"Seriously brain, what the hell?" A Thread For Weird Dreams and Nightmares

"Seriously brain, what the hell?" A Thread For Weird Dreams and Nightmares
The worst dreams are the ones where I find some manner of magical sex-changing object.

The worst part is waking up.

I had a dream I microwaved unborn baby to make it gestate faster and it worked. That's some messed up shit.
Beep Beep
I dreamed i had a job in a tall building and it catched fire for some reason, me and some people i don't know ran outside just fine but people in the top floors started to jump and it was really distressing to watch them commit suicide. Then i walked to the street to catch a bus and a famous mexican newsman asked me for change for president Obama, i was really embarassed because i was shirtless for some reason and there were cameras everywhere, then Obama said something in spanish with an american accent like "thank you a lot" or something i don't remember.
What a dream.
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In my dream they invented a new kind of giant wind turbine that would make long-distance space travel feasible.
I got to stand next to a ship with the new turbine installed, and the thing was immense. I mean, it's hard to quantitatively measure things in a dream, but there could have been a parade marching into a single barrel of the thing. There was a strong warm breeze blowing from it. It kind of looked like the back of a Star Destroyer, but without the glow.
When I woke up the heating vent was on.
I dreamed I was at a school that was also an incredibly dangerous waterpark

So in my dream, there was some guy (he wasn't literally me, though he might well have been figuratively me?) who was ranting about Hussie and how much he sucked etc. There was also some weird kind of... horror racing game involved? Definitely a transparent ripoff of Slender.

But for whatever reason, he/I/whoever decided to give this other racing game by Hussie a shot. All I distinctly remember was that it involved lion dinosaurs (which were stupid and legitimately disturbing at the same time), and that instead of a finish line proper, the end of the course had the guy waving the checkered flag - a duplicate of your character - suddenly turn into a skeleton, and then his skull sort of turned upside-down, and then when you hit the rope it briefly cut to your character in a noose before exiting, or something.

Then I woke up.

( Incidentally, while contemplating that dream I realized why I find Slenderman to be a dumb monster; it's because of his design. The concept is quite clever, but the actual appearance is "some really lanky guy in a suit, and I guess he has no face." I get that it's deliberate minimalism uncanny-valley sort of thing, but I just find it kind of half-assed compared to "titanic beast that is roughly analogous to some guy with an octopus head because that is the only way our tiny minds can manage to perceive it" or "victim covered in horrible burns, with a cobbled-together outfit and a glove made of razors" or even "guy in a stained apron, his face obscured by a disconcertingly sharp and geometric cage."

Actually all things considered, Pyramid Head's design is kind of similar to Slenderman's, in that he's a No-Face Man. But I guess the very angular and totally alien design is more imposing to me than "oh uh he just has no face I guess?" )
Doesn't slenderman have some extra arms or something that aren't always there, too?
The scariness of Slendy isn't directly tied into his appearance. Of course, there's the fact that he is humanoid - but not - which does drop you into this sense of doubt. And doubt is everything about the mythos. No one knows what happens after you've been caught. You just...disappear. Memories of you can disappear, if Slendy feels like it.

Another part of Slendy's appearance that's frightening is when you look at it from the perspective of a paranoid person who is totes not me: All you see of him is a white splotch on an off-black background - which in the night, many things come to resemble quite alarmingly. But I guess not everyone is scared of the same things ><


Also i dreamed about...damn, I remembered this morning...
(11-14-2012, 08:04 PM)SeaWyrm Wrote: »Doesn't slenderman have some extra arms or something that aren't always there, too?

He has tentacles sometimes. Normally he just looks like Jack Skellington seen from a distance.
i dreamed that i was at a gigantic convention with lots of fantasy species and in the middle of it i suddenly thought up some Portal puzzles and then this suspicious-looking guy who may have been a human supremacist took me aside and invited me to Il Maledicta to see a performance of Swan Lake, i think? And then he went on a rant with an animated picture showing the higher evolution of humans versus elves and dwarves.
oh I see you read my paper on the vestigial nature of pointed ears
There was some stuff before this about a museum/mafia game/detective thing but I don't remember much about that. Meloncholy

So me and the family are out on some campground for summer, and I guess my maternal grandmother is doing some kind of water show on a boat or something. The time comes for the grandkids/great-grandkids to get involved so I try to get situated to swim out, but I guess I'm too slow. Somehow this turns into me climbing a tree instead.

