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The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
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 The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
that escalated quickly

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Sunshine, Lollipops and Diabetes
Oh lordy it's this thing again.

Welcome aboard the third thread for the Grand OC, a contest for people who like making up characters more than they do actually writing for them!

the original flavor
here's part deux

We originally started out with an 800-word limit, but no one gives a shit anymore about that.

Fill this out

Username: It's you and no one else, especially not that tart to the left of this post.
Name: Of the character that is. Puns encouraged.
Species: Often interchangeable with race, but often filled out with things like "human" or "chaos elemental" or "incomprehensible extradimensional aspect of a larger entity".
Gender: Or lack thereof
Color: Pick a text color for your battler! This makes it a lot easier to avoid ambiguity in dialogue.

Description: Describe your character(s)! Big? Smol? No arms? Lots of arms? Tentacles? Jar of fluid? Angry? Tough? Soft? Scared? Psychotic? Brave? Determined? Don't hold back!
Weapons/Abilities: What do they have that makes them special (or not)? What do they do? What could they become? Battlers are usually picked for some kind of reason, even if that reason is nonsensical.
Biography: Here's where you put in a little snippet about your character. In a normal battle, this is a way to try and figure out whose writing is the most eligible when picking contestants, so it's a good place to show off your chops!

Prize Money

Keeping in with Grand OC tradition the host of the week will be giving out delicious prizes! And in keeping with Grand OC tradition, these prizes will be of an all new set to sit on your mantlepiece next to all the other shiny ones.

So without further ado:

The Godsworn Valley Universe In A Bottle - this award is given to the entry most dedicated to its worldbuilding, and which creates an interesting setting we'd all love to see expanded upon.

The Sam Wün Adaptability Award/Medal - this ever-shifting medal is for the entry that most fits into the Grand Battle format: a character that would be excellent to write for in any round, any battle.

The COFCA Employee of the Day Framed Picture - this award is for the entry that synergizes best with the rest of the entries this week. Unusual interactions, clashes of personality, anything that makes for good writing!

The Dragon Fogel - this is not an award. This is just Fogel, and he is given to the entry that makes the most awful/beautiful puns, for the character to do with as they see fit.

The The Brevity Award - This award is given to the entry that best makes use of of the short-form part of the profile: everything that isn't the Description, Weapons/Abilities, and Biography.

The Sonorachel Thematic Gold Record - This elemental record is a prize for the entry that most makes use of the weekly "theme" to create something interesting, unexpected, or just all-round fitting.

The You Tried Participation Trophy - the bane of baby boomers everywhere, this award is for the profile that made an effort but didn't quite make it to any of the other prize categories.

The HOST'S SPECIAL MENTION - at the host's discretion, they may single out a profile for special scrutiny commendation! Optional. Mostly for hosts who want to make a custom award.

So what's it gonna be?!

So from now, you have... ten days, because we suck at deadlines, to create an OC, for the Grand OC, in this fantastical contest of wills and worldbuilding, on the theme of:


Entries will close ostensibly sometime after the time-zone smear that is April 25, but really they will close about twenty seconds before I post my judgement.

04-15-2018, 04:30 AM
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 RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!

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Username: csj
Name: Stench (Originally, Austen Marsh)
Species: Was human. Not quite sure now.
Gender: Probably still female. It's hard to have a gender when there's nothing there anymore (unless you will it).
Color: Landfill green
Description: Looks like a pool of bin juice that's been left in the sun for far too long Has an attitude like one too.
Weapons/Abilities Shapeshifter. Has a pH of 3. Highly reactive. Can switch between aerosol and liquid forms. Brain-meltingly-stinky. Like damn my gas mask is crying its ass off and whoops now my hair is on fire.
Biography: "Okay, I get it, I'm trash. You think this is what I wanted? Like wow, some day I was all 'Ya know, what? I think I'm going to uh, merge my consciousness with industrial waste or something, omagawd that sounds like fun!' SERIOUSLY! I'm the victim of some really effed-up shit Doctor Whatsis (I was paid to clean not to think, dammit!) had lying around. I was there with a bucket and some cleaning stuff then next minute some vial of fancy pants genetically fusion-stuff drops into the gunk I'd just scraped from the slime tanks and boom!

Last thing I remember, someone's carting me to hospital in a bioweapon jar. Took me ages to pay for the bills from rehab. Are we done? I have a bounty to collect."

