A Cordial Invitation

A Cordial Invitation
RE: A Cordial Invitation
>where's the bathroom?
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RE: A Cordial Invitation
>Need an enchantment? I could surely use the practice
RE: A Cordial Invitation
>What's the occasion for?
>No more questions for now.

>Enchantment? Perhaps an enchantment that's easily overwritten like "to sparkle colorfully."
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RE: A Cordial Invitation
>it's true that nobles can turn into lizards?
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RE: A Cordial Invitation
You think of several questions, mostly non-noble related. You turn to the castle guard. "Where's the bathroom?"

The guard gives you a funny look. "Do you really have to go? The castle's up ahead if you really need to run to it. Or magic yourself up to it, your call."

"No, I just wanted to see if there was a bathroom." You put a hand to your waist. "It would be awfully silly for the queen to not have one, though."

She chuckles. "Well, considering this is the queen, it wouldn't be unlike her to do that just to see our reactions. Don't take her to seriously is my opinion."

You put a hand to your chin. "Alright. Do you need an enchantment?"

Fate rolls a 10 on a 20-sided die.

"My armor's already enchanted." As if to demonstrate, she flicks her armor, which only glows in response. "Wouldn't trust you to not overwrite it, sorry, bud."

You pout a little bit. "Not even one that makes you sparkle a lot of colours?"

"Would ruin my image when I have to be more stoic." She shrugs, not offering much of an apology. "It's somewhat weird to offer that, by the way. I'm sure you're a good enchanter though."

You sigh. "This walk going to be quite the trip if you continue acting like this."

The guard laughs, taking your snide comment as a joke. "Well, we all can't listen to what our charges say. No enchantments."

You cross your arms and huff. "Fine."

The villagers around you seem to have stopped listening to your conversation. Some still seem to be hanging close, though they seem to prefer attending to their duties.

"Do nobles turn into lizards?" You decide to ask.

She laughs harder. "Mx. Noot, you truly have the strangest ideas."

After she's stopped laughing, she hums as she answers your question. "I've heard one noble could, but she's an outlier. Plus, she's fifteen, or something. I don't think the queen would invite her to this. So, no."

"What's wrong with inviting the fifteen year old, anyways," you say. "What did the queen want anyways?" You feel more ears listening closer to your conversation. The guard pays no mind.

"Oh, that?" The guard gives you a grin. She whispers to you, "She wants you to find a ghost."

The two of you arrive at the queen’s castle. You can’t help but think it was smaller than you expected. Most of the time, people play the size of it to be way bigger than you. This was still far from your height, but at worst, you think this could be the height of a modern home. Netherless, it still looks as elegant as ever.

The guard accompanies you to the entrance, at which you notice that there’s someone outside waiting too.

Fate rolls a 4 on a 4-sided die.

The person’s eyes dart back and forth from you and the door. Judging by the clothes they’re wearing, they must be one of the nobles that were invited.

“Well,” the guard says, giving you a pat on the back. “Looks like I gotta go. Good luck with them, I sure don’t wanna be in your place.”

Before you can say another word, the guard has already left your side.

You sigh and wait beside the noble beside you.

“A-ah.” The noble seems to notice you at last, and gives you a small wave. “Hello, there. You must be, the um…”

You don’t say anything and only stare at them in response. The noble clears their throat and holds out their hand. “You may call me Writ, if you’d like. I.. suppouse I must be called Noble Writ, but we’d be working alongside each other today.”

Fate rolls a 20 on a 20-sided die.

You take their hand and grin. “I’m Catherine, but if we’re being informal, I think Noot would be fine.”

They give a shaky smile in return. “Well, I should hope so. It’s nice to meet you, Noot.”

The two of you sit in silence for a while. Writ doesn’t seem too chatty.

They clear their throat, as if to get your attention. “It’s been quite a while, actually… The queen has told me to stay put until she came, but it’s been too long.”

You immediately stand up, unable to hide your excitement. “Are you planning to go against her law?”

“It’s not her law!” Writ immediately puts their hands up in defense. “It’s just… she couldn’t mind if we wandered off for a bit, right? Explore her castle. What do you say?”

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RE: A Cordial Invitation
>Of course
>I wonder if there is anything from the kitchen they would not mind us eating
RE: A Cordial Invitation
>break the law and make either wooping or nooting noises
RE: A Cordial Invitation
>We're the kings and queens of ourselves and our bodies are the reigns.
>my body is full of nice snakes and skeletons
>Let's go steal some magical food or drinks, like.... water.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: A Cordial Invitation
>Why? Why should we? Would the queen not let us have a tour of the castle?
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RE: A Cordial Invitation
"What's wrong with the queen giving us a tour of the castle?" You ask them. "It's not like she's gonna have us banished if we wait."

Writ fiddles with their thumbs. "See, the thing is... we've been waiting here a long time."