All of a sudden it's night-time, the treehouse I climbed into is also a chicken coop (or contains one at least), and for whatever reason Roger Ebert's scathing review of what I think is basically a modern yellowface comedy is playing in my head. Long story short I climb down the ladder at the other side of the treehouse/coop and when I reach the bottom...

Pair of fucking predator-ass eyes staring me in the face.

After I get my bearings I realize it's a cougar; I try to stay still because I assume it has T-Rex vision, but then it gets up super close and I panic and it bites at me. I start desperately prying its jaws apart, and somehow I'm not only capable of doing that but capable of fucking running to the main campground to yell for help (either that, or I'm just sort of There Already). The mountain lion is doing fucking everything possible to get me to let its fucking jaws go so it can eat me already; at one point it pulls out some fucking pendant and, after withdrawing one of my arms, I quickly set it back to keeping the mouth open when I realize it was some Looney Tunes bullshit like he was keeping a vampire at bay with a crucifix or something.

I finally get the attention of campground staff, but they're just like "oh is that all" and I don't remember what, if anything, they do to help me, because then I wake up.

My parents' needy-ass cat is meowing up a storm right outside my door.

tl;dr my parents' cat gave me scary fucking cougar dreams that I think were based vaguely on Psychonauts.
My dream had anthropomorphic steampunk dinosaurs on a zeppelin, hunting for meteorites.
Also, my brother talking to some black cops about their birthday cake.
prepare your anus, it's textwall time.

Something to note before reading, I never have dreams so this is huge for me. (literally years since the last one that I can remember, and all I remember was "it was a dream of some sort")

So being smart with this, I wrote some points down and I can fairly well remember this, it was a vivid dream o.o

Right then, So It started with me being in some sort of school, high school I think, not relevant. It had the exact same building structure as my old primary school though? (rooms and all) and there was this girl that just kept staring at people for no good reason. This continues for...uh...a time, hey, it's a dream, specifics aren't a thing. Then we're in the yard and this woman jumps and kisses some guy dead on (not what happened but wasn't there some rule in the OP about giving people forced handjobs? No wait that was sex) and he just sorta lays on the floor, unconscious/dead/irrelevant. So now, I'm like. "whoa there lady, this is a school not a brothel" and she says something along the lines of "I can get anyone I choose I'm that good" and then she goes at me.

This is where shit takes off, I fucking FLIP OUT (odd considering she wants to essentially give me an orgasm) and TAKE OFF inside one of the rooms I recognise to be my classroom from years 5-7 of primary school. I get chased a little around there when I exit, run away a little, somehow on a futuristic construction site now and I get in an elevator that runs on 50c coins. It goes up a floor for a fee. What a freakin rip off. Anyway, I shove a coin in and go to floor 2 which funnily enough is just gap in the building unfinished or something. This bitch LEAPS onto the second floor and gets in the elevator as I shut it.

For some reason I do nothing and proceed to have a calm 'silent and awkward' elevator scene as we go back to the ground floor. WTF brain.

Get to ground floor, somehow the setting is now like, uh, think soviet commie blocks but instead of cement corrugated iron like that on shipping containers and twice as colourful. It was odd to say the least. I RUN LIKE A BAT OUTTA HELL and dive over a fence into an apartment I think is mine, She is there as well as some other people, all in suits now, secret agent like, all pointing nets at me (???!?) and I dive straight back out the window and start parkouring over this shipping container city. Notice in the distance some GIANT mound of what looks like dirt with some mining equipment on it (specifcally these) So I'm going to that, jumping over freaking apartment blocks and dodging nets. It's ridiculous. I'm also doing it like a superhuman. I could never ever do these things.

