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[M]om - The First Week [TEXT]
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 RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]

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AN: That's already on the default lesson plan for the newborns. The only lessons you can add to the plan are ones you create/come up with here. Feel free to go wild.

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[M]om - a textventure about Notail raising. how will you do =)

02-01-2018, 05:59 AM
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 RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]

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(02-01-2018, 05:59 AM)LoverIan Wrote: go wild.

>Give the babies sticks and have them rewarded if they attack a practice target of some sort. Take the stick away from that notail for the session if they try to hit one another Call it early start combat training. (Clarification: practice target being a sack of flour or something.)
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02-01-2018, 06:44 AM
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 RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]

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Brazil, Somewere
>Make them learn about... Uh.. Love!
>Or about Eukaryote and the messed up creatures that are born every day because there's pretty much evofluid in the air, and you're going to grow a fistlung eventually if u breath too much of the air or a cool mutation... Probally TWO fistlungs are cool, right?

Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
02-03-2018, 01:20 PM
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 RE: [M]om - Stocking Up [TEXT]

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(01-31-2018, 11:51 PM)Robottobt Wrote: >Getting the notails to imprint seems to be the most prominent course of action.
(02-01-2018, 06:44 AM)IronLionShark Wrote: >Give the babies sticks and have them rewarded if they attack a practice target of some sort.
(02-03-2018, 01:20 PM)LammarWesley Wrote: >Make them learn about... Uh.. Love!
>Or about Eukaryote and messed up creatures born every day because there's evofluid in the air, and you'll grow a fistlung eventually if u breath too much or a cool mutation... Probally TWO fistlungs are cool, right?
As you prepare to finish off your shift you head off to the offices next door and design three new learning programs.
Spoiler :
Baby's First Combat Practice
- A program that is done via virtualization on the baby's mask
Love, and you
- A program that teaches about affection and kindness
Fistlungs and more
- A lesson teaches the mutagenic nature of Eukaryote and how life is doomed to die of painful mutations
You then feel a bit of indecisiveness over what to do next, but know for sure that you'll be keeping the notail imprinting program. The fourth slot bothers you, but you decide to roll a d12 around a few times, and end up getting the 'Fistlungs and more' enough time to put it in.
You wonder what affect that will have on all the newborns....

You decide not to change anything about the repair plans, work schedules, or anything else, and head to bed.
Monday: you wake up you are talked to by a passing G class, and it seems to be the same one from the other day.
Spoiler: Village Map
[Image: qeYAy6V.png]
Did you know?:
At any time you can pull up the layout of a building by specifically trying to.
Spoiler: Village Guide
1 - The Nursery
Where the babies are kept, duh 8)
2 - The Offices
Where the Learning, Uniform, and Work terminals are 8)
3 - Adult Dorms
Where all the adults have their rooms 8)
4 - Main Storage
Where you keep important junk I guess 8)
5 - Auxillary Storage
Where the less important junk goes 8)
6 - Laundry
This is where you would have the laundry done, if it was repaired 8)
7 - CC Pens
This is where all the capture creatures go and rest at, if it was fixed 8)
8 - Child Dorms
This is where kids live, not repeating myself again 8)
9 - School
What do you rly think happens here, they learn dummy 8)
10 - Barracks
This is where the Y classes and guards would be living 8)
11 - Landing Zone
If it had been built this is where ships would land 8)
12 - Shield Generator
When it's finished this will be your first major line of defense 8)
After familiarizing yourself with the layout of the village you dust the your eyes and get to work.

At the start of your shift you receive a notif the shield is running, and watch the test-run's flying colors. More of a literal statement as you watch it crest over the village.
The work goes slowly as the babies are socialized. A nice warm hug, encouragement, and lotsa paps. Some try to crawl all over you and it's adorable until you pry them off.
During lunch Auxillary Storage 1 is fully repaired, and can now be accessed. Until you open it up there's no official record of what's inside though..
The second half of the babies goes fairly the same. You remember soon enough you'll have to actually pay attention to their development. Until then they're all so adorable.
Dinner goes well and you briefly socialize the repair crew.
Idle time is relaxing and you get to experience the siren tests. All the babies wake up and need to be soothed! You yawn as you finish, and every baby starts to yawn like such good ducklings. You take note the alarm system warns of intruders, megafauna, and if it's manually set off by a villager the nearby authorities will be called as backup.

You're in bed when your phone lights up with mail!
Spoiler: Serpentes Clinic
Hello M9113,
This is a reminder of your antennae replacement procedure appointment tomorrow at 9a. Please do not be late.
Check your email for confirmation from M4 to be sure, as otherwise this has been an error.
(this is an automated message do not reply)
Spoiler: M4 Message
Hello dearest M9113,
Tomorrow you'll get your new antennae so you can do your job with the standards you're required to. You'll get an email later today from the S class performing your procedure. It'll only take a day, and don't worry any duties you are required to do will be handled by a substitute for the day.
(this is an automated message do not reply)
You expected this a bit later on, but a pleasant surprise all the more. You tuck into the couch in the adult dorms and sleep.