"Yeah, but it couldn't be that long-"

"Not us! I meant, me and my friend?" They gesture to an area beside them, as if someone was their. "The queen did come down and see us, and we were waiting for you along with everyone else, then she said she had a headache and would be right back, and also not to move."

"Then why are you here?"

Fate has rolled a 19 on a 20-sided die.

"One of the nobles, Acane, thought we should split up instead and see if we can find information on what the Queen wanted us to do." Writ shifted their position while folding and unfolding their hands. "I said I'd wait for you, since um, Acane left for the library before I could. And um, Dish left for the kitchen to make something for the Queen and Levis went to, I don't know. I hope she isn't scaring the guards."

"Is that it?" You tilt your head.

"I... didn't want to be alone," They admit. Then, a little bit too quickly, they add, "And it feels like it's been a while since that happened, so I don't know when the queen is coming back. She doesn't seem like she'll stay in her room the entire time we visit, but..."

"So you gave up on following what she said and now you want to explore?" You grin.

Writ sighs, rubbing the back of their head. "I suppose, yes. Though I don't like it when you put it like that."

"Whatever, my noble." You jump up and walk towards the castle door. "We're going to raid her kitchen!"

"Wait, that isn't what I wanted to do!"

"Misery loves company, and also food." You shrug, already running over to the kitchen. "And since I'm the company, and you're the misery, we're a team that now has to get the last part of the trio!"

"That doesn't make sense!" Writ calls out after you, before following.

Fate has rolled a 19 on a 20-sided die.
Fate rolls lower for Writ.

You see an elegant figure on one of the floors above you. You can barely see their face, but it's definitely not the guards. They seem to be watching the entrance of the castle. You stop for a moment to look at them, but just as you do, they walk away.

Writ looks at you in confusion. "Why'd you stop?"

"Did you see that?" You point to where the figure stood.

"There's no one there." They frown. "Are you feeling alright?"

You nod. "There was definitely someone there, though! Maybe you would know them!"

Writ squints at you, before shaking their head. "Well, I'm pretty sure it's no one to worry about. Let's go get some food, okay?"

You frown. You really want to know who that was, but you can't do much about it at the moment. You decide to go and follow Writ to the kitchen.

The kitchen is actually rather spectacular, though empty, save for the one person that seems to be cooking. Their clothing doesn't seem formal at all, strangely enough. You could mistake them for someone down the street. Their magic is currently filling the room, mixing something you're not entirely sure of.

Writ smiles at the sight. "Hello, Dish."

The person turns around, eyes wide. "Oh! Hello, Writ. Who's this?"

"I'm Noot!" You grin, waving at them.

Fate has rolled a 12 on a 20-sided die.

"It's nice to meet you," They smile. "I'm Dish. You don't have to address me as a noble if you don't want to."

Dish gestures to the fridge nearby them. "I actually made some sweets. Do you know the ones that change flavor in your mouth? It's those ones. Don't touch the ones I covered, they're for the queen."

You grin and take one of the sweets, popping it in your mouth. "It's good!"

Dish smiles. "Thank you."

Writ taps your shoulder. "Uh, may I?"

You pass one of the sweets to them with glee. They take it gratefully.

At the moment, both you and Writ will most likely continue eating the sweets until Dish stops you, the queen comes, or if you decide to wander off again with Writ or on your own. You can also tell them both the information you learned from the guard.
RE: A Cordial Invitation
>*eating-candy sounds intensifies*
>so like we're here to stop a ghost or talk with a ghost, something, whatever.
>that's all I know.
>There's no guard near so I can use my sheet-cape too.
>>>>>Use cape.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: A Cordial Invitation
You and Writ stuff more candy in your faces. It's really, really good. Better than the one candy story down the street! You wonder how Dish made this.

"Alright, alright, cut it out before you two eat the entire thing," Dish says behind you.

You pout, but do as they asked. Writ seems more reluctant. You see them sneakily pocket some for later, all while mumbling something under their breath.

"They do have a point, I suppose." Writ sighs. "Too much candy... is no good."

"Are you both going to do what Acane asked?" Dish looks at both of you. "Noot, you're not exactly obliged to, but I feel as if Writ will be hassled if they don't at least try."

Writ sighs, fumbling with their jacket. "I suppose... I'll be, er, heading to the library for some research, then."

"You're looking for what the queen wanted, right?" You ask, tilting your head.

"Writ did tell you then." Dish sighed, waving the spoon they're holding around. "It's rather silly, actually; we're probably not going to know until she tells us. But Acane is convincing."

You burst out, "I know!"

"Have you met them?" Writ looks at you quizzically.

"No, I mean, I know what she wants!" You grin. "The guard told me. She wants us to find a ghost or something."

The two nobles in front of you exchange looks.

"What?" You frown, putting a hand on your waist. "That is what she said!"

