Notail Simulator 2018 (1/20)

Notail Simulator 2018 (1/20)
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
> Well, if we aren't very good at learning the smart stuff, then at the very least we should develop our physical skills.
> Practicing your overall fitness skills is definitely something that should be attempted (The running, jumping, and climbing stuff). Using the village outskirts as a training gym of some sort should definitely help.
> If possible, perhaps learn how to make and use throwing knives? Various knife types should help.
> Totally beat up the other kids and take their food. Except same face. We don't want to lose our only friend at the moment.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
>Find other ways to get INTIMIMDATION
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
(03-18-2018, 08:11 PM)Artem1s Wrote: »Please Read A Book And Get Smart Child I Am Begging You

and then be the best lone-E there ever was!

Yes, let's take this time to study!
[Image: egg004.png?raw=1] [Image: BMy2LW4.png] [Image: fNYPmPd.png] [Image: uLF0DoV.png] [Image: egg009.png?raw=1]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
>Study and be a smart one. Once you learn enough and are strong enough you can go do your own things! Without those other smelly children.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
Kick ass and take names, buddy.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)

You decide that this is the year you're going to attempt turning your life around. And you know just the way you're going to start it off.......

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 1 is rolled.

You slink out of the prime caretaker's office for the village. You tried to ask him if you could be changed to a Lone-E-class cause you're better at working alone and you think you might have been mislabeled but he didn't care. You tried your best to be nice and swore you would do your best if you were changed to a Lone-E. You saw the task list for the Lone-E's and they were tasks you would be amazing at!

But he told you to stop being lazy fuck and learn how to swarm already.

It was the first time you've ever had the word used directly at you. Some of the kids would say it like it was a forbidden word and would laugh about it, but today you learned the true power of it.

You will not be able to be moved to the Lone-E class as long as you're in this village.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 14 is rolled.

People calling you stupid is by far the worst issue you've had so far. Your peers are so far ahead of you now you're not sure you'll be able to catch up. You remember when you were years ahead of everyone else. You go looking for someone to tutor you and you find two people who answer your tutor request the same day you put it up. They're excited to help you.

Too excited.

The moment you open the door you're tackled by a short Q-class with a dragon mask. You're strong enough that it barely affects you. You barely budge as she tries to push you over.


You can't see K-16's eyes, but you can tell they lit up as soon as they saw you.
"I can't believe it! A new type of anomaly in our village and we get to be the first ones to investigate it. We're breaking new ground at only 7 years old, Q-670! ;)"

A strange 2 foot long horse suddenly phases into existence, you point at it as floats in the air. The two notails don't seem to even glance at it. Q-670 stops trying to push you and instantly hops back as if you were going to attack her.

"If I'm going to be the best anomaly hunter ever I need to be able to sense and defeat any anomaly I find. >:)" The meat horse touches the back of her head and she spins around and headlocks the creature.

"LIKE MEAT HORSE OVER HERE! I TOLD YOU TO STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND PUNK! >:)" You decide to scan.....meat horse......You surprisingly get an entry.

[Image: NIpLLa6.png]

"Uh, I asked to be tutored not studied, I'm not a....." You just sort of give up on saying you're not an anomaly. Even you're starting to think you're just some blessed monster in notail skin.

"Oh don't worry, we will tutor you! We hope to become very close to you. ;)"

"So we can learn how you take down you and your kind! >:)"

"We want to learn how notail mimicking anomalies think, learn, and we hope you will show us your powers in action! ;)"

Well. These two are the only people who want to help you, so you take the offer.


Now you join the K and Q-class on their study trips. They teach you logic skills while furiously taking notes on everything you do. You start gaining intelligence. The Q-class sometimes appears from nowhere and tackles you. The Q-class desperately wants to get stronger and take down anomalies. While she is much stronger than the other kids, you are extremely strong and tall. She stands no chance when she asks you to fight her, as such she has started to train on her stalking and sneaking skills.