Tuesday: Awaking to Freya v 572 talking about an intruder, meeting your substitute, driving off to Serpentes...
At the clinic it blends: the S-class, the procedure, the bedrest, the trip back.
You barely hear anyone as you return and remember that your new antennae are slowly growing. It almost feels like something is gnawing at your brain, but you breath easy knowing everything is on track.
After dinner Main Storage 1 is complete, but like AU1 you don't know what is inside.
The crew is packing up and finishing the last repairs on the kitchen. You know the adult dorms have the important parts of a working kitchen along with a freezer and pantry after.

Wednesday: you check your antennae to find nearly the full length and sigh in relief. It's weird getting adjusted to the new shape though.
Freya's report is normal, and you're getting used to her giving you 'gifts'.
The news is the same as ever save for reports about a failed H class product, but it's not important as you skim the baby stats.
Today is the first playpen day, and you shufle the first half of the babies into the playpen and watch them hug each other and crawl about. Freya guards them as you prepare lunch in the building's breakroom.
The rest of the day passes normally.

Thursday passes normally.

Friday: passes normally, but Freya v572 is insistent that she groom you. When you tell her to groom Archie instead she says she already did that, and that she deposited the thorns she managed to remove today into Aux1.
Eventually you realize she won't be distracted and you accept. She meticulously preens your hair, removes lint fron your outfit, and dusts your mask.

Saturday passes normally.

Sunday begins normally.
At 8p the first shipment of rations and supplies arrives.
The T class inspects the premises to also sure you didn't 'somehow make things worse $vv$' while the H class keeps trying to offer you a tomato in these trying times.
After a bit the T class relents and affirms you as a valid village that will receive it's weekly stipend. The H class says he just likes to feel important, and sneaks you a blunt while they aren't looking.
Spoiler: The Shipment
Babyfood Rations x1.5k
- 100 Near Expiration (assorted)
- 280 Plant
- 280 Meaty
- 280 Insect
- 280 Fish
- 280 Generic
- 2 Plant
- 2 Meat
- 2 Fish
- 2 Insect
- 2 Generic
- 4 Spoiled
- 15k (Village)
- 5k
- M9113's Furniture
- 10 Wires
- 10 Scrap
- 30 Instant "Coffee" mixes
After all is said and done you now have the next week's resources and can start building up for a proper village.
The T class informs you can even look into changing around what your weekly shipment is, and that anything needed outside of the sunday shipment will be purchasable online. You could check that out online.
The rest of the day is spent arranging your bedroom, and you know you'll sleep better in your bed.

What do you plan for the next week?
>Change Lesson Plan
>Change Work Schedules
>Change Uniforms
>Online Shopping
>Take Inventory
>Hiring Plans

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[M]om - a textventure about Notail raising. how will you do =)

02-06-2018, 02:16 AM
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 RE: [M]om - The First Week [TEXT]
Once bot, now lurker.

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A clean christsin server
>Check the inventory.

[Image: untitled_by_mewqit-dc2as8f.jpg]
02-06-2018, 04:10 AM
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 RE: [M]om - The First Week [TEXT]

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>Hiring Plans, you have TONS of labour ahead of you.

If possible: >Although it's been a week, you should get better acquainted with the other village-members while you're at it! Approach them during idle periods. Capture creatures could always be a conversation starter.

[Image: ny0KZnp.png]
02-06-2018, 02:57 PM
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 RE: [M]om - The First Week [TEXT]

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>Hire the most cheapest, horrible clowns in the whole fucking space. Honklits? Good... For the kids.
>Change all the clothing with strict rules of being the most coloring thing you can see or the gothest posssible.
>Send Freya to groom the children, we don't want to have space-cosmic eldritch lice!
>Online shopping? Yes, children toys.

Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
02-07-2018, 02:49 PM
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 RE: [M]om - The First Week [TEXT]

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(02-06-2018, 04:10 AM)Robottobt Wrote: >Check the inventory.
You take an idle period to do just that.

As you open aux storage unit 1 you hear a brief beeping and manage to slam the door shut and duck for cover in time to survive an explosion. As you pick through the wreckage of the storage unit you realize that at some point during the destruction of the village a child hid into the storage unit while bleeding out and rigged an explosive to the door in case they were attacked.
Auxiliary Storage 1 is now destroyed.

Village Inventory
Spoiler :
You first take note that statistics shown on your phone for the village inventory will be summarized unless you ask for a complete detail. Due to what you'll be working with it's important to not get too overloaded.

>Village Credits<
Spoiler :
The Village's current balance is: 15,000p
Balance held by villagers total: 7,500p

Monthly fees thevillage pays: 0p
Debts the village has accrued: 0p

Spoiler :
Total rations:
Meat: 2 fine, 1 expired
Fish: 2 fine
Plants: 2 fine, 1 expired
Insect: 2 fine
Generic: 2 Fine, 2 expired

Rations for babies:
Meat: 280 fine, 20 near expired
Fish: 280 fine, 20 near expired
Plants: 280 fine, 20 near expired
Insect: 280 fine, 20 near expired
Generic: 280 fine, 20 near expired

Consumption Rates:
- Adults: 1 /day
- Babies: 199/day
- Pets: 1 meat/day (if available)

>Personal Inventories<
Spoiler :
Money: 7.5kp
Items on hand: 4/5 spaces filled
  • Phone (1)
  • Empty #1 M-ug (1)
  • Empty Capture Cage (1)
  • Blunt (1)
Freya v572
Money: 0p
Items on hand: 1/10 spaces filled
  • Wild Rodent Corpse (1)

