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aftik april
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 RE: aftik april

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Over the rainbow
It's April 24th ya'll!
[Image: granite_24th_aftik_april_by_nightmira-dc9oroa.png]

Granite is the referee at one of those robot fighting arenas where you can sign up your AI to ‘fight for glory’, do note that repairs are on YOU. It doesn’t pay much but the manager covers the medical treatments for a missing eye, 3rd to 4th degree burns to the face, and whatever scratches she picks up after breaking two unruly AIs from their fight. She blames herself for her constant pain as it’s only common sense that you don’t step in front of a Thanatos, though she does take comfort in knowing that they and their owner were disqualified in the tournaments.

Most of her life is spent treating wounds and wandering about for rocks, while the rest was doing her job, all in spite of her pain and whatever bozo decides to say ‘You shouldn’t be doing this if you’re in so much pain all the time!” No one stops Granite when she’s on a roll.

04-24-2018, 01:30 PM
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 RE: aftik april

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April 26: Moss 'Skeptic' by mia/ruby ronin

[Image: 20180426_125359.jpg]

it's Moss 'Skeptic'! Soft-spoken trans captain, who's a bit of a mess.

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
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04-26-2018, 06:18 PM
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 RE: aftik april
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Unlucky April 27 29:

[Image: ZZAbaM9.png]
[Unreadable] [Strangely Graceful]
[Quickdraw] [Built-in Weapons]
[Uncontrollable Bloodthirst] [Unnerving] [Cryptic]
[Manic Rush]

Wait, this isn't an Aftik, at least, certainly not anymore! I don't think this even counts as a clockwork at this point. Who let this thing in here, anyway? Out! Out! And don't even think about raising that scythe at me!

Spoiler: Aftik Anatomy rambling
I ran into an interesting problem while making this, namely the specifics of Aftik anatomy. In particular, the shape of their ribs.

Most upright bipedal quadrupeds (humanoids) on Earth have closed rib cages.

[Image: 8iaajw4.jpg]

However, there's only one extant example -- us!

Almost all other animals, including the extinct Dromaeosauridae (Velociraptors + Deinonychus) family upon which I'm guessing Aftiks are based, have open rib cages.

[Image: 5u7AWbw.jpg]
Deinonychus skeleton. Note how the ribs don't meet in the middle.

But, since that's likely because they don't stand upright, we can't really apply that to Aftik anatomy.

Aftiks' other close Earthling relatives, birds (which conveniently are bipedal) have large, bladelike-sternums.

[Image: mvXhfzt.png]

But, since those are only necessary to serve as an anchor point for birds' powerful wing muscles and Aftiks don't have wings, we can't really use that model either.

In the end I just used a human skeleton, as it was easiest to find in the pose I needed, but it's an interesting question.

There are many, many more of these sorts of questions we could ask, like whether they would retain their large toe-claws when they transitioned to upright movement, or what forced them to stand upright in the first place, but without knowing the conditions and ecology of their home planet, they're unfortunately impossible to answer.
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04-30-2018, 01:05 AM
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 RE: aftik april

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[Image: 045684d2_cc38_465c_851f_e9c3529aed0b_by_...adue.png?2]
Here’s the last Aftik! I wanted to do something special but ended up not having enough time. So here’s the default. Everyone did a great job!
04-30-2018, 10:39 PM
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