To adapt to this you have become [observant]. Over time you come to realize that Q-670 is haunted by anomalies. You have seen a single anomaly, two if you count yourself, in your whole (and admittedly short) life. Every since you started studying with Q-670 and K-16 your lessons have been interrupted at least once a month due to an anomaly appearing. One of the anomalies was even Q-670's own shirt that started broadcasting her every thought on it. It seems every anomaly that even looks in the direction of the village seems drawn to it just to bother Q-670.

That must be why Q-670 is so interested in defeating anomalies.

You tell Q-670 to never go to the church. You don't tell her why though.


Your best friend is excited to see you study and work with other people. He wishes they were E-classes but at least they're the same age as you so that's a huge plus!

You don't tell him that they hang around you just cause they want to capture and dissect you when they're adults. He's a lot less stressed about your future now. You're not.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 9 is rolled.

Wanting to learn more about anomalies you attempt to dissect the book of the limbo to figure out what sort of anomalies each of the gods make kind of fail at it. You decide you need to get the help of a N-class, so you take aim at one of the younger ones.

You offer to help an N-class get their band off if they teach you. They're cautious around you, knowing that you're an anomaly and they should never made deals with blessed entities, but they desperately want the band off. You attempt to remove it with your knife.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 9 is rolled.

You rip off some pieces of the band but not enough to get it off. The pain the N-class feels is lessened by a bit, but as the band wasn't removed they don't want to teach you anything. Understandable seeing as they put themselves in danger of physical pain and bad rep by being near you.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 3 is rolled.

You attempt to learn about plants from the H-classes, they're worried about you, but try to give you a chance. You have a hard time knowing which plants to pick and which seeds should be planted in which way. Worst of all, you accidentally crush a valuable plant that one of the H-classes had been working on for a whole month now.

You are ejected from the H-class gardens.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 4 is rolled.

One day while training outside of the village you trip on a rock and hurt your hand. You miss out on training for a whole month due to this.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 11 is rolled.

While your hand was still injuries you looked for a way to get back into the ration building. You can't believe it but a new opening was made at some point. You sneak in and grab some extra rations. It's not a lot but after eating it you do feel stronger! You're able to pick up most of the kids and hold them above your head now with ease.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 17 is rolled.

Midnight has been doing amazingly this year. His training has made him amazingly docile towards you for a wild male gwech. You heard that the other two males ended up running away after fighting their owners, meanwhile midnight gets extremely sad if you go somewhere he cannot. He's also fairly strong for a gwech, he might even be stronger than his mother now.

At least someone had a good year.

[Image: tAaFYLY.png]

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 6 is rolled.

You wake up one day and head outside. Today's a perfectly normal sunny day except for the notail screaming her head off and showing off her amazing capture creature.


Oh blessed gods you were supposed to get your capture creature today, you even told your best friend that you'd meet him there.

You rush as fast as you can to the capture creature lab. They've already finishing serving the E-classes. The G-classes were up now but as an E-class you could skip in front of the line. You waited for the G-class in front of you to pick the creature he wanted. Your friend comes up to you, his capture creature attached to a rope due to how rowdy it was.

"What happened same face? Didn't you set your alarm? =3"
"No..I forgot to do that. =3"

Your friend sighs. You're such a mess sometimes. You're his mess but still. "Same face there were amazing capture creatures in the morning! I wish this was my round, I would have loved to get one of those exotic capture creatures. =3"
"Yeah I wish this was your round too.... =3"

Your friend was going to be leaving tomorrow for the woods. He was 10 now, and this was likely going to be the last day you ever see him.
"Awww, I really should have forced you to come to the labs a day early like I did. Look I'm sure they'll have something cool for you, maybe! If the other E-classes and some of the G-classes haven't taken them yet! =3"

He says this but you know he's just trying to cheer you up. The G-class in front of you picks a capture creature and leads it away. It's your turn now. The Z-class looks at your number and scoffs at you.

"A little late aren't we? :3" She says in a condescending way. You don't respond to the comment.