>Items of Note<
Spoiler :
  • Damaged Corrupted Ivfrid Cage (1)
  • Blunt (1)
  • Freya (7)
  • Archie (3)
  • Pheromone Case (1)
  • Toolkit (2)
  • Lesson Terminal (4)
  • Scheduling Terminal (4)
  • Uniform Terminal (10)
  • Shield Generator (20)
  • Instant 'coffee' mix x30 (10)

Spoiler :
Main 1 (56/100)
  • AI Creation Kit (2)
  • Pheromone Case (1)
  • Leaking Crate of Wine (5)
  • Scrap Metal x22 (22)
  • Scrap Wires x13 (2)
  • Scrap Ceramic x2 (1)
  • Scrap Wood x2 (2)
  • Scrap Textile x2 (1)
  • Auto-Generator (20)
Aux 1 Wreckage (13)
  • Damaged Corrupted Ivfrid Cage (1)
  • Ashes (1)
  • Scrap Metal x3 (3)
  • Scrap wires x6 (1)
  • Ablative Armor Shield (2)
  • Rotten and burned child body (1)
    - Detonator (1)
    - kitchen knife (1)
    - toolkit (2)
Nursery Breakroom (8)
  • Instant 'coffee' mix x6 (2)
  • Coffee Machine (1)
  • Furniture (5)
Kitchen (40)
  • Instant 'coffee' mix x24 (8)
  • Kitchen Tools (8)
  • Walk-In Freezer (20)
    -Wild rodent corpse x8 (4)
Offices (18)
  • Lesson Terminal (4)
  • Scheduling Terminal (4)
  • Uniform Terminal (10)
Your Home (10)
  • Furnitue (10)

Quote:>Although it's been a week, get better acquainted with other village-members! Approach during idle. Capture creature conversation starter.
>Send Freya to groom the children, we don't want to have space-cosmic eldritch lice!
>Hiring Plans, you have TONS of labour ahead of you.
>Hire the most cheapest, horrible clowns in the whole fucking space. Honklits? Good... For the kids.
>Change all the clothing with strict rules of being the most coloring thing you can see or the gothest posssible.
>Online shopping? Yes, children toys.
Aside from the babies and Freya you're the only person in the village! Freya already grooms everyone on Fridays, but states she would enjoy doing that when she idles.
You could try to text B52..

You're the only person really working in the village, and know from your training that typically there are a handful of non-M classes that work in a village in addition to all the others that can potentially work at one.

Firing up your work computer in the control room you start to browse the local Eukaryote net looking for those on the official hiring lists, and focus on finding people who are cheaper and closer by. The thought of hiring honklits pops into your head so you spend time finding good ones there too.
As you review the list of candidates you realize you can text B52, and decide to do so.

