??? Game

??? Game
??? Game
I want to play a game.

Below are eight species. Pick two. These two will be added to the Cosmosdex.

Don't ask how: I won't answer, such is the game.
I will say Gimeurcookie isn't involved.

If you change your vote, please [s]strikethrough your old vote[/s], or delete it.
Votes will only be counted at 12:00 AM (Midnight) Pacific Time.
It is 10:31 PM Pacific Time at the time of this post.

Feel free to ask questions and/or critique about the species.
[*]Foot-tall bipeds, with wing-like arms, they use their patented anti-gravity devices to float constantly, even when they started piloting five foot mechs everywhere, the mechs still hover a foot above ground. They are immune to radiation.
[*]Their culture has adopted a focus, or rather, an obession with the cutting edge. Viewing antigravity tech as the "ginchiest", they have adopted it to the point that every man, woman, child and etc. uses it, and everything is deck is floating rings? Mechs are "bad" (read: good): and thus are inhabited for most of the day, becoming a major part of their culture. Nuclear power is "keen", and so everything that can fit a reactor is powered by one. Eating actual food for "freams", "cool" "frats" eat pills, and the day eating that is outmoded as the required substances are drawn from back-tanks is eagerly awaited.
[*]Then it all changed when the clockwork virus was found. Well, wait, no, none of the above changed, but everything else did.
[*]It wasn't long after Dr. Darvil Gheogee created his own variant of the Zuid'tain strain that the clockwork virus was seen as the latest thing, and as such, it was widely adopted. (except some "bogus" "squares" who didn't "dig".)
[*]These days they generally try to convince members of other species to join them in infection, while at the same time keeping the rest of the universe to not declare them a threat (they aren't forcing people in clockworkism, they join of thier own accord).
[*]They don't like Leon. He's a "goopy", "grundy", "nowhere" "shuckster" "crusin' for a brusin'". "You can't force a cookie to be hep, nosebleed. If clyde here isn't digging this wicked neato-keeno chili, well let them be a lumpy square."
[*]5'10" on average, these large white bird people have curved black beaks, and thick, sleek coats of feathers, a thick patch framing thier face, and even around their hands and feet, offering them some protection from the cold of thier homeworld of Valentine.
[*]While a kind and well-meaning species, they have a bad habit of acting first, going with what they feel rather than any sense of logic. This has led them to often taking drastic measures; such as sacrificing one of their own every two months, believing that this is keeping their area 'warm' (by comparison to the rest of the planet). ... This, tradition is, probably the cause- or a, atleast a cause- of most being, [Flirtatious], and thier lack of
affection for anyone. However, despite this, or in counter to this, they are generally helping/caring, and trust almost everyone, although habitually bad at earning trust. Good at taking care of people, but not very caring about them, beyond as part of the whole.
[*]Unknowingly has psychic power, but they only work when they are near death, like the slow melting death caused by the venom a local spider. This could've been the justification for the sacrifices, except their power is explodeokinesis: the ability to cause a remote explosive force mentally. No connection to tempature. ...Probably best they don't know...
[*]A largely balloon-like species, they have egg-shaped body that is mostly hallow, with a ovoid head that is a bit less full due to the brain and sensory organs. At the bottom is the mouth, surrounded by three tube-like arms, each tipped with five sharp, venomous, claws. It defends itself with rapid lightly brushing the skin of it's attacker with it's claws, depositing venom in very fine surface abrasions. The forces a gargalesis/gargalesis-esqe sensation in the victim, complete with hythmical, often audible contractions of the diaphragm and other parts of the respiratory system. In other words: It tickes it's enemies, and they WILL laugh (unless they are, like, a rock monster something similarly unpoisonable). Juppet has an intuitive sense of how much venom is needed to kill most things it encounters. In extreme situations, it can thrust a whole hand into a threat, however this will destroy all its claws and it will start bleeding to death. Even if it survives, its claws do not grow back.
[*]Silent and enigmatic, the only certain element is that most are instinctually predisposed to defend cute things. To the point that it takes a conscious effort to allow anything uncute to come close to them. They usually leave if they feel the cute is safe, and they are feeling out of it.
[*]They mostly protect cuteyes, and through this have an alliance with them.
[*]Cute as heck (even if I can't draw cute). They are small, with large ears, and eyes, but short limbs and small mouth. I think? I'm not 100% on what is cute, so yeah...
[*]Cuteyes once lived on peaceful, perfectly safe world. Nothing got hurt, nobody ate nobody, and everyone treated each other with love and kindness and respect and encouragement and fairness. everything was good, and nothing was bad.
[*]Then the rest of the universe found thier world.
The cuteyes were introduced to pain and unnatural death and sickness and decay and terror and selfishness and evil and mistreatment and assholery and enslavement and pettiness and despair and depression and poop.
[*]And they loved it all (except the poop. ick). Many left thier boring, safe, pure, good, sugarbowl world for the exciting, dangerous, tainted, a bit evil, universe. Taking in all the pain and tragedy and sadness and torment and despair, it was amazing. Not that they'd cause any of it. A creature of the sugarbowl through and through, most don't go beyond just watching as the life fades from their eyes. Many try to pry away, go get help, it's the right thing to do.
