"Seriously brain, what the hell?" A Thread For Weird Dreams and Nightmares

"Seriously brain, what the hell?" A Thread For Weird Dreams and Nightmares
Lucid dreaming is not a particularly worthwhile skill to develop. It gets dull very quickly, and since most dreams and dreamers don't include sensation, the "obvious" application that many people first think of when they think of lucid dreaming isn't even worth bothering with.

It just becomes daydreaming all night long without distraction, basically.
What the heck ben

All of what you've said in logs are that it is great and wonderful and that we have a fundamental disagreement because of it because I'm like "no, don't, let your brain do its thing and watch a brain movie"
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I really enjoy lucid dreaming and so do many others, so methinks it's a pretty good skill to invest in unless you're absolutely sure you don't want to experience and remember your dreams like a fully immersive game in a highly creative universe...? And I have plenty of sensation, especially where wind is involved.

Well, I guess that if you mainly have nightmares/terribleawkwarddreams lucid dreaming would make it worse
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A man can change his opinion, I've seen him do it

As I've gradually lost the ability in recent months to maintain full control of my dreams, I've found that with the exception of stress-dreams, non-lucid (insane?) dreams are just more satisfying and interesting and less draining. On reflection, this is likely because after years of near-exclusively lucid dreams, I'd kind of burned myself out on pretty much everything I was capable of dreaming up for myself; adding a little randomness in the form of my weirdo subconsciousness is refreshing.

Having done both, I feel like lucid dreams are nice, but still probably not commensurate with the effort of developing the skill if you don't do it naturally.

Even as I've lost my grip on my dream-world, though, I've managed to hold on to the ability to revise or do over events even in largely non-lucid dreams. That parts pretty nice.
I'd like to figure out how to lucid dream, but first I have to have dreams that aren't complete blackness. I'm sure I am dreaming, but I can literally remember none of it but just a big black space. I've never bothered to try to lucid dream though, and I never have any control over my dreams.

I do remember a few of my dreams (one of the ones that would fit this thread had a girl rub her tits on my face, no idea what the fuck was going on there) but pretty few.
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I've tried to lucid dream before. Unfortunately it seems that my own attention span (or lack thereof) means I can't tell the difference anyway! Wooooo
I'm not even sure if I have lucid dreams, because my dreams are way too fucked up and bizarre for me to even tell what's going on. A lot of them do end in the world ending or people dying or something so I don't think I lucid dream because I usually don't want that happening. I wouldn't call them nightmares, though, just really powerful dreams that happen to end badly.

An example is when I had a fear of public restrooms as a kid, so I would dream that someone put a bomb in one of the urinals and then it blew up after I used it. But, it was on time-delay so it would blow up like 30 minutes after, when my dad and I were in the car together. And it was a nuclear-ish bomb that would turn the entire sky orange and turn everyone exposed to the air to statues. So, we were in our car, and everyone who was walking outside suddenly turned to statues. Confused people who tried to leave their cars would also be petrified. Dad tried to go out, but I stopped him. We ended up staying in that car and trying to figure out what to do. Eventually we decided that it was best to starve to death and go to heaven instead of being trapped and unable to do anything.

So yeah that freaked me out for a bit, but then I had the dream again, and we came down as angels to save everybody. Made me feel better, even if it was a horrible asspull ending. Lucid dreaming, maybe? Today, I still prefer the first dream, because I had no control over what I was doing, and that made it more interesting. Nightmares don't really affect me much because somehow I always know I can just wake up at any time and it will all be over. This usually happens right before my loved ones get hurt.

I was one fucked up kid, I know.
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I had a dream about school. It was about what my sis told me about "getting really bad teachers" and how "the ones she had were the absolute most difficult to deal with". So I dreamt that I had one of her teachers for once. So time flashed by in that dream and yet people in my class were disappearing. By exam day, i was the only one there and my right hand felt so "numb" from taking notes that I had to write the exam with my left. For some reason that wasn't the issue. The issue was that the exam literally lasted forever. I finished it, (phew) and then came another (FFFFF) and that happened 5 times before I looked at the clock and it had the infinity symbol.

And I wake with a jolt. Turned out my hand was numb because I slept on it.
gotta love when your dreams seamlessly weave in narrative based on real life.

I still find it eerie how dreams can often anticipate the alarm going off.
Once your body gets used to waking up at a certain time, your brain KNOWSSSS. >O I often wake up slightly before my alarm rings, in anticipation.

I had a dream with an actual nuclear explosion, once, and wrote it down... lemme find... the log... oh, it's actually got a recurring universe in it so I grouped the logs for three dreams together. If you see repetition somewhere it's because I was explaining things for people that weren't there in the previous log

Not TMI but spoilered anyways because long.

