two days, and after that you'll have to file the proper paperwork to get any further work done.
You know some tasks will be done by end of night, while others won't be finished by the time they leave.
You also know that the babies don't need a lesson plan yet, and can just have the basics shown to all of them until you're ready to change them. The work schedule is just the same.

Lesson PlansShow
Work SchedulesShow
>Leave all Default
>Enter Custom Plans
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
>Getting the notails to imprint seems to be the most prominent course of action.
RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]
(01-31-2018, 11:51 PM)Robottobt Wrote: »>Getting the notails to imprint seems to be the most prominent course of action.