[M]om - Last Hurrah [TEXT][Cancelled]

[M]om - Last Hurrah [TEXT][Cancelled]
RE: [M]om - Bossfight [TEXT]
>YOu're resistent and can survive a hit of the terrorsaur, you know what to do
> Is like a Rodeo, but the bull is a giant dinossaur and you're the clown.
> Wait Freya and Ewedice to end the seaspray killing, send Bonemeal with the gun while you distract the big lizard.
>Get ewedice to help you distracting and Freya to help Bonemeal in atacking.
>Pick all the knifes and throw at the dinossaur, make the big boy angry.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: [M]om - Bossfight [TEXT]
(03-07-2018, 03:59 PM)CosmicClaxon Wrote: »>Don't panic. The terrorsaur is angrier, but that also might entail tunnel vision, making it easier to ambush or distract.
>Consider aiming the rifle at its knees? Limiting mobility would stop it from ramming the shields.
>Keep Freya and Ewedice focused on the sensprays.
>We have a pile of knives. "Mr. Bonemeal, how good are you at throwing knives? I hear that's a popular circus trick."
(03-09-2018, 08:27 PM)LammarWesley Wrote: »>YOu're resistent and can survive a hit of the terrorsaur, you know what to do
> Is like a Rodeo, but the bull is a giant dinossaur and you're the clown.
> Wait Freya and Ewedice to end the seaspray killing, send Bonemeal with the gun while you distract the big lizard.
>Get ewedice to help you distracting and Freya to help Bonemeal in atacking.
>Pick all the knifes and throw at the dinossaur, make the big boy angry.

Mr Bonemeal cocks his head and puts his teeth on display, "Not all clowns perform in a circus, but I'd be happy to show you the knife tricks I practice in the morgue."
You pass him the rifle and tell Mr Bonemeal, "Let's hope you're good enough with this to avoid ending up on an X class dissection table then XuX"
Mr Bonemeal dabs at you. Lovely.

You set up your plan, and begin by taking a steak-knife in each hand.
Freya launches you into the air, and you sail into the air before langing onto the back of the terrorsaur with your knives dug into it's back. [Strength Check passed.]
It thrases about wildly, and while the knives are meant for a cut of meat you've got the stamina to keep on. [Endurance check passed.]

The thrashing shakes off a full third of the swarm!
Ewedice's ability to stay [Clear-Headed] allows them to back up Freya long enough to make survivors negligible.
The total size of the swarm is down to nearly half at 114 left.

While the terrorsaur should start to calm down your desperate attempt to stay on has kept it enraged, and it rings out yet another roar.
[Sound Barrier activates!] Mr Bonemeal has managed to sneak up on the terrorsaur, and perfectly to the plan fires off a shot at a knee!
Due to the terrorsaur's defenses it's been kneecapped and starts to slump down with a keen.

Freya takes this opening to strike at the swarm directly!
The swarm has been brought down to 85 sensprays left!

RE: [M]om - Bossfight [TEXT]
>with all that good luck it seems like a good idea to not push it. Best to play it safe. Neutralize anything that poses a threat by any means that appear fit.
RE: [M]om - Bossfight [TEXT]
>Bonemeal : Shoot for kill and check if there isn't any seansprays getting out of the dinossaur in case of they trying to kill you
>Robots: Keep killing the Seansprays, maybe a few hits in the dinossaur?
> M-9113: Stab the giant lizard, k.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: [M]om - Bossfight [TEXT]
(03-14-2018, 01:18 AM)Robottobt Wrote: »>
(03-17-2018, 04:54 PM)LammarWesley Wrote: »>

Freya makes the first move with another leap and slash at the swarm. Ewedice follows up with a tackle.
They've eliminated over thirty with fourty-nine left.

Mr Bonemeal sneaks underneath and fires off a shot at the head!
The bullet sinks through the underside of the jaw.
No exit wound is made, but the terrorsaur slumps and starts to fall over.

M-9113's attempt to stab into the back of the terrorsaur find no purchase.
The force of the beast's fall shakes them off, and while they land safely they've lost a knife in the hide of the terrorsaur.

Half of the remaining swarm falls off in the collapse.
Several have gotten out of sight during the commotion.

Freya is pooling her energy for the next attack, and Ewedice has dropped a capture cage onto the largest cluster.

The terrorsaur is very weak, and is starting to slowly die.
There are fourteen sensprays still remaining off the terrorsaur, twenty-four on, and seven unaccounted for.