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(04-08-2013, 09:17 PM)Doodley Wrote: »I'd like to figure out how to lucid dream, but first I have to have dreams that aren't complete blackness. I'm sure I am dreaming, but I can literally remember none of it but just a big black space.
A very common problem.
The only things you need to solve this are a notepad and a pen.
Dreams are usually gone within the first minute after waking up, but actively registering them in a notepad helps you:

A. Remember dreams more often in general (Brain training)
B. Keep a nice log of dreams you have had.

Once you remember multiple dreams every morning you can think about lucid dreaming. It sounds almost unachievable but it's pretty easy if you take a small amount of time for this each morning.

Another dream I have had plenty of times (and no, NOT lucid. AGAIN.):
It is night and I stand at a T-intersection with a road sign with place names. I can't do a thing, only stand there. I can't properly read the names either.
(04-10-2013, 04:15 PM)2create Wrote: »Edit:
Another dream I have had plenty of times (and no, NOT lucid. AGAIN.):
It is night and I stand at a T-intersection with a road sign with place names. I can't do a thing, only stand there. I can't properly read the names either.
That sounds either super-tedious or the most bizarrely compelling thing ever.
That dream sounds uh... peaceful! It would be cool if you could somehow make yourself lucid during it though, see if you can discover more 8'D

My advice for remembering dreams better is to try to return to your dream whenever you've started to wake up, then you'll be semi-lucid reliving a bit of the dream and subsequently you'll remember it better. Much like what 2create said, it works best if you immediately write it down somewhere.

As for gaining lucidity during a dream I can't personally say I've used any of this but I read somewhere that touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth while you are dreaming works!
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I'm not a lucid dreamer; the closest I get is whatever high-power imagining goes on if I am woken up earlier than I'm accustomed and doze off again.

I had a dream the night before graduation, which was only notable for the fact it's of a location I've repeatedly dreamed of that doesn't actually exist (as far as I'm aware). I guess it's more like a well-visited scene or setting rather than a definite physical location, because I tend to follow the same or similar script in it whenever I revisit it, and I've got two others which have cropped up over the years.

This particular one's an office complex. Big ol' jenga tower skyscraper type deal on the outside, like you'd see in any metropolis. I've never been outside it while dreaming, but I'm apparently familiar with where I am and not freaked out at the fact I'm in this building. I think I was in the lobby; it's hard to tell. The interior decor is all minimalist and polished black and barely any of it looks designed for people to be doing things there - despite it being something like an office complex, it's all hallways and corridors and stairwells and elevators and other spaces that happen between habitable spaces.

The place is deserted, but sometimes I know that I'm actively avoiding people. I wasn't sure which this run. I'm looking for something, but searching for that quickly becomes secondary to regaining my sense of direction amongst a whole bunch of samey spaces. No windows, so even less sense of even elevation which starts to make me uneasy, and finally leads me to an elevator.

The elevator's buttons immediately freak me out a bit, because there's 1-10, 100, then some weird and huge and impractical number like 3,333. Morbid curiosity makes me hit the last one, at which point an automated message says it'll take four hours or something to reach the selected floor.

Elevator gets moving with barely a whisper; I panic and start mashing buttons hoping that I somehow choose a floor between the ridiculous and wherever I'm up to now. The elevator walls themselves are scrolling up past the ceiling and back through the floor again, pulling the buttons temporarily out of reach. The ceiling and floor are getting closer together as well, like the whole thing's being compressed because of the speed it's travelling at.

Elevator stops somewhere in the hundreds. We're on a black roof covered in white snow under a cloudless sunless starless sky that didn't mentally register as either or day or night. I get a sick feeling as some companion I hadn't acknowledged at all up until this point slips over the edge - I don't see it, but I'm out on the roof and next thing I know I'm processing this information so I roll with it. There's no wind either but the narrative or something's informing me that we actually are a stupid amount of floors high - more floors than I knew the skyscraper to have.

The companion is presumed dead. Despite already being well away from the (sloped, corrugated) rooftop, I get even further away from the point my companion fell from and find a flat rooftop area. There are cartoony seal pups in there.

At this point, my dream ended. I realised that I've had dreams in that setting before, and I took one of the seal pups with me as I explored further up the tower. Despite being outside and on a roof before and not noticing it, the elevator does go up hundreds more floors, which eventually start being less coy about the fact they're in goddamn almost-space.

I have no idea why this place keeps showing up in my dreams, other than the fact my subconscious is a lazy motherfucker.
Uggh I had an awful dream last night where two of my friends hate each other. I invited one other not even realising it and then they saw each over and basically gave each over the evilest of evils.

Meanwhile I'm completely oblivious for like 30 seconds goofing around and laughing like an idiot. Then I notice the silence and staring and oh god this is the most awkward thing, shit.

