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Tuesbirdy Megaverse Content Hub Thing
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 Tuesbirdy Megaverse Content Hub Thing

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Ayy, Birdy here! You might've noticed that many of my works take place in the same setting. I'm using this thread as a content hub for all them staticky hellvoid megaverse shenanigans. I'll also post self-indulgent doodlery here, so keep tabs if you're into that! :D

Forum Adventures

four. [Hiatus]
Tags: always illustrated, player avatars, mirror unavailable
Assisted by a Council of wacky extradimensional guides, 21-year-old Aubrey searches the In-Between for her abducted childhood friend. A sentient book and an exiled demigod accompany her on her quest.

Void Girl [Weekly]
Tags: always illustrated, player avatar, mirror available
The princess of a reality-spanning kingdom struggles with mastering warp magic. When she and her unruly familiar encounter a mysterious deer-headed entity, suddenly there's more hanging on her success than pride...

The Neverywhere Inn [Updates Whenever]
Tags: sometimes illustrated, player avatar, mirror unavailable
Somewhere in the In-Between is an inn for world-hopping travelers. Follow the misadventures of its staff, visitors, and the eldritch horrors plaguing it in this cameo-laden adventure! References to other Tuesbirdy threads abound.

The Primarch Keeps Breaking Things [Updates Whenever]
Tags: text-based, multiple leads, mirror unavailable, no player avatar
A Distant Sequel to Void Girl. When the future Primarch of the Fourth Ring of Netherym destroys a priceless magic artifact, the consequences spread across several worlds. Inconvenience ensues.

Other Shit

SL33P [Hiatus]
Tags: RPGmaker, image-based
Fourth-wall-shattering, multiverse-hopping PI 'Carter' endeavors to rescue lost souls from hostile worlds determined to stop him. Banter and flavour text everywhere.
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