RE: [M]om - Bossfight [TEXT]
>Freya : Attack the Terrorsaur, finish it.
>Bonemeal, if you can : Make a last shoot at the terrorsaur.
>Ewedice: Keep dealing with the Seansprays.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: [M]om - Bossfight [TEXT]
>somebody should definitely start looking for those unaccounted ones.
RE: [M]om - Bossfight [TEXT]
(03-17-2018, 08:40 PM)LammarWesley Wrote: »>Freya : Attack the Terrorsaur, finish it.
>Bonemeal, if you can : Make a last shoot at the terrorsaur.
>Ewedice: Keep dealing with the Seansprays.
(03-18-2018, 12:39 AM)Robottobt Wrote: »>somebody should definitely start looking for those unaccounted ones.

You make a mad dash to get behind the shields, and manage to get there safely before any of the swarm can pose a real threat.

The metallic lynx leaps forwards once more, and she successfully decapitates the terrorsaur that once (could have) threatened the village.

With no living host the senspray swarm dettaches from the body and begins to search for a new host.
However, the remaining visible swarm disperses without any semblance of organization into the wilderness.

Ewedice trots back into the shield and baa's happily as she heads around the village to find the missing ones.
You split up from her to find that Archie had ran into two of them, and was now eating their bodies. Seems Archie doesn't need to be fed today.

Eventually the sheep reports back to you that three of them had nearly made it to the nursery, and one of them was near the storage units.
She tells you that they've all been confined to a capture cage, but they're all a bit corrupted and would need to be properly tamed.

You weren't expecting an actual attack from the wildlife so soon, and especially not such a threatening one.
While your staff handled it well you can't shake the sensation that such an occurence would have otherwise wiped the village to the way it was just two weeks ago...

It occurs to you that it's only Wednesday morning. You don't even need to start sending the babies to playtime yet.
RE: [M]om - End of Thursday [TEXT]

You decide to spend your idle periods before work making toys for the babies. It takes a bit of time but you manage to expend about 10 scrap and 4 wires to create two items: a finely-made mobile system and a blinking box.
The former can attach to the system you use to feed and monitor the babies to entertain and soothe them, and the latter is a simple cube with a button that changes the color of the light on the box.

As you put the items into your inventory you notice Ewedice leaving the nursery to enter main storage, and shortly after they trot over to you.
"Excuse me M9113.. would you like me to assist in moving the babies to the playpen?"
You nod, and follow them to the nursery.

The babies are corraled into the playpen, and the television is set up. As there isn't much for you to personally do you watch the movies with the babies (and Mr Bonemeal).

The first movie is about a tourist who is searching for their dream vacation, and over the course of the movie they visit several planets while amassing a 'crew' of like-minded friends (ariesa, brewdian, gigne, and a zanni). Nearly every other planet the amassed group sings a musical number about keeping the hope for a better day, or something along those lines. The ending of the movie involves the wandering tourist realizing the dream vacation was the one they shared with the friends they made along the way. There's a discretion shot, and while all the kids are too young you fully understand that the tourist dies at the end.

You go to grab a snack from the break-room, and find that the freezer is stuffed with senspray remains. You dice up a few and fry them in a pan, and return to eat as the second movie starts.

It's 'based on a real story', wherein a clockwork outbreak happened in a distant sector from active notail space. The movie goes from a three act formula with it gradually building in number of deaths, the extremity of which, and how close everyone is to surviving the outbreak.
There's heavy symbolism at parts including a cawing harpy being shot to death by a fighter ship, and at a number of the plot points the babies make noises that tell you they're all clearly entertained.
The whole climax builds to the remaining survivors ready to evacuate only for a q-class to set one on fire without hesitating. The main character and love interest find a safehouse only for a bomber ship to pin them under rubble, and the remaining clockworks decide to have a last meal.
Mr Bonemeal seems disappointed by the end of it, as he complains he expected to be filled up for days.
Due to the way the babies are responding the movie night seems to have been a big success.

You have terrorsaur steak for dinner, and watch Freya preen herself of blood in the dining room.


You wake up to find a report ready for you to read from Freya, and you head out to find that p2998 has arrived. The G-class driver that took them to the village has finished helping them get all their belongings to their room, and you're ready to meet them.
"My name's 2998 ˶°u°˵"
"It is nice to finally welcome you to the village XuX"
"Is there anything you need me to do right now? ˶°u°˵"
"Not that I can think of right now, buuuuut it would be nice if you could make sure everything is up to par XuX"
"I'll get right on it ˶°u°˵"
You also make note that unlike most p-classes 2998 has a capture creature typically found in l-classes, and that it's a camelbeast. They call it Binny and that it's species is called a Dromediosk.

You run your check-ups on the babies and see nothing of serious note, and begin your interactions. Everything seems normal for the day.
That is until Freya has run through the village letting out a war-cry to draw your attention. You come running outside assuming the worst only to find that she's giving you an emergency update on the sensprays. They were just spotted on the very outskirts of the village, but are dispersing. You're concerned that Freya is giving you useless information but you remember the handbook for freya units mentioning that all norse ai are prone to being hyper-prepared for danger.