Cue one friend who just got there make a really weak lie to get the hell out of there and me just awkwardly going yeah okay see ya, then he walks out into a massive rainstorm in only a t-shirt.

Other friend is like "I only did nothing because it's your house. Next time I see him I'll actually fucking kill him."

And then I woke up feeling so embarrassed for myself uuuuugh.
I dreamt I made an entire youtube channel dedicated to my reviews and commentary on the transformers spin-off show "Beast Machines".

I mean it was a good show, but not like a "make a 30 minute video talking about your top 10 favorite episodes" show.
For the past two days, I've been dreaming about the same place, but under different circumstances. It is rare and I only know about one other place that this has happened, but I'll discuss that later. I'm just going to write it down now.

In Japan, somewhere in the countryside, down a long dirt path between large grass fields (taking a left somewhere), there is a really old building, without any lighting inside, which might give you the impression that it's abandoned. In this building is a really, really tight corridor that gradually gets so narrow that you have to crawl through (take a right), to the point where you have to push yourself with your legs to get to the last few inches. At the end of this hallway is three thin cardboard doors that you push open with your fingers, from which the moment you choose to enter a door, you are once again an appropriate size to the surroundings. The one on the right leads to a large travel agency which never seems to have anybody around (although that is probably due to the late hours which we usually come by, so it's likely that they've closed after business hours), the one on the left leads to a school and some office rooms, and the middle door is the facility to which the office rooms belong to: the largest casino in the world.

The reception desk is very helpful, and will be able to give directions to anywhere you need to go, which you will want, because the area is very large. However, it's pretty obvious that the main action is to the left, as you can hear the machines and see the lights coming out that way. However, I've never really remembered past that point, so I should probably get more sleeping hours for that?

The strange thing is that this exact sequence of events repeated itself for the past two days, which means there's something I consider important about it, and that hasn't happened since the super tall beijing opera house.
I had a dream that I was the bart simpson from simpsons show. I was in a hallway and one of the bullies that is regularly in league said something that really miffed me and another person that I could not discern laught
"very funny, motherfuckers," bartme said before turning on him and getting him in a headlock so that I could cut him up even though i had no knife. He took out a knife though, but wasn't able to do anything because of the headlock but say "I'm gonna get you I'm get you." The fire alarm started going off.
The scuffle subsided after the teacher lady from the simpsons came up on us and was like "Alright, what's going on here stop stop"
"He started it," bartme said reactively, out of fear of being expelled for knives "I'm innocent"
"Oh, I figured it out," ms. crabbopple said, "normally I would think it was bart behind anything. But this time, I'm not falling for this knife ploy-- yep, my bet is that this is the doing of Milhouse over there--" it turns out Milhouse was the other person that the bully had said the thing to-- "who set this up so that bart would take the fall to get back for all the years he took the fall for bart. Yep, case closed."
"Actually, ms. crabbopple," Milhouse said, "Bart heard there was italian food in the teacher's lounge, and we both thought this up this so he could get to it."
"But why the knives?" Crabpolis said.
"We had the knives so when the fire alarm would go off, everyone would have to go outside and he could eat his chicken parmesan in peace. He'd have all the time in the world to shred the cheese with his knife onto his plate. Then, when he was done, he could sneak out without anyone being any the wiser.
"Is that so?" she said, impressed. "That's a pretty good plan."
"Yeah, I know, they call it a 'grate-and-go.'"

I woke up moments later, sweating mystified drops of salty water and thinking to myself so that's what they call that. The ol' grate and go. Thanks, dream milhouse
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i dreamt we were going to one of those parties like "dinosaurs and sluts" where some people dress like dinosaurs and some dress like sluts. only, it was a campus wide group singing competition. the theme was "god or superheroes" and everyone picked god. my group (some people i kind of knew and an RA) dressed in white with paper candles posted in front of us like the bit actors who play the tree in elementary school musicals on tv. we sang "seven bridges road". only, i don't know the words to that song, so my dream friends were just singing some words that i don't think were correct. also, dream-me didn't know the words, so i played piano or beatboxed or something.

anyway, the thing is i don't remember this actually happening. BUT, in the dream, i do remember remembering this happening. i was doing some cool thing with my friends in the evening, and going back to my dorm i see two groups of friends in matching capes (curiously, both groups were going as god, not superheroes. every group picked god) and i was like, oh shit, i still don't know that song and also i'm in street clothes and not dressed like a candle. WHOOPs

and then i woke up and a few minutes later was like oh yeah that song's like seven bridges road i think (is that the correct name?)
I have a question for people who have experience with lucid dreaming. I have a lot of issues visualising vivid colours or really more than scattered flashes of imagery floating in hollow emptiness, but in my dreams I can do all that stuff. In fact, I sometimes dream of things so vividly coloured or richly textured or things like that that I end up getting overwhelmed and forced awake. If I lucid dreamed, could I actively visualise colours like that or is it more like a slightly more immersive daydream?
My experience with lucid dreaming is that it's basically the same as more immersive and involved daydreaming, but I've never had a non-lucid dream that included something I was incapable of visualizing while awake, so... Might be different for you. I don't know.
Went somewhere pretty interesting on my last sleep cycle before I woke up yesterday morning.