FINALLY having another stab at things: >Join the SPENTURE Alpha!
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04-16-2018, 11:32 AM
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 RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Please explain

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Username: Some fucking sheep or something idk.
Name: Big Deals.
Species: Mother was a mormon, father was a vacuum salesman. Them? Just a humble merchant.
Gender: Bargains.
Color: Gold chains for cheap.

Description: A rather short figure of no more than 5 foot tall in a beige-y brown trench coat that is far too big for them, wide brimmed hat of the same colour with a fedora like finish. You can't see their face, not until bargains are had anyway. All you can see is their beady eyes and flashy smile. The coat covers their entire lower body to the floor, but their big meaty fists are there for the world to behold. Coated in gold rings and with their name tattooed upon their knuckles (BIGD EALS) they are prepared to gently grab the attention of any prospective client hidden away on the other side of some kind of swinging entry panel.
Weapons/Abilities: Ability to knock on any door and offer a tantalizing deal to whoever answers it.
Biography: Big Deals was but a normal child named Paul, one day, they got a job at the flight agency as a door to door salesman. They immediately transmuted into their final form, Big Deals. No one has known peace on a Saturday morning since.

[Image: 933hfLL.png][Image: aCQpT7Z.png][Image: iRoHjKM.png]
04-16-2018, 01:21 PM
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Dragon Fogel
 RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
The Goddamn Pacman

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Username: I've been called out and I haven't even done anything in this thread yet.
Name: The Broogler
Race: Monster
Gender: Monstrous
Text Color: I usually just pick one arbitrarily unless I can make a pun with either the color name or the hex code.

Biography: Every little boy, girl, and otherwise-identifying child knows about the Broogler.
If you've been naughty, then in the middle of the night, you'll hear the unmistakable sound of the Broogler at your front door.
It's important to answer, or else the Broogler will leave a very smelly mess at the door.
When you do answer, the Broogler will ask, very rudely, about the naughty things you did, and ask you to confirm that you did it.
Answer honestly. If you don't, the Broogler will eat you.
At least, that's what they said back when I was a little one. But you know, it's the strangest thing. One night, the Broogler just stopped coming and they stopped telling the story.
It's like it went off somewhere else.

Description: The Broogler is a short, smelly little creature with very sharp teeth. It's otherwise not very remarkable, as monsters go. It's so tiny that it's hard to be intimidated by it unless you're a child.
The Broogler's main reaction to being entered in a battle is annoyance. It has naughty children to punish, after all. It doesn't especially care about the other contestants, although it does know what they did and is all too happy to berate them about their past misdeeds, however minor.
It also can't help but announce its presence by tapping repeatedly on the nearest surface whenever it wants someone's attention. Normally it sleeps all day and is only active at night, but the realities of the battle have forced it to adjust its schedule. This has only served to make it even more unpleasant as a conversationalist.

Weapons and Abilities: The Broogler only has two abilities.
First, it knows what you did. Everything you did. It will not explain how it knows this, but it is going to be very clear in its distaste for you.
Second, the Broogler can produce seemingly unlimited quantities of an extremely unpleasant substance. Nobody is sure just what the substance is; it doesn't appear to be acidic or actively dangerous in any way, but it smells awful and makes most living beings nauseous.
It's rumored that the Broogler eats uncooperative children, but this is purely embellishment from the humans. The Broogler is a strict vegetarian. That said, its fangs would hurt quite a bit if it chose to bite someone with them.
04-17-2018, 04:35 AM
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 RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Patron Saint of Normcore

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Username: Iiiiiiiit's Schazer
Name: Headmaster Plumonary
Species: Smoke Drake
Gender: Bearded
Color: free; radical

Description: Three metres of self-absorbed aerogel in the form of an east Asian dragon. Sports a beard, eyebrows, mane and tail fluff like a queasy cloud. Lion eyes. Scales the color of wallpaper stained with grease-smoke. Lovely custom-forged claws with an oxidised sheen on them like an oil spill across 'em, and titanium quicks so the bases don't corrode so fast. Smug, paternalistic, and prone to spontaneous lectures that ramble on just long enough for you to get distracted so he can slug you in the jaw with a nice fistful of metal.
Weapons/Abilities: His body exhibits strange physical properties, his mobility unaffected by crushing weapons but prone to shattering when dealt piercing damage. If he stays in his smoggy environment, however, he'll refill minor damage, and just dissipate in the face of anything properly dangerous and slither away to a nice, secluded patch of smoke where he can quietly reconstitute himself. The Headmaster has a hard-nosed business approach, an immediate rapport with any given city's unsavory characters, and a strategic mind. This guy breathes street smarts on the inhale and rather nasty gaseous compounds on the exhale.
Biography: Born of atmospheric pollutants, an urban sprawl his nest. The Headmaster calls a distant metropolis home, a tutor and guardian with ample time for those new to street life (if you don't mind his airy, meandering lectures). With many grimy-illustrious alumni who have emerged from under his tutelage, he boasts a not-inconsiderable political capital which he mostly just uses to maintain his comfy way of living. He never threatens anyone directly who's foolish enough to oppose him, goodness, no, how crass, but there's no shortage of well-off folk in this city who owe a debt of gratitude to the Smoke Drake who had their back way back in the day, you see?
04-18-2018, 11:02 AM
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 RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
wake me up in five.

