A pingus' programming thread

A pingus' programming thread
HIYA! I noticed there wasnt a programming thread in Projects which makes me sad. Post all yer latest and none-latest programming projects, adventures and problems here!!

I'll be posting my progress on learning python in a bit once i open the dang computer, zoop zoop

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Hello yes. This is the most recent code I worked on, to make my bot Ananke add You are now Cobalt Ootkins and you are kinkshaming your crew as a reaction to any message which mentions vore.

Or well, she uses that if there's no kinkshaming emojis on the server. If there are, she uses all the ones there. And if the message is in a meme channel, Ananke reacts with every single kinkshaming emoji she can get her hands on.
if  msgcon.count('flavore')!=msgcon.count('vore') or msgcon.count('flavoring')!=msgcon.count('voring') or 'vorarephilia' in msgcon:
    t = msb(message)
    fc = [serv for serv in client.servers if serv.id=='242709218380087296'][0]
    q = [e for e in fc.emojis if e.name=='kinkshaming'][0]
    for serv in client.servers:
        if t and message.server!=serv:
        memlist = list(serv.emojis)
        for e in memlist:
            if 'kink' in e.name.lower():
                await client.add_reaction(message,e)
    if len(message.reactions)==0:
        await client.add_reaction(message,q)
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I have a very Eagle Time-relevant project, which is a set of Python scripts to yank update text from (notionally text-only but in practice any) adventure threads and render it in a more readable format.
I'll link the repo once it's just a little farther along.
waves hands i got a couple-a things i should get started on!! i'm planning to make a javascript bot for practice + funsies and a twine game for fortuna!
i'll probably post stuff about it when either gets done! [though the game's already been started! solo writing is hard it seems... :c]
i cant believe you named the server variable 'fc' kieros.. or what i assume it is anyways
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Personal website

Here's my stuff. A good chunk of it's a little out of date, hoping to clean up dead repos and push changes not reflected on GitHub yet. My personal site's slanted mostly towards gamedev projects, but there are a few other miscellaneous things for those willing to dig through the repo (i.e. xD: the game.)
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I make game: site | itch
I'm programming a Gashapon for my brother's story, so he can get random stuff and have his characters react with them. It's been a lot of fun!
My latest programming project that isn't boring JavaScript coursework is for a 2D Unity game, for the One Room RPG Jam. Got 2 more weeks, so even though I'm doing it solo, I'm hoping to make it look more polished than my typical Mad-Dash-To-The-Finish weekend game jam stuff. ><;

Not a whole lot to show so far, but with the help of Shaderlab, C#, and several people more talented than me, I've implemented old-fashioned Mode-7-style sprite rotations! Complete with crunchy pixels, and jaggy bits around the edges!