Rule of Cool

Rule of Cool

“Princess! I'll go after her you stay with the carriage.” Says one of the guards.

You step out of the carriage. Right when you think you are going after the Princess, you turn in the opposite direction and say, “I'll be back in 15.”

“Ah right, we'll stay here.”

“Get snacks!” One of the guards throws a bag of money.

You catch it without even looking, disappearing into the crowd. You know that if you have any hope of survival, it's with simple to use weapon.

You walk into Crazy Dave's discount weaponry. Middle aged, 11 foot tall Crazy Dave. Sits behind a small counter, “Welcome to Crazy Dave's discount weaponry.”

“What makes you crazy?”

Crazy Dave slouches, his voice goes monotone. “It's a family name.”

You nod, while looking over spears, axes and maces. Any of these would be great, buy it! “You got anything cooler?”

“Cooler, hmm have something in the back, came in today.” Crazy Dave stands, bending forward to avoid the ceiling. Steps into the back, returning a few minutes later with a rapier.

Get a spear! Rapiers requires years of training! You're already doomed, don't make things worse!

Crazy Dave unsheathes the rapier, showing its cool blue glow, you can see your breath as the air drops a few degrees. “I was going to use this to keep my meats, but you look like someone who needs a cool weapon.”

Minutes later, you return to the carriage on a skateboard. Wearing a sick pair of shades, your Cool Rapier on your side. You throw the guard his money, followed by a bag of cheese flavored corn triangles. Stopping the skateboard in the back, you stow the rest of the supplies in the carriage trunk.

Inside, the princess chews on gummy bears.

“What else did you get?”

“Huh?” The princess looks at you, head tilted as if she is looking at a moron.

Before she speak's you toss a red cape, it lands on top of her head. “This'll protect you.”

“I don't need you to protect me!” She yells while pulling the cape off her head.

The guard sitting in coach asks, “Are we ready to go?”

An elephant walks out of the alleyway, sitting down right in front of the carriage. A burly man in tiger pelts sitting on top of the elephant frowns. “Come on Betsy, the watering hole's only another mile.”
>...steal elephant

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>Yes we are ready.
>Attempt to hire the burly man.
>Don't steal. Stealing is not cool.
>Does the path we're about to take pass by the watering hole?
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(03-11-2018, 07:19 AM)Myeth Wrote: »>...steal elephant

(03-11-2018, 09:05 AM)FlanDab Wrote: »>Yes we are ready.
>Attempt to hire the burly man.
>Don't steal. Stealing is not cool.
>Does the path we're about to take pass by the watering hole?

The princess's eyes sparkle, “What is that? I want it, guards buy it for me!”

One of the guards approaches the exhausted elephant. “Apologizes, the Princess of the Kolson Kingdom, is interested in your large animal, what is it?”

“Betsy here is an Elephant, We are taking part of the annual exotic animal marathon! You don't happen to have some water with you?”

The guard looks back at the other guard who already have four buckets one in each hand, full of water. “We do, are you willing to sell Betsy to the Princess?”

The burly man gasps, “Besty is my best friend! Royalty or no, it will never happen.”

The princess pouts, “Aug, defeated by friendship once again!”

You lean over, “The watering hole is on the way, maybe he will let you ride it.” For once, you are in agreement, you too also want to ride on the Elephant.

Later, two guards, the Princess, and Fitz Soothman ride on Besty the Elephant through town. Each holding a bucket of water, moisturizing Betsy. The burly man sits coach next to the guard driving the carriage. “Thank you for allowing the Princess to ride the Elephant.”

“It's no problem, do you have more of those cheese flavored corn triangles?”

You stand up, balancing on the Elephant and peer into the distance. You kick flip off the elephant, skating ahead. “Hey where are you going?” says the Princess as she runs after, her new red cape dancing in the wind.

At the edge of town, near the watering hole. A tall thin man with an impressive mustache, struggles up a tree, barely out of reach of lion claws. “Aiiiiii, Heeeeelp!”
>Cool Powers: Activate
>Initiate Cool Moves
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