Writ fidgets, holding their hands together. "It's not that we don't think you could be correct, Noot, but, er..."

"Ghosts aren't real," Dish says with a sigh. "People's souls just become pure energy and surround us. That... is what happens, right, Writ?"

"Correct," They mumble. "It's just not plausible at all. Whatever the queen wants can't be that."

You huff. "But the guard was definitely telling the truth!"

"But did she give any details at all?" Dish frowns. "If that is what the queen think she wants, she's probably searching for something else."

"No, but-"

"Then we're still better off searching for her diary or waiting for her." They tell you. "We can't confirm if the guard is trustworthy either."

You sigh. It seems that both of these nobles are rather stubborn, or are too well educated to believe you.

You unfurl your bedsheet, wrap it around you and sulk in it.

Writ tilts their head. "Have you been holding that the entire time?"

You nod and hug it closer to you. "No guards, so no one can tell me what to do."

Dish shakes their head. "Noot, there's no need to pout. We can see if you're wrong or right later. Just go and wait for now."

Right as they finish saying that, you see the light flicker. Writ looks at you and Dish nervously, quietly edging towards you for comfort. Dish's grip on their spoon tightens.

You hear footsteps coming towards all three of you. The sound echoes throughout the room. You can barely hear any of your companions breathe.

"Well, well. This is where the intruders are." The voice chuckles. "Pesky rats."

A chill runs down your spine. You feel someone's eyes on you.

The footsteps stop. The sound of a large crackle rings in your ears. "You. You saw me, didn't you?"

Fate has rolled a 10 on a 20-sided die.

You feel something pierce your shoulder. It stings, and the pain reminds you of when you stub your toe on something. Except now it's your shoulder and oh gods the pain is so much worse. Whatever hit you is making your shoulder feel really really warm, over the top warm, and it stings and you think you need a doctor.

You swear under your breath in pain. Writ trembles as they look at you. Dish glares at the direction the voice is coming from.

"We were invited," Dish yells out. "And this isn't your home whatsoever! It's the Queen's!"

The voice giggles. You can see a silhouette approach, though you can't exactly see who it looks like. "Funny. It was never her home to give."

"Who-" Writ's voice is quiet and faint. "Who are you?"

Then you hear a name that's absolutely unintelligible.

"Come again?" You mumble under your breath. "Sorry, I can't speak idiot."

The silhouette raises their arm and makes a fist. Suddenly the pain in your shoulder worsens.

"Don't bother trying to remember what I looked like." The footsteps recede, but you hear their laughter clear as day. "Wouldn't want to have this happen again, now would we?"

The three of you are quiet. The lights stop flickering. You groan even louder- in pain, and in frustration.

Dish frowns and stares at the place where the silhouette stood. "What was the use of threatening us? And how did they get into the castle anyways? The guards should have stopped someone like that the moment they saw them."

"Er, Dish?" Writ raises a finger, though their voice is still soft.

Dish continues talking like Writ hasn't spoken at all. "And for that matter, why didn't they just kill Noot? It sounds more effective than whatever they did."

"Do you want me to die," you murmur, slowly lying down on the floor.

"And what did they mean by the Queen not owning the castle?" They put a hand on their chin and sit beside you. I'm pretty sure everyone says she built it, didn't she?"

Writ sighs. "Dish?"

"Yes, Writ?"

"Noot is, uh," They gesture to you currently lying down on the floor and clutching your shoulder.

Dish's eyes widened. "Oh."

"Yeah." Writ nods. "Please help them?"

"The gods have forsaken me," you whimper. "Only death can help me now."

"Do you know any healing spells?" Dish looks at Writ, who's taken out a small notebook from their jacket.

"I'm more of a shielding person," Writ mumbles, shaking their head. "Does... food help?"

"I'm not a medic, but I can't make food that heals that kind of pain." Dish sighs.

Both of them exchange looks. They're both not sure what to do. The pain you're experiencing is internal- so you can't exactly bandage it up. It's more of a big bruise. The problem is it was caused by magic- and you're not sure what kind. The pain spread, or it could just be contained to your shoulder. It's also kind of hot, like you just touched magma there.

It's worth noting that, despite the pain, it didn't hit your leg. You're still perfectly capable of walking around if you need to find someone, check if there's actually a doctor here, or are looking for information. You can go off alone, or ask one of them to come with you.
RE: A Cordial Invitation
>Use magic. Create a "raincloud whose raindrops heals wounds."
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RE: A Cordial Invitation
We are a word-mage, yes?
It is time for a few words, though not of the oldest words. Those would be too much, and their younger kin are more than sufficient.

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It is something of a crude spell, but mages in pain can't be picky.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: A Cordial Invitation
>Search for blessed Ice-cream.
> Time to improvise, find something to write so you can write "Healthy" or "Cured" in your shoulder like your life depended of it.
> It's not going to work, it is?
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.