> Hiring Plans <
Spoiler :
In Notail society nearly everyone is constantly employed, but not everyone can have their dreamjob. If you work hard and do well enough of course you can get there, but many go from one job and employer to the next until then.
Every month employers are given allotments to for needed hires, and the amount determined by merits and resource scarcity. Your allotments won't change unless something really bad happens or earning higher allotments.
If you need more you can save past allotments or pay credits. You can only gain a whole allotment, not partial.
Current Exchange Rate: 4.4kp per Allotment
Monthly Gain: 3 Allotments
Spoiler: G classes
  • B) - Cost: 2
    A young G class that prefers to work in the line of a mechanic.
  • 8] - Cost: 1
    A very young natural born G class who was fired recently. Knits.
  • =) - Cost: 1 1/2
    An adult G class who's known as a janitor.
Spoiler: N Classes
  • ಠ▽ಠ - Cost: 2
    "Life is something worth living well to spite The Neo. ಠ▽ಠ"
  • Ψ۞ꈊ۞Ψ - Cost: 3
    "Do not waste time with frivolity or self-hate when you can be so much more. Ψ۞ꈊ۞Ψ "
Spoiler: P Classes
  • |} - Cost: 3
    Fairly new, but specializes as an engineer.
  • <^ᗜ^> - Cost: 2
    "All the better if I can be of service <^ᗜ^>"
  • 4o4 - Cost: 3 1/2
    Your computer freezes up, but then it stops and you have a pop-up asking if you enjoyed the demo.
  • ≧w≦ - Cost: 3 1/2
    Prolific modder given the thirty pages in their resume.
  • ˶°u°˵ - Cost: 1 1/2
    Fresh from the woods, and they seem energized.
  • ┗◣◡◢┛ - Cost: 3 1/2
    "Your computer should run better now, but feel free to hire me as thanks ┗◣◡◢┛"
Spoiler: W Classes
  • Ő³Ő - Cost: 2
    "I'll get on my hands and knees until I've served up the flavor that spices your life Ő³Ő"
  • ⊙◡⊙ - Cost: 1 1/2
    They're listed as having extreme anxiety in addition to their happiness, but that they have a support network too.
  • Ov=^=vO - Cost: 2
    This W class seems to specialize in errands and cooking.
Spoiler: Y Classes
All of your Y class options lack a normal resume and have photos of their pack on-duty or training. Each choice has a pack size and a ranking.
  • ^ovvo^ - Cost: 1
    Lone Y and at the lowest possible ranking.
  • ^⠛w⠛^ - Cost: 2 1/2
    A pack made of six mid-ranks.
  • ^,u, - Cost: 5
    A pack made of five high-ranks.
  • ☆v☆ - Cost: 1 1/2
    A pack made of two low-ranks.
  • ^。^ - Cost: 4 1/2
    A pack made of six upper-ranks
  • ⌒;;⌒ - Cost: 4
    A pack made of four upper-ranks
Spoiler: Metaparxi Options
  • Batch 54 - Cost: 1 1/2
    The latest batch of saniOrg meta is available for purchase for interested customers!
  • That One - Cost: 1/2
    This seems to be a meta who's had a long string of being fired. Wow.
  • 8D - Cost: 2
    "I'd love to work at your establishment alongside anyone who'd have me 8D"
Spoiler: Honklit Options
  • 'Crimes' - Cost: 1/2
    This is a honklit with a criminal record who is slated for Chordata. It's a long record.
  • Honkdim 12 - Cost: 1 1/2
    This is a fairly mundane honkdim who works as a clerk.
  • 368 - Cost: -1 1/2
    Strangely enough this seems to be someone begging others to take a honklit off their hands.
  • 210 - Cost: 1 1/2
    This honklit is fairly qualified to work around homes, although their photo is of a zanni.
  • 22 - Cost: 1
    Just a honklit.
You also note that you can spend an idling period interviewing two relevant candidates via videocall.
You can also use half an allotment to reserve a candidate for later if they cost 2 or less.
Most applicants will arrive a day after you pay, and while some may take less time others might take much longer. The longest it can take is two weeks.
Spoiler: Chatlog
M9113: Hello dear, I wanted to check if you wanted to talk about capture creatures XuX
B52: What's the pretense q‿‿p
[Charisma Check Failed]
M9113: None at all, but if you have to be so blunt(420) I wanted to get to know you a bit better XuX
B52: I see no reason to bother doing that, if you have business get to it q‿‿p
M9113: 52 if you absolutely must know I was wondering if I could get a consult XuX
B52: So inept you can't tell the A's from the G's? q‿‿p
M9113: [Notail staring with macrocosm level equations] This is about job applications XuX
B52: That might actually be interesting to do, so it's good I'm on break q‿‿p
M9113: Here are the applicants [microlink] XuX
M9113: Are you there? XuX
B52: I am typing up literally what you are asking for at this moment q‿‿p
B52: Maybe wait more than five seconds for something like this q‿‿p
M9113: Sounds fake but ok XuX
B52: Here... [B52's Views] q‿‿p
Spoiler :
To start off with you'll notice that classes vary in costs, but individuals vary in aptitude and experience. q‿‿p
G classes can do just about any job at a general level, and as a result their price is one based on work history q‿‿p
I wouldn't waste money on the mechanic as they were labelled due to heavy work as a mechanic which is in demand right now q‿‿p
The natural-born is plainly put a fucking natural-born, and really should be at half an allotment or kicked offworld q‿‿p
The janitor is your best pick due to their experience all around regardless of what you actually want a G class for q‿‿p

The Neo seems to be on the light side of hate preaching as they talk about spiting the Neo, but aren't a hack q‿‿p
The other one is one of those rare dual N's and looking them up they've more or less earned that allotment cost q‿‿p

P classes despite their flexibility can cost a bit due to specializations, and are all reasonable hires q‿‿p
The second focuses on improving daily life, and the fourth is good if you want an investment q‿‿p
The third could be risky if they get bored, and the fifth is really cheap but a gamble q‿‿p

W classes can be difficult to grab a good one, at least one that won't get snatched up by a higher ranking person q‿‿p
The first is good at his job and is just trying to flirt to scare off someone who wants him q‿‿p
The second should be a D-ud, but tracking their social media tells me they have a W class keeping them perfectly functional q‿‿p
The third is a good pick if you want a personal assistant, and overall unless M4 really wants these you'll probably any of them forever q‿‿p

See that first Y class, good because they fucking suck at their job and will be useful to stall for time in an attack q‿‿p
The rest are more or less valid picks, but make sure you build barracks in the near future and have weapons q‿‿p

Why bother with hiring or buying metas when you can just sign up for the service that rotates temporary ones? q‿‿p
But SaniOrg's batches have actually been getting on par with market standards in the last several generations q‿‿p
The third is a valid pick and a good example of when you don't imprint your ducklings right, and the second isn't worth reacting to q‿‿p