[*]They often are found helping out in hospitals, morgues, graveyards and on rescue teams.
[*]I do know, 100%, that they have liquid pupils, which lose cohesion when thier emotions do. Like, when they get sick, or hurt, or are despairing. Which is Wonderful. and bad. and Wonderful. but bad. but Wonderful. and bad. and Wonderful.
CHILLMAGUS 40,000,000!!
[*]The Chillmagnus line of mobile refrigeration units by Expliation® were launched during later years of the exploration era. Featuring three models (The massive, mecha-sized Chmg-t, The fridge-with-arms ChMg-f, and The tiny, minifridge ChMg-m), for any sort of expeditionary mission. They promptly were a harder sell once it ended, and were turned towards being used as intelligent stationary fridges. This resulted in numerous incidents of restless
[*]Chillmagnus units leaving thier assigned station to run around for it. Only a few were amused by this turn of events, but this energy became useful during the extintion era, combined with their sturdy construction, they proved to be capable fighters in a pinch. Unfortunately, this role also convinced them to that they needed to be free, thus going from running about the house, to running away from the house and needing to be chased lest the unit be lost.
[*]It suprised almost nobody that Chillmagnuses gladly joined any revolt they saw. Nor did the bankruptcy of Expliation®.
[*]Over the course of thier history, they developed a hot-blooded personality, and through the juxtaposition of this and the fact that they refrigerators, they decided that irony would be a major interest. They do not understand irony. I think.
[*]Good [Wind-up]-bots with no moral downsides, they do good, for the sake of good. Nervous around new people, as their programming was derived from units whose first newcommer captured, redesigned, and sold them off as property. Moves a slow, strange, grace. Will never miss*, even if it means bouncing the bullet off everything. (*assuming the target stays still for 20 - 50 seconds). Among friends they are compassionate, and overall good company. Everyone else either deals with a silent robot, or just gets the part of them that will pick an argument with you, as you are wrong and that is HORRIBLE. In addition they all have [Hero syndrome], and will help anyone.
[*]A sizeable settlement of them were found on a random planet by Dyinotec®, who rounded them up, sold the planet, and used upgraded versions of their designs as the base for thier new line of assistant robots. Due to how they were made, all units are effectively clones of the original models. If they survive; they will all be given thier freedom, but they will have to be downgraded, as Dyinotec® won't part with their half of the design. Dyinotec® will go under after a century of failing to recreate the originals.
[*]Physical Description: Crystal pentagonal bipyramid with ten wings of 2D crystal triangles. Pretends gravity by simplify four, make two arms and four legs.
[*]Personality & Traits: Friendly chimers, can’t english. Blue/orange morals, what black/white? Innocent. Will kill man unless told no. Again, innocent. Literally.
[*]History: One arrived, made crater. Notails meet, confused, autopsy, understand, imprison others found. Robot revolution frees, gets ally. Declared ‘robot species’
[*]Special:Triangles change shape. Still triangle, crystal, 2D, hard, and sharp. Side length maximum: one meter. Doesn’t breathe. [Dirt/Stone Strider]
Titanial Order, variant 2
[*]"Do you know who we serve?! THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!"
[*]Boxy insects that can easily get mistaken for cheap robots if you don't give a damn.
[*]Appearently from some distant space-faring empire, these studious and hardworking insects seem to have done most of the white collar jobs of the empire: managing paperwork, cleaning up messes, customer service, co-ordinating military logistics, rooting out spies, providing entertainment, etc. Generally views themselves as perpetual captives, a trend which appears will continute for generations to come. This leads to them to keep thier distance from "notails'" (read: all other) species, not helping with thier other cause to get recognized as an actual species. Hadn't met thinking robots before they fell into the robot's side of the revolution war. Doesn't how other can't see they are people. Seems to think luck is thier thing. They are not luckier than anyone else in the universe. Seems to think the other, bigger species will return one day to destroy the notails (and rescue them, when they have the time.)
*sighs* Here's hoping I didn't do something horrible...
RE: ??? Game
>Juppet and Xarangle
RE: ??? Game
Juppet and Cuteyes
RE: ??? Game
>Nekixi and Juppet


Also loving the music choice. It makes this ominous :3
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RE: ??? Game
...Yep. Looking back, I definitely botched this.

In my rush to get this started on time, I failed to convey two important points.
*Two species were going to, erm, 'win'
*The species would be added to the Cosmosdex... soonish. I didn't take actually making the entry into account, but the idea was submitting them before regular species apps reopened.
*I probably also could've brought up some species' extinction as a thing that would result from this.

This would've given a fair chance to guess that [b]this is a vote for which species to submit to the extinct species list, not the main[\b]

...any suggestions on where to go from here?
RE: ??? Game
(04-02-2018, 02:12 PM)DS Piron Wrote: »This would've given a fair chance to guess that [b]this is a vote for which species to submit to the extinct species list, not the main[\b]

Ohhh that makes a lot more sense now!
I figured you were narrowing the list of which species to make your big project for the next round.
You could narrow it down each round, and give more juicy lore/details about each species as you go on.
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