Check the bookcase. Maybe there's some books on "how to get buff quick".
some kind of box
working on a brand new adventure: The Relic of Lost Arch scrapped
go check out this one instead, called Operation Chilling Sky
exercise yer other arm for that double beef
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
[Image: z1EDQop.png]

>Hmmmmm, i dunno bout savin this fella here.. seems like the shady type. Lets see if there are any other rooms to check out first!

You decide to check out the rooms before you go help mystery man. You put the weights and brick into your backpackman until you need them again.

This guy's been cooperative, but it still looks like he was locked up (judging by the bars on the window). He could be a good guy, but better safe than sorry. You decide to investigate further. There aren't any more rooms on this floor, though. You suspect that the rooms on higher floors are cells, and since no one else came to the window, they're probably empty.

It's sleuthing time! In the common area, the only obvious thing of interest is a root poking through a crack in the wall. When you get closer, it slowly retracts into the wall and disappears. In the office, you find that the desk has been almost fully emptied. The gun and head on the floor have, predictably, been turned into insulation. Egads, Jim! Could there have been a m-m-murder??

[Image: YaPUcEb.png]

The truly interesting thing is the papers. They've fallen out of a manila folder labeled "WV_Subjects". The first paper is partially legible, but seems to have segments converted to insulation, making it hard to read. The second paper is even worse, being made fully out of the stuff. The third one is just covered in black lines, and the fourth one is shredded up. You don't know how it's possible to screw up filing papers this badly.

Partially Legible DocumentShow