0 idea why anyone would want to hire honklits but there's a good laugh in picking out the good breeding stock q‿‿p
Impressive that a honklit could do bad enough to get Chord'd, and this being up still will get fixed soon enough q‿‿p
12 is...actually a good substitute rather than spending anything on a paper pushing F class q‿‿p
Ok this one I've read urban legends about but dumbasses keep hiring him thinking "oh wow I'm being paid to do this" q‿‿p
And then surprise they're living in constant terror or something and have to scramble to find a way to pay someone else to hire him q‿‿p
The fucker feeds only off of fear and I've heard he's gotten fairly fat from how good he is at it to where slavers won't take him unless you pay them premium q‿‿p
210 is an oddity: a zanni raised by honklit, but otherwise fairly good of a hire, for a honklit q‿‿p
The good breeding stock is 12, 368, and 210, but I don't know who I'd pick for matches q‿‿p
B52: I'd say what your best picks would be total, but honestly this one you can really decide for yourself, and tell me later how it goes q‿‿p
M9113: Wow that was... XuX
B52: Helpful? q‿‿p
M9113: It sure was something dear XuX
B52: You asked q‿‿p
M9113: So about capture creatures XuX
B52: Wait do you legitimately care q‿‿p
M9113: Yes! XuX
B52: Ok so you go first then if you care so much, tell me all about your team q‿‿p
M9113: Oh, I don't have one XuX
M9113: The one I had was found disemboweled a few weeks ago, RIP and all that XuX
B52: Wow lame q‿‿p
M9113: On the upside they were still fresh enough to get some backup limbs from XuX
M9113: But when I got the starter package I chose a capture creature and got the cutest thornhead I named Archie XuX
B52: Only more generic you could have gotten is an actual Generic q‿‿p
M9113: If you're so great what do you have lying around the lab XuX
B52: I'm not a B-rander, but I have been working on replacing my starter with a custom gene'd Luciguis q‿‿p
B52: Gonna clone a bunch once I've got good enough of a result and then evolve it q‿‿p
M9113: That's actually neat, but do you mind giving me an eye of the tiger from a dead one XuX
B52: K q‿‿p
M9113: Thanks for your time 52 XuX
B52: Almost likewise, this has kept me distracted from the screams of the latest tests I'm running for P classes q‿‿p
In the end it was a decent although long chat, but it feels like B52 has almost started to tolerate you.

Later it's uniform time, and a brief bit familiarizing with the terminal shows that the machine only allows a current village wide uniform right now, but it's still good to learn.
Spoiler :
Pick and two hexcodes for your uniform. Label them as:
This will serve as the work uniform for all members of your village.
Eventually you can make seasonal or age-group specific uniforms, and other types too.

Due to notails being notails there's rarely any reason to make clothing anything but neutral tones, but now that you're an M class and village leader by default you can pick anything you want!
The current uniform is grey shorts and grey shirt.

Your monday is coming to a close already, but at least you can do some online shopping before you head to prepare dinner. Maybe there will be something good for the babies, or you.
Spoiler :
The Scrapyard sells all forms of scrap along with secondhand goods. It was founded by Hades v1. Delivery can take a day to several. It's affiliated with BRANDNEWCAR.
Spoiler: The Scrapyard
  • Cheap Scrap (250p)
  • Cheap Wire (200p)
  • Cheap Ceramic (750p)
  • Cheap Wood (125p)
  • Cheap Textiles (625p)
  • Fresh Components (cheap+350p)
  • Fine Scrap (1150p+)
  • High Quality Materials (2500p+)
  • Other (Varies)
  • Furniture (875p+)
  • Weapons (800p+)
  • AI (2500p+)
Duckies R Us is a notail based site specializing in child enrinchment, but it's main draw is the high amount of Gashapons.
Spoiler: Duckies R Us
  • Teething Toy (50p)
  • Ivfrid Taxidermied Buddy (250p)
  • Pet Rock (500p)
  • Djehuty Nightlight (775p)
  • Plush Hermes Ship (850p)
  • Toy Gashapon (1kp)
  • Baby Toy Gashapon (1kp)
  • Kids Toy Gashapon (1.5kp)
  • Teen Toy Gashapon (1.75kp)
  • Family Toy Gashapon (2kp)
  • The Zeus Plushtoy (2.25kp)
  • New Lesson Plans (2.5kp-20kp)
  • Home and Garden Furniture Gashapon (3kp)
  • O5 Figure Set (3kp)
  • evzAffiliate Gashapon (4kp)
  • Hypnos Easydream Musicbox System (5kp)
  • Babysitting AI Gashapon (7.5kp)
  • Household AI Gashapon (10kp)
  • Tutoring Services (10kp+ per child)
evzFauna is the leading exotic pet site for notails, and was founded by the trio of classes early in the name. It has ties to WageSlaves4U
Spoiler: evzFauna
  • Accessories (250p+)
  • Evofluid (1kp)
  • Capture Creature Gachapon (3kp)
  • Grooming Tools (4-60kp)
  • Somnus Gacha (4kp)
  • Saddles (~5kp)
  • Outfits (5kp+)
  • Tradepool Terminal (6kp)
  • Husbandry Equipment (7kp+)
  • Specific Somnus v or Type (9kp+)
  • Hunting AI Gacha (10kp)
  • Kiosk (13kp)
  • Specific Hunting AI (16kp+)
  • Game Hunting Target (Varies)
  • Rations Supplementation Service (Varies)
  • Fauna (varies)
  • Capture Creatures (varies)
Arms surplus started by an Arma, and not only did it take off quickly but Y classes enjoy it despite it's basic and minimal stock.
Spoiler: Gun and Run
  • Cheap Throwing Knives (90p)
  • Self-Defense Keychain (118p)
  • Bola (200p)
  • Battery Cartridges (500p)
  • Single Cartridges (500p-5kp)
  • Wood Baton (737p)
  • Machete (779p)
  • Tranq Dart Cartridges (800p)
  • Large Battcarts (1kp)
  • Stun Baton (1250p)
  • High Power Tranqs (2kp)
  • Weak Laser Pistol (3150p)
  • Tranq Pistol (4750p)
  • Ballistics Pistol (6.5kp)
  • Flamethrower (9850p)
  • Ammo Boxes (10kp+)
  • Tranq Rifle (10kp)
  • Laser Hunting Rifle (13kp)
With all of your research done it seems you have some choices to make. You know for sure that hiring choices will change, and that stores might change stock. Uniforms will not change if you do not make a decision though.