But no, I get to the mound, turns out it's a giant mound of mincemeat and the equipment is mining it out of the city itself (horrifying) so I decide to leave the city onto some highway not far from the other side of the mound. I get onto it and wake up FIULSEDGHFOYSROG

Man, I rarely have dreams, but when I do I remember them and they are stupid beyond measure. I am so confused now.

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I had another one of those last-dream-phase-before-morning dreams where my whole morning plays out differently to what it's gonna. Waking up right after that is so disorienting.

I've got work at ten (and did wake up at 9am, so no problems there.) I dreamt I woke up at half ten and ended up skiving off to the races and meeting a bunch of acquaintances from high school, and must've dreamt a whole forty-five minutes or so in "real time" before I found myself in my bed again.
(11-03-2012, 11:57 AM)AgentBlue Wrote: »The worst dreams are the ones where I find some manner of magical sex-changing object.

The worst part is waking up.


Same with me. But uh, with... species.
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In related news, I dreamed about a magical sex-changing sandwich.
i just had a nap and in that nap i had a dream where i was helping doodley overcome some sort of thing with the power of cartoon and anime character themed cake, music i think, and themed minigames, the only one i dreamed of which involved moving to the front of a long bus driven by cyborg from teen titans
whoa dude

if only i actually remembered any of my dreams
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I dreamed I was driving a clown car and whenever I pinched my nose, it honked. Sadly I was running over a bunch of sentient, ball-point pens. It was unnerving because I was thinking, "Did the pens really deserve this?" and my whole body was numb during the drive. When I tried veering off to a tree, the car just kept going straight so I woke up.

That day, none of the pens in my house worked
(04-05-2013, 11:23 PM)Garuru Wrote: »
(11-03-2012, 11:57 AM)AgentBlue Wrote: »The worst dreams are the ones where I find some manner of magical sex-changing object.

The worst part is waking up.


Same with me. But uh, with... species.

...Look, I- *snort* Okay, guys. I understand your sadness. But if you want to read about truly awful genderbend dreams/nightmares, try mine. Except they're pretty TMI so I'm sure you should actually not read it unless you want to experience something horrible, or maybe I'm exaggerating? So... spoiler'd for... graphic elements?! Is this PG-13? IDK?


I mostly have really great dreams though
Those two are just some of the worst to ever occur

P.S. Bigro I loved reading your dream it was very interesting! 8D
(04-05-2013, 11:23 PM)Garuru Wrote: »Same with me. But uh, with... species.

When I have those dreams, I generally find I feel more satisfied to have gotten the chance to experience it than upset that it ended.

I don't get them very often. Stupid subconscious, never doing what I want. Someday I will master the art of lucid dreaming! SOMEDAY!
(04-08-2013, 05:31 AM)SeaWyrm Wrote: »Someday I will master the art of lucid dreaming! SOMEDAY!
How's your progress on that?
I lucid dream every now and then. However, I've been busy lately which makes me tired and stressed, which leads to taking relaxants to make me sleep better, which leads to not remembering (having?) many dreams.

But if you have any questions about LD, ask me.
I've had a number of interesting dreams, the most interesting one was a rollercoaster ride, which ended up in a Pokémon park, where I dressed myself in a Pokémon cosplay suit, which was suddenly gone and I was a Roman Emperor-to-be on a bridge. (thinking about usurping, at least, can't remember my in-dream name. Something with a C.) That was really weird.

That one was not lucid, though.
I had a nightmare involving a new social network. I think it was coincidentally named Quora. Basically, you enter in elements of your identity, and the website deletes them from existence. It starts by mauling your face and body! It then replaces your identity with new ideas generated from the first couple of words its not too great voice-recognition software hears. It advertised itself as "Like Foursquare, only you get attacked by a dog!"

Also, I dreamt that my parents were extras on Breaking Bad. Not sure if these dreams were related.
Nopad, that first dream sounds like a premise for an adventure to me.