Tuesbirdy Megaverse Content Hub Thing

Tuesbirdy Megaverse Content Hub Thing
Tuesbirdy Megaverse Content Hub Thing
Ayy, Birdy here! You might've noticed that many of my works take place in the same setting. I'm using this thread as a content hub for all them staticky hellvoid megaverse shenanigans. I'll also post self-indulgent doodlery here, so keep tabs if you're into that! :D

Forum Adventures

four. [Hiatus]
Tags: always illustrated, player avatars, mirror unavailable
Assisted by a Council of wacky extradimensional guides, 21-year-old Aubrey searches the In-Between for her abducted childhood friend. A sentient book and an exiled demigod accompany her on her quest.

Void Girl [Weekly]
Tags: always illustrated, player avatar, mirror available
The princess of a reality-spanning kingdom struggles with mastering warp magic. When she and her unruly familiar encounter a mysterious deer-headed entity, suddenly there's more hanging on her success than pride...

The Neverywhere Inn [Updates Whenever]
Tags: sometimes illustrated, player avatar, mirror unavailable
Somewhere in the In-Between is an inn for world-hopping travelers. Follow the misadventures of its staff, visitors, and the eldritch horrors plaguing it in this cameo-laden adventure! References to other Tuesbirdy threads abound.

The Primarch Keeps Breaking Things [Updates Whenever]
Tags: text-based, multiple leads, mirror unavailable, no player avatar
A Distant Sequel to Void Girl. When the future Primarch of the Fourth Ring of Netherym destroys a priceless magic artifact, the consequences spread across several worlds. Inconvenience ensues.

Other Shit

SL33P [Hiatus]
Tags: RPGmaker, image-based
Fourth-wall-shattering, multiverse-hopping PI 'Carter' endeavors to rescue lost souls from hostile worlds determined to stop him. Banter and flavour text everywhere.