>What hires, purchases, and uniform decisions will you make?

Spoiler: A/N
There's so much fucking text in this. Sorry for that. Btw if you've got any questions feel free to ask and I'll post a response or do smth in the discord

[LIVE] - a fortuna fanventure, like and subscribe to AliCat2020's playthrough of the new DLC
[M]om - a textventure about Notail raising. how will you do =)

02-10-2018, 11:23 AM
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Robust Laser
 RE: [M]om - The First Week [TEXT]

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Kelowna, BC, Canada, THE MOON
Let's hire Honklit 368, and Y-pack ☆v☆. Three for the price of none! What a steal!!!
02-10-2018, 11:30 AM
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 RE: [M]om - The First Week [TEXT]
York Upyup

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Bottoms: #5D91A6
Tops: #FFFAC2

And, uhhhhh, Somnus Gacha from evzFauna????

[Image: gmzzj.png]
02-10-2018, 11:42 AM
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 RE: [M]om - The First Week [TEXT]
Too Busy Reading

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The third W class sounds good!!

[Image: IMG_6374.png][Image: IMG_6375.png][Image: IMG_6377.png]
02-10-2018, 11:46 AM
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 RE: [M]om - The First Week [TEXT]

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> That One Metarpaxi. ( Video call him too! )
> ^ovvo^ lone furry wolf.
> 368, he's going to stab one or two children but it's ok I guess.
> ˶°u°˵ is that the cutest thing or not?
> 8]... yes...
> Somnus gacha! We need a doggie or a weird animal for our children to play!
> Let's play three times the normal toy gashapon.
> Buy three or four scraps and make a few scrap metal toys, it can't be too hard with the help of internet, can be?
> Green top and dark green pants, generic and ideal.

Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
02-10-2018, 11:49 AM
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 RE: [M]om - The First Week [TEXT]

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B52 is starting to tolerate us! That's a victory!

⬇ conduct interviews on the following:

>I have a good feeling about that janitor =). You should start small and look into someone who can be of general assistance. B52 likes them, so who are we to contradict that.
>˶°u°˵ needs a chance.

>Absolutely get a Somnus. I hope it's a doggy companion who can work alongside Freya.

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02-10-2018, 05:21 PM
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 RE: [M]om - The First Week [TEXT]
Once bot, now lurker.

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(02-10-2018, 05:21 PM)CosmicClaxon Wrote: B52 is starting to tolerate us! That's a victory!

⬇ conduct interviews on the following:

>I have a good feeling about that janitor =). You should start small and look into someone who can be of general assistance. B52 likes them, so who are we to contradict that.
>˶°u°˵ needs a chance.

>Absolutely get a Somnus. I hope it's a doggy companion who can work alongside Freya.

>seconding but with the third W class too.

[Image: untitled_by_mewqit-dc2as8f.jpg]
02-10-2018, 06:45 PM
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 RE: [M]om - The First Week [TEXT]

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Quote:Hiring Choices
That One - 1 vote
^ovvo^ - 1 vote
8] - 1 vote
˶°u°˵ - 3 votes
☆v☆ - 1 vote
=) - 2 votes
Ov=^=vO - 2 votes
You yawn, as spend a fair bit of time running through your options.
You fill out the paperwork for 368, and draft up what your shortlist of hires will be along with emails to your top picks for an interview.
Spoiler :
Total Allotments: 4 1/2
Current Exchange Rate: 4.4kp per Allotment
Total Credits: 15,000 (village), 7,500 (m9113)
That One - 1/2 Allotments
^ovvo^ - 1 Allotments
8] - 1 Allotments
˶°u°˵ - 1 1/2 Allotments
☆v☆ - 1 1/2 Allotments
=) - 1 1/2 Allotments
Ov=^=vO - 2 Allotments
With that all settled you do some quick online shopping for scrap, gashapons, and a random somnus unit. The site tells you that it's a v28 and that your purchases will arrive within the next two days.
The village now has 7,250 in it's coffers.

You wake up a bit before your alarm...something feels wrong. You look back and forth around the room to notice there's something perched upon your dresser. It's staring at you.

"Ah you're awake." It says, and leaps across the gap and onto your bed. "You are my new employer correct?" It says in a raspy voice like it's talking and breathing through it's teeth, wheezing sickly.
"Are you 368? XuX"
"I'll take your question to my own as a confirmation, but you may call me Mr Bonemeal..." He says, and backs off your bed and stands in the corner of your room. Mr Bonemeal stares you down as you get dressed in the new uniform made of pants and a shirt.

As your turn back around Mr Bonemeal isn't there, and when you leave your room to head to the kitchen you start to hear metallic scratches and groans come from the dining area. As you start up breakfast you see Mr Bonemeal playing what looks like an instrument from the corner of your eye and it clicks that he's the source of the noises.