Down in the lowland meadows of a rather hilly island, along with my extended family. We were doing chores in a vaguely-Japanese-style lodge house at the bottom of the hill, and a track led up to what was ostensibly the God of Doors' house which overlooked a ford on a wide riverbed. The river had a cliff on one side and flowed out of a hugeass tunnel. This river also went pouring off a cliff just below the ford. I think we were holding a marriage ceremony in the riverbed, which meant the constant waterflow was really problematic.

I was looking for the God of Doors, so went into his house. It was composed of two small square rooms attached kind of askew to each other, the front one was wood-panelled and low-ceilinged and full of glass cabinets with little silver animal skulls and glass bottles and keys and feathers and other weird curiosities laid out in 'em. The back room (accessible via sliding door in the wall opposite the front door, there might've been a corridor lined with bookshelves I forget had a sauna room except with more bookshelves in. My uncle and aunt were in there and I was definitely embarrassed to have walked in on them, even though I had no real reason to be.

I go outside to the riverbed and I'm told that I have to ask the river's local goddess to do us a steady. I have to beseech her in Japanese, which seems to satisfy her as I'm reciting her praises and the riverbed dries up. Some kind of maintenance worker starts driving along the dry riverbed, up against the cliff face, putting down cones like it's a hazardous area and we have to stay a certain distance from the wall. This somehow opens up the area above the riverbed, which is now a natural staircase to the upper part of the island.

There are white hotels here, and really lush lawns. I can't name architectural styles for beans but I guess these buildings were Spanish Colonial. Smooth white walls, red trim around oddly-shaped windows and planter boxes. My brain must've registered that reality was getting screwy, because I ignored whichever direction my family was heading and tried to make my way back down the river to the old wooden lodges.

This is kind of what the God of Doors' house, and the riverbed where we were supposed to have the ceremony looked like. Everything was a heck of a lot sunnier-looking, though. Also natural earth colours rather than whatever the fuck I've drawn.

I had a strange dream last night, or rather series of dreams, because I woke up several times, rolled over, went back to sleep, and continued them, so it was sort of like chapters.

It started when a family friend’s daughter (teenager) came to live with us. We lived in some sort of treehouse…thing. Imagine a treehouse below the roots of bottom of Yggdrasil. We walked over a lot of bridge-like branching routes to get back to my home.

She gave me a video tape thing with a lot of horror stories, with a little booklet telling me how scary they were, ranging from not very to “Tingles Before You Go To Bed” to very much so. We watched one of the lukewarm ones, but I can’t remember which one.

Chapter One, a prologue of sorts, ended there as I woke up with an extremely strong desire to hug someone. Of course, there was no one there, so I had to settle for my blanket.

Chapter Two begins as I roll over and go back to sleep. We were at school. She was being bullied for some reason involving one of the movies we’d watched. I remember a lot of generic cheerleaders wearing red clothing surrounding her, making generic disparaging comments. Facebook posts were on the wall. There were a bunch of people wearing green on the other side of the hall. I found myself wandering into the nurse’s office at some point, and I saw her being carried out, crying, on a stretcher. End of Chapter Two.

Chapter Three. I pull out the tape again, wanting to watch one of the scarier movies. It was called “Francefrenchchina.com” and featured the family friend’s daughter, now gone insane, being granted the ability to make anyone she wanted dead by an apparently well-meaning friend. I recall her turning into something like a witch out of Madoka. The website never came up. I woke up for a little from that dream, but it was raining outside IRL so I was able to get back to sleep easily. End of Chapter Three.

Chapter Four. My dad brings me and my brother down to watch another selection from the scary end of the movies. I do not recall the name. This time we are trapped inside a series of horror-themed rooms with matching boss-like enemies, such as a monstrous devouring earthworm in a house that was pulled down into a sinkhole, or a bloodstained kitchen with several cannibal chefs. I do not recall how we moved forward to the next room after defeating a bos, but there was always a door back to the previous one present in the next, and the bosses would not chase us between rooms. When we were facing the cannibal chefs, I had us go back to the previous room so I could find a “Bench” and make us some weapons.

Then I woke up.

It was a little surreal.
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Last dreams I had last night weren't fun at all

TW: rape I think
I dreamed many things last night.

The one thing i remember is the bit where I was forced to suck my ex-roommate's cock.

I wish I didn't.