The rest of the day proceeds as normal, and it comes to mind you need to handle what p2998 will be working on for the time being.
- Have them focus on scrapping the rubble.
- Have them focus on repairs
- Have them focus on optimizing the village's functions
- Other

RE: [M]om - End of Thursday [TEXT]
>He's a P-class, let him optimize the village's function and maybe do his nerd thing. Nerd.
>Pick the rowdy P-class ( That's 50/50 A-class ) to go with him half of the time, this may take the kid interest... Or probally not, whatever.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: [M]om - End of Thursday [TEXT]
>Let the nerd do their nerd things.
RE: [M]om - End of Week [TEXT]
Quote:>Let them do the nerd thing
>Have them carry a baby around
You're content to let p2998 choose how best to spend their working hours, and completely refuse to allow them to carry around any of the p-class babies. The ducklings are strong enough to hold onto someone carrying them and even old enough to make all the babytalk they make, but they are in no way ready for that.

You do consider that for next year though.

An eyegret swoops into the village and tries to make it's home here. It screeches at Ewedice, but before anything can happen Charles slams it's head into the exposed midsection of the bird, killing it instantly.

G789 and the Metaparxi have both arrived. The van this time is larger as the two have more they brought with them. The metaparxi ends up introducing themselves as 'Ardent', and the Janitor as G789. Ardent ends up managing to get one of their chairs crushed by the down-going cargo lift to the next floor, but was themselves unscathed. G789 told them to not be so careless as something could have been damaged, but ends up confusing a bag of more toxic waste into the compost pile thinking it was yard trimmings.

Everyone except Mr Bonemeal share a meal of eyegret stew.

An (Ivfrid) tries to dig into one of the storage areas until it is distracted by 2998's Vending Camel. A fight starts to ensue but the Vending Camel treats the wild animal as an attempted thief, and stomps it to death.

Mr Bonemeal makes a meal today out of tricking P2998 into thinking they were about to be crushed by machinery, and tricking Charles to run headfirst into a wall.

Ewedice tamed a gracicorn, somehow.

The weekly shipment has arrived, and due to your new hires and occupants you've been shipped more supplies

P2998 helps the H class get their phone unfroze, and is given a blunt for their trouble. The H class informs you that further services on their part will need to be paid in credits or help like before. You realize the H class is telling you he's your dealer now.

As they drive away and you start to play on your new free tablet you realize that not everyone has been assigned work schedules. Ewedice is practically the only one with one. It also comes to mind that there are still repairs and other tasks in the village that could be attended to.

You start compiling notes on the occupants of your village, and soon have a document to keep track of your employees

>What do you plan for the next week?

A/N + ArtShow
RE: [M]om - End of Week [TEXT]
>Time to confirm them as their normal jobs, also put Ardent as your assistent.
>w792 as the cook too is good.
>Offer P2998 to check your Admin tablet and maybe upgrade or progam with it.
>G789 main job will be making a few repairs throught the village.
>Coffe, coffe to everyone, less the robots and children, of course.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: [M]om - End of Week [TEXT]
>P2998 will be the Chief Mechanic, as there is noone else with any sort of mechanical expertise.
>G789 will be Sanitation Chief, which is really just a fancy title for "Head Janitor" As those will be their primary duties.
>W792 will be... drumroll... Chef Excellence. Which is just a chef. With a fancy title.
[Image: 9oAO3Nx.gif][Image: PxleLogo_Da.gif?dl=1][Image: Njx8eUo.png][Image: FuJRCK7.png][Image: A43ybmM.png][Image: PxleSig_%5BLOST%5D.png?dl=1][Image: JoFm6nh.gif]
Adun Toridas, Space Ninja...
RE: [M]om - End of Week [TEXT]
[Yo this is the cutoff. I'll start working on the next update in the nearish future. This post will be deleted when the next update is done.]
RE: [M]om - That's all folks <3 XuX
Ayy I'm deciding to drop [M]. I liked doing this while it lasted (I had plans for the next update, settling into a stable rhythm and way the narrative goes), I'm not feeling it anymore.
I still love the characters and it was fun to work on building stuff, but I've got a long list of things I want to make happen and it's no longer fun to think about getting stuff done for this. Still chuckling at all the times I said "ok this time I'm gonna manage my spoons and moods and make this happen regularly" tbh

And since I'm ending this I'm dunking a breakdown of this I guess.

next update, what I got doneShow
work pointsShow
construction costsShow
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various bits and bobsShow

aside from that? that's all my notes I think. This went a lot further than I'm used to seeing textventures go, or my interactive projects go. Thanks to everyone who read, submitted commands, and all the support (shoutout to Lammar for that Ewedice fanart 10/10 superb you funky little sheepbot)

I don't want to hype up future projects bc I'm usually a mess, but I want to say I'll do other text/forumventures at some point, and who knows what else from the heap of projects lol