"Lets see the capture creatures! =3"

"Mmmhmmm. Yeah take a look kid. We got the bottom of the bin stuff and these untested capture creatures. If you take one of the untested capture creatures and learn what they're all about, when you get out of the woods you'll get a reward. :3"

You currently have 4 choices, 2 of them untested capture creatures.

[Image: KZqVPXx.png]

[Image: vrwcTPV.png]

[Image: t1qu4mH.png]

[Image: Vbx5aKL.png]

[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
> Get Brand New Face! Anomalies go with anomalies after all.
[Image: egg004.png?raw=1] [Image: BMy2LW4.png] [Image: fNYPmPd.png] [Image: uLF0DoV.png] [Image: egg009.png?raw=1]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
>Take the bag. All sorts of things we can do with something like that.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
> Faces! They can be your new friends in a swarm!
🐦🐙🐙[Image: nifOFwR.png]🐙🐙
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
>Take the Bag.
[Image: 9oAO3Nx.gif][Image: PxleLogo_Da.gif?dl=1][Image: Njx8eUo.png][Image: FuJRCK7.png][Image: A43ybmM.png][Image: PxleSig_%5BLOST%5D.png?dl=1][Image: JoFm6nh.gif]
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RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
Tailmic! Tailmic! Tailmic! That's obviously where the good stuff is at!
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
>Brand new face!
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
> Bag!
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
> Your friend has done nothing for you lately but lounge around! Let's get some new faces to show them how much you don't need them anymore!
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
>Charisma Check: Ask for the iBag and Tailmic, or just iBag

>Gee those antenna on the tailmic are often similar to the one on a notail. Scan your antenna and try to learn from that!

>Break into the food area and steal some meat for iBag =3

>Try to find a Tailmic roaming near the village and capture it. Can never have enough friends!

>[Charisma]: Get KQ to help you feed the iBag
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RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
brand! new! face!
[Image: Cmh4iZA.png] [Image: z8yQvca.png] [Image: REdv8VX.png]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
> Faces faces!
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
> Brand New Face, why not? At the very least we can develop our knowledge of anomalies. And by that, I mean we test it on other people's faces, not ours.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
> Pick an experimental capture creature, you'll need all the help you can get.
*flips coin*
aw, I wanted to see what the bag is.
> faces. Another anomaly for your Fox-and-Hound friend, and perhaps Faces cane be your thing.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)
>Pick the ibag
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/17)

"I'll take the brand new faces! =3"
The Z-class howls in laughter.

"Hooooo! Yeah kid these guys sure are going to protect you in the woods! Well good luck, here you go! :3"
The Z-class hands you all 3 masks in this set, after you let them go they spin around checking around the area before floating around your head. If you didn't look like an anomaly before you sure did now. The Z-class is still trying to contain her laughter.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 15 is rolled.

"Look kid I'm going to take pity on you. I see you got a tiny capture cage, let me take that. :3"
You hand it to her and she in turn hands you a full sized capture cage and some beast bait.
"There you go. Hopefully you can catch yourself a proper capture creature in your first year in the woods. :3"

You say thank you out of formality and leave. You and your best friend walk home, he doesn't question your capture creature choice, even though you're sure anyone would ask why you did this. Even you're starting to wonder why you just didn't pick a plain ole tailmic. You and your best friend hang out all day. All of his other friends are his age so he'll be going with them into the woods tomorrow and will be with them until he leaves 5 years later.

You'll be in the woods for 8 years because of your class.


It's getting late but you and your friend are still playing by the river, skipping stones and gathering up notails and putting them in one big pile just because you could.