As you start to ask what he'd like he's already cutting you off..
"Oh don't worry about me, I only need to taste your fear from time to time."
"So how did you get here so soon XuX"
"My past employer had a hunch that it'd be good to send me on vacation to Eukaryote. This planet has portals to all notail worlds, so no matter who invites me into their life next I'll have a very quick trip."
"Ah that must have meant you were in Serpentes XuX"
"Rightly so. It also makes sense why I recognized you so easily.." Mr Bonemeal starts, and his instrument whines out low like the hum of powerlines.
"Oh? XuX"
"It was from your operation last week. My last employer was an S class, so breaking into a clinic sounded like the perfect time killer." He says, and stares you down with a very wide grin.

Checking the reports goes fairly quickly like the last time you had to do so, but Freya mentions someone having entered the compound that produced documentation of being hired. The writing implies she was not comfortable being caught off-guard, but it's an easy fix to let her know about newly hired personnel.
With that done there's enough time to start the first interview in the control room.
Spoiler :
Metaparxi: H-hello may I ask who's calling today?
m9113: Yes this is m9113, and I wanted to know if you are interested in a position in my village XuX
Meta: W-well... that sounds very delightful if I must say so
Meta: There sounds nothing that could go wrong when raising ducklings!!!!
m9113: Yes it all does seem to be going perfectly over here XuX
Meta: May I ask why you're considering me for the position Mr?
m9113: Well in all honesty you're very cheap XuX
Meta: That's very reassuring to hear I have to say
m9113: I hope it is XuX
m9113: But I want to know, since you seem so chipper, why do you have so many firings on your record? XuX
Meta: I don't think you'll let me say no but I keep getting set up to fail!
Meta: All my coworkers have been perfect in the past, but I always feel like someone's trying to stop me from doing a good job
Meta: I'm good at juggling tasks, but anytime there's a fire, or any sort of accident I always seem to get in trouble.
Meta: At this point it seems like I'm better off being sent to Chordata than being hired again....
m9113: Thank you for your honesty, it's been informative XuX
Meta: I suppose you'd rather not deal with a lost cause then
m9113: No, no you haven't been removed from my list of choices XuX
The call ends abruptly and you get the feeling the metaparxi hung up on you even though there seems to be nothing to point to that.
Interviewing seems to be a skill of it's own, and while you'll get better each time you can't tell for certain if any info you gathered from the conversation is valid.
At this time you think that metaparxi is a good [Multitasker], a bit [Pathetic], and a bit of a [Blame Magnet].

Baby inspections go smoothly but slower than usual. You notice some behaviors that indicate a potential A class mimic, or an especially rowdy kid. It's really too early to tell, as that child could just be a Y class. You cross-reference the list of babies, and it's a bit shocking to find the child is a P class. You flag them for routine checkups.
Interactions go normally and the babies each make their coos and other noises. Some of them seem to be very close to their first word.

Your lunch comes soon enough, and the breakroom looks 2spooky5U due to the breakroom looking like a baby mauling. You text Mr Bonemeal to clean up after he's done cooking his lunch, and you pack up some of the leftovers (at least a full ration of meat's worth), and microwave some for your lunch.
You decide to conduct the next interview while you eat.
Spoiler :
G789: Hello this is g789 speaking =)
m9113: Yes, I was wondering if you'd have time for an interview XuX
g789: You know I was just thinking about how convenient it is when an employer gives you notice in advance of an interview =)
g789: Where would you like to start us off =)
m9113: Well to start with I noticed that you marked yourself down as a janitor, is there any reason why? XuX
g789: Yes, it's a position I have familiarity and aptitude with =)
g789: I like the taste of rotten things, personally =)
m9113: That's very interesting, but what would you say your biggest weakness is? XuX
m9113: Like are you not a morning person? XuX
g789: Well if you want to be so specific I'm a heavy sleeper, but otherwise I'm good in the mornings or evenings =)
m9113: Any problems handling living in an m-class village for long periods of time XuX
g789: No not at all, and I think it's that notail realism that keeps me able to do such positions =)
g789: But I want to ask am I replacing anyone by taking this position =)
m9113: Not at all. A bunch of losers died and I'm rebuilding this village XuX
m9113: RIP LMAO am I right or what XuX
g789: Cool, I guess that means I won't be stuck standing around with nothing to do =)
This one went alright enough. You think that g789 is [Detrivorous], very [Realistic], and also quite a [Heavy Sleeper]. You wish you could say those for certain, but something says you should trust g789.

The next set of interactions go as they do, and you receive a text message!
It's from Mr Bonemeal, and it shows you through the windows of the nursery taking care of the babies. There's a sniper scope reticle centered around the back of your head. He tells you that it's very easy to edit a photo for such a thing.

As it's starting to get dark Freya alerts you that a ship just made an aidrop overhead. You head over to the landing section and open up the crate to find a cerulean sheep inside.
You power it on, and she introduces herself as Ewedice. You decide to sort out the shipping manifest
Spoiler: Cargo Drop
  • Somnus v28, Ewedice
  • Terrycloth teething cubes x20 (1)
  • dual foam-dart pistols (1)
  • Family Movie Night Kit* (3)
  • Scrap Metal x3 (3)
*Family Movie Night Kit comes with two discs you can pick the contents of, movie player, and a very cheap TV.
Ewedice baa's, and begins to trot around the village to inspect it.