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Name: "Fish Head"
Species: Cryptid? Mutant?
Gender: He/His
Color: ('>>)<

Description: A humanoid with a disproportionate fish-head resting between shoulders. Grossly muscular to the point it violates conventional anatomy - three pairs of bulging arms sprout from where his abdominal regions lie. Tends to go around shirtless, every inch of his exposed skin covered in tattoos. Remaining dressage - piecemeal armor - suspects a previous career as a conventional supersoldier. Despite horrific appearance, surprisingly honorable, following his own post-apocalyptic code of chivalry. Sustains a love for combat but only against "equal" opponents - puny humans need not to apply. Most of his time applies towards searching for such a worthy challenge.

Abilities: Has a pair of very muscular arms and three extra on his abdominal. Each pair is as strong as peak-human capacity can let it, which means he is four times as strong as a man - which means that is kind of terrifying. Currently wielding a chain gun, two uzis, a makeshift broadsword, and for some reason, a harmonica. Good at fighting. Not so great at music unfortunately.


Spoiler :
In the grimdark future of the year 2017, the world was ruined by an unspecified apocalypse. As humanity struggled to survive, civilizations downsized into smaller, independent city-states. In one particular city-state, two soldier occupy a make-do tower - previously housing a church bell - at their superior's orders, guarding vigilantly against perceived threats. Eventually, enough time passed to the point boredom seemed more dangerous than potential bandits. So they shared stories.

"Had you heard of the 'Fish Head?'" Soldier A inquired.

"Never had I do," Soldier B admitted. She cocked an eyebrow. "Go on."

"Well--" Soldier A lit up her chin with a flashlight. There was still daylight, so it was not scary at all. "'Fish Head' is this creature terrorizing around these parts. Looks as if a man mated with a bug. Some B-movie business, I'd say! Especially with those stomach-arms. Don't ask me where he comes from though. His origins are shrouded in mystery. Government experiment or soldier? Does it matter? Big and ugly, that's what he is, and he exists. I swear."

Soldier B looked dubious. Soldier A, encouraged, continued.

"Anyway. Fish Head's really strong. So strong that he cannot be stopped. I think he's aware of it because - because, he keeps on fighting and if he ran out of fights - well - he keeps going. Finding fights probably not hard for him though. Lots of dead bodies, lots of hurt feelings, you know. Don't think anyone won or I would've heard. No one's died yet though. Fish Head keeps sparing them. There's a bit of humanity in him, I guess. Or he wanted more fights in the future. A corpse can't fight, after all -"

"Getting off topic, sis."

"Right, right. What really gets me is like, like. Why does Fish Head keeps fighting? I doubt he had any higher reasoning, but I don't think he's super dumb, yeah? He's got a thing for music. So my theory is, he's trying to test his limits - or obtain an honorable death, since he's so goddamn ugly. All that kung-fu movie stuff. Which is pretty cool, but. But! There could be better ways to get around that without beating randos up, freaky arms and all! He's such a nuisance."

"I agree," Soldier B said, unimpressed.

"You could say, he's obnoxious."


"Obnoxious with those abs knocking out people. That damn fish."

Soldier B froze.

"Abs. Knock. Fish," Soldier A beamed as she spoke out each syllable. "Obnoxious."

Soldier A shrieked in triumphant glee as she dodged the hat, the goggles, and three-or-four oatmeal packets Soldier B managed to scrounge between her audible groans and mock-angry statements. The build-up was mediocre and the pun was absolutely (ha!) abominable, but her campfire tale did its duty. Soldier A estimated the whole routine took ten minutes. Which is good because if she could think up five more good ones, they could get excused from guard duty. Then they can go back home, back to their families for the night.
04-19-2018, 02:15 AM
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