"It doesn't feel like you're leaving tomorrow. =3"

Your friend looks up into the sky thinking for a moment.
"Same face, there's people out there called aliens. Up there. =3"
He points to the sky and the stars starting to appear. You've never heard of these sky people before.
"What are they doing in the sky? =3"

"They're living, just like you and me, and having their own adventures, and guess what Same face? Even though you're having problems making friends here, you're going to be those alien's friend! =3"

You clap your hands, now excited.
"I get to be their friends? =3"

"Yeah! Ok, but you can't tell anyone I'm telling you, shuush shuush! I was talking with one of the notail traders who came by and he said that there are smart species that are up in the sky. He said that extra E-classes are being made to meet them! =3"

"I'm an E-class!!! =3"

"Yeah! I didn't ask him too much about E-classes cause I wanted to know what F-classes do in the real world outside this village, but I'm sure you're going to be going up into the sky and making friends with those aliens! =3"

"Do you think they'll like me? =3"

"I bet they will! Maybe you have a hard time getting along with notails because you're built to get along with aliens! =3"

You look up into the sky, thinking of the aliens you're going to meet.
"Do you think the aliens have cool stuff? We don't have cool stuff. =3"

"I bet you the aliens have the best stuff! I bet you they're better than us. We can take their stuff and use it to make notails better! Then we can help more people. =3"

"And I'm going to be the one to greet them.... I'll make sure I'm the best greeter ever! =3"

"I want to see the aliens too same face, so maybe if we don't meet in the woods, we'll meet among the stars! =3"

"Yeah! =3"

You and your friend run around talking about all the amazing aliens that have to be out there. Both of you don't know what any of them look like so you make up wild aliens and how you would deal with them, most of them are dealt with offering them food and then becoming the best of friends.

When you're both done playing you head back home.

You were so excited about the aliens you were going to meet you forgot about how your friend was leaving tomorrow.

You wonder if there were any aliens already on the planet already.

You can't wait to get out of the woods and see what the real world is like.


Your friend knocks on your door in the morning and the moment you see his face you remember what today is. You and him go to the entrance to the woods. His friends are making up plans for what they're going to do, your best friend already told them he'll meet up with them soon. Both of your stare at the entrance to the woods for a long time until he turns to you.

"Well....goodbye same face.....I hope we meet again in the woods even though it's unlikely, but no matter what, we'll meet in the stars ok? I promise you! Just promise me you won't die ok? If you die I'll never see you ever again. =3"

You try not to cry but fail. You're 8 years old you shouldn't be crying like this.

"Y-Yeah! I won't die! We'll see each other again! =3"

Then your friend does something completely unexpected. He takes off his face.

You never knew he could cry too. He's so much better at hiding it than you.

He puts on a new face and holds out his old face.

"Here! You can have my face, I got a new one so you can have my old one to remember me by! =3"

He accidentally uses his old face as a sign off. It'll likely be awhile before he gets used to his new face. You take his face and hold it before talking.

"But now we don't have the same face. =3"

"Don't worry, we don't need to have the same face to be friends. Our friendship is stronger than our faces! Plus, we'll always have the same face to me, even if our faces don't match anymore. =3"

You give your friend a hug before both of you have to part.

You watch him enter the woods.

You wish you were born 2 years earlier.

[Image: KmkuxpF.png]

You spend the whole day watching kids say goodbye to their younger friends and heading out into the woods.

You have two more years until you have to go into it as well.

Currently you have no friends.

You can't swarm like the other E-classes.

And you're nowhere near as smart as the other kids.

But you're stronger than them.

You gotta make sure you don't die, you promised you wouldn't.

You gotta see those aliens. You're going to make friends with them.

But most of all you gotta meet up with your friend again.

You got work to do, you have to make sure you make the most out of this year, and then the one after that. Your caretakers don't care what you do this year cause they still think you're a failure, so it's up to you to decide what you'll do this year.

[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/18)
>Train your endurance. You failed at book learning, but can still survive through brute unwillingness to die.
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RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/18)
> GET SMART GET STRONK. Train with your new capture creature to see how you can use it to the best of your ability! You got this! You'll see sameface again in no time!
[Image: fNYPmPd.png][Image: uLF0DoV.png]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/18)
>Kill them all my son

>No wait no, don't do that. You got to get bigger and stronger, then kill them all.
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RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/18)
>The masks are your swarm. swarm with them. they are your friends now.