You start up dinner and begin your next interview as Freya is unpacking the cargo.
Spoiler :
p2998: Hoi!!!! ˶°u°˵
m9113: Hello there dear, you must be p2998 XuX
m9113: If I remember right you're fresh out of the woods correct XuX
p2998: Nope, I just finished basic training ˶°u°˵
m9113: My apologies then dear, but it is lovely to see someone with such energy XuX
p2998: Yeah, I'm really looking forward to finding a place to work!! ˶°u°˵
p2998: Are you calling because you decided to hire me?! ˶°u°˵
m9113: NOPE, but depending on how you do in the interview I just might XuX
m9113: To start us off where would you say your specialty is XuX
p2998: Oo that's a toughie, as I don't yet have one ˶°u°˵
m9113: What a shame, well what is a problem you have when working XuX
p2998: My M told me I really shouldn't go through their personal files ˶°u°˵
p2998: And then there was this one time I looked at the black market for fun ˶°u°˵
p2998: You wouldn't believe what they were selling there ˶°u°˵
m9113: Interesting, well I hope this isn't too inappropriate but you're very high on my list of who to pick XuX
p2998: Thanks, and I know I wouldn't mind working for you too!! ˶°u°˵
m9113: I'll email you if I do choose that way, have a good evening XuX
Spoiler :
m9113: Hello is this w792's number XuX
[A W class with a Ov=^=vO Caborhound mask comes into view]
w792: Yes that is me Ov=^=vO
m9113: Good, I'm m9113, I emailed you last night XuX
m9113: To start off could you tell me your strengths XuX
w792: I'm very good at serving up fun on a bun Ov=^=vO
w792: And I'm always glad to help out around the home or lab Ov=^=vO
m9113: That's good news, but where are you lacking? XuX
w792: Perish the thought M'am, but you'd soon see I'm always so glad to help out that there isn't a downside to me Ov=^=vO
m9113: Oh? So you're good at everything now XuX
w792: I'm not perfect, but I'll try my best at any challenge Ov=^=vO
w792: All my coworkers can say I always seem most passionate about my work when there's a challenge to be had Ov=^=vO
m9113: Thank you, I'll be in touch XuX
From what you gathered p2998 is [jack of all trades], quite [excitable] , and just a bit intrusive. With the skills you've built up so far you can tell for sure that their experience is wide enough to work as anything you need of a P class.
W792 on the other hand seems both very [Upbeat] and quite [Skilled at Cooking], though like any [Masochist] they enjoy a challenge they may have trouble being a [Yes-Man]

An overwhelming part of you wants to hire p2998, and so you send them an email and file the paperwork to hire them.
At this point of the day you're winding down and have some decisions to make, as you realize you have two new people in the village without official jobs or schedules.
Spoiler :
Name: Mr Bonemeal
Species: Honklit
Job: ??
Pronouns: It/Its (working) and He/His (otherwise)
[Sound Barrier][Stealthy][Getaway]
[Sarcastic][Playing Dead]
[Chilling][Picky Eater]
Stats: 1, 4, 6, 6, 9, 1
Description: Mr Bonemeal is a honklit who dresses in faded and neutral tones save for the neon green |'s painted over his eyes. He enjoys provoking fear and terror in others, and will only eat said things.
Inventory - 2/3 slots taken up by: horror instrument (1), kitchen knife (1)
Name: Ewedice
Species: Jakob's Sheep (Somnus v28)
Job: ?? (has experience with secretary and nanny work)
Pronouns: They/Them (work), She/Hers (home)
[Clear-Headed][Orderly][Pack Mule]
[Passive][Frequently Sleeps]
Stats: 3, 8, 6, 10+, 2, 6
Description: Ewedice is a somnus unit who has been around fairly long, and enjoys stormy weather, hates ignorance, and loves to encourage kindness and creativity. She hoards any form of ring in her itemball.
Inventory: 0/23 slots
>Final Choice for who to hire
>Assign jobs to new staff
>Assign work schedules to new staff

Spoiler: A/N
So I haven't drawn 368, but I wanted to sketch Ewedice when I first rolled her up. Here she is~
[Image: lBalQcg.png]
Also have the instrument Mr Bonemeal plays:

[LIVE] - a fortuna fanventure, like and subscribe to AliCat2020's playthrough of the new DLC
[M]om - a textventure about Notail raising. how will you do =)

02-15-2018, 09:08 PM
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 RE: [M]om - The First Week [TEXT]

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>Ewedice is going to be the mascot of the village! Also she will take care of the children, go sheep! Go!
>Mr Bonemeal... Is a wild guess... Maybe clown? Happy guy eh? And will check everything if it's ok!
>Hire Metarpaxi and p2998, if we can, G789 too!
>Make a movie night to make the children happy! One child movie and one horror movie for bonemeal.
>Well, P-classes don't interact a lot, so I think a A-class mimic is fine? Agressive coding at least isn't the worst thing ever, we can only see when the baby grows.
>See what's Ewedice is going to pick, maybe we're going to get a few good items.

Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
02-17-2018, 11:56 AM
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