Then fuckin' vote Sunspider! It gets like, the same information on the flip!!! What does seedy flipping provide that Sunspider flipping doesn't! Either seedy is a lying liar who lies or not and that colors all the information and it doesn't matter who it happens to and if i'm pushing for an lynch that turns out to be innocent it has the added bonus of people maybe wanting to take me out more and releasing me from this nightmare

do we really need another fucking split on the lynch target so close to the (second) deadline
Yip yip.
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
*a stone tablet falls from the cosmos. It reada:*
*You surmise this would apply to a scum driver over a possible second mafia thief*
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
(07-12-2018, 05:37 AM)Robust Laser Wrote: »do we really need another fucking split on the lynch target so close to the (second) deadline

*the reason dog is so apprehensive of this claim is that it came so late, after the first deadline while n-o had softlynch, which is not responsible and seems more like desperation*
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
I don't have much time tonight, but:

@Those voting me: I'm not scum. Im a 3rd party thief survivor and win with town or mafia. I would like to see a town win though.

@Seedy, my being 3rd Party is why I came up as Different Aligned than awkwardcarapace.

@Pharmacy: what's with the unclaimed poison and food in your inventory? Can you explain it?

Will post night actions next, but typing on phone, and tabbing is time consuming, so wanted to send this first.
*dog stares at sunspider*
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
@Sunspider: my inventory is 3 toilet tubes, 2 glass lens, an orange, fedora, tinfoil and bone. Not even a stint of poison or food. Unless you count orange as a poison and/or food.

If I had poison, I SHOULD be poisoned, but I'm not.
@seedy other ish is if spoids is not 3p but scum she could also steal schaz’s antidote and keep thst from getting to me that way. It’s a lose-lose proposition

@schazer I was entertaining that too but akumu’s ‘I absolutely am poisoned, god’ post sounds pretty Real, honestly


(07-12-2018, 05:33 AM)Wheat Wrote: »*dog stares at the rest of the town. Perhaps they would like to know about guilties and innocents????

what does this part even mean, seedy’s claimed all her actions whether you think she’s scum or not

@pharmacy if we do lynch sunspider and she’s scum, please don’t bus me and instead bus seedy with someone else at random, much better that she’s still alive come tomorrow than I am + I’m poisoned anyhow so possibly a waste of a mafia kill on me assuming I don’t get an antidote for some reason
k, acknowledged.

why, me a busdriver, needs poison anyway when I can already cause Chaos with redirecting.
Also @wheat I think Akumu throwing himself out a mteaphorical winow makes Seedy’s claim pretty believable enough that we don’t need to lynch her to believe it.

@sunspider if you *are* what you say, I would suspect that you targeted a bussed pharms, but otoh you said your item check happens *before* night actions which.... hmm
well now with that claim I don't like anything any more. Dare I look back at n-o again? Reyweld? Pharms???? like now maybe a seedy lynch does say more, but then suddenly would mean nothing re: sunspider other than "not town, which is confessed anyways"
or, ya know, Sunspider is mafia with a scientist guilty and has taken the only believable option out that doesn't require accusing seedy of being scum instead
(07-12-2018, 05:50 AM)Wheat Wrote: »*the reason dog is so apprehensive of this claim is that it came so late, after the first deadline while n-o had softlynch, which is not responsible and seems more like desperation*

Much like me and my ~mystery item~, I think Seedy was waiting on Sunspider to post her promised mystery info before wanting to blow a hole in the game.

If Sunspider is scum, her info would be a lot more interesting if her back wasn't up against the wall and she felt she still had a solid way to talk out of any suspicion - now if Spoids is mafia anything she says is going to be under a cloud of 'is she saying this bc it's true/might save her or is it just misdirection that might bail out a scum teammate'.

So yeah, I think it's a pretty believable claim and also responsible because we *knew* we could extend day with 5 votes, it's not like that was at all in question

(we can still extend day again if we want to)
yeah i'm sticking on sunspider most likely.

like, the suspicion on seedy is from the last minute sudden claim, which, as mentioned, was largely because of trying to wait on claims to reveal. This might seem pulled out of one's ass, but then the target (sunspider) confirmed the results. Not exactly in the same way but it wasn't a lie. Whether maf or third party, the Sunspider is a different alignment than aC.

which like, sure, could be scum using items to fill out information to craft a claim that's technically true but looks bad, but right now I think I ally myself with verified information.

which means either taking a chance on spoids or i'd honestly be okay with swapping to akumu if enough people don't want to chance the currently theoretical death at night on them
but right now changing doesn't do shit because soft is 3 and the only thing that's on 2 that i'm not on is... against me. Which I just don't believe would be that useful. Like, I'm sure it'd be fuckin' illuminating if I flipped maf, but I personally know that wouldn't happen, and flipping town would like. I mean I guess not worthless but mostly just "let's reconsider things that have already been considered"?
honestly y'all it's sounding more and more to me like a Too Many Cops: The Setup Creation Underestimates How Having 4+ Town Info Roles Breaks The Game Regardless of How Much Screwball Stuff You Throw In situation

so assuming we got 3 scum left:

Akumu's definitely one of 'em
Sunspider? maybe, and if not 3P survivor so vOv
Nercania-Orccelga? Honestly, at this point, Probably
Reyweld? Also still on the table, that Solaris kill + CSJ knowing Schaz's role thing is still a big ol' side-eye from me

that's my most likely picks

Robust Laser would be next on the chopping block for me but I honestly still find their stuff p. believable + Akumu's (entirely fair if the situation is actually this fubar for mafia) bitter post make me think it's Less Likely
If Sunspider flips 3P and the poison stuff wasn't her accidentally running into a bus bc her role works differently from how she said she thought it did, Pharmacy?

if three of the above aren't mafia then stuff starts getting weird

hyperbus Palamedes? non-aligned Schazer? lying Seedy?

but yeah I think if we lynch Sunspider, Akumu (assuming he's not poison-dead after tonight), N-O + Reyweld/RL/Pharms depending on previous flips the game is pretty locked down.
also I guess we may be doing Vote: Day Extension again because we're at less than 24 hours to go and Sunspider's promised the good ol' Full Actions but doesn't seem to be online right now (which is fair, it's well past midnight over there).
Like, not like we can't extend day and then hammer if we think we've finished talking for the day and united on a lynch prospect, doing another extension just gives us Options.
cartwheels to yet another Vote Day Extension.
man, I forgot about 3p claims...hmm. I can’t say I’ve been getting “3p” from Sunspider, but it’s...possible. I’ll have to sleep on this. hey wheat, you should be excited, n-o is back on the chopping block?
Mirdini’s post is pretty good...I think we’ll have more to think about with flips and I disagree on some parts...but I like the logic and attempt to judge the gamestate

vote: day extension

technically Sunspider shouldn’t be able to have been bussed or redirected I think? since she (perhaps calculatedly) said she visited pharmacy n2 and we know that csj<->a52 happened and then ac who wasn’t trying to visit either also ended up at a52. but whoooo knooooows how whatever role that may be out there works:
Vote: Day extension

Dunno when next I can post like this, but Vote: Day Extension I'll replace out if I can't be around, but I'll do my best to be.

Note 0: Killing me isn't free; I'm a 1 person buffer against a mafia majority, and I'm on your side in spirit! Let me help you help me~

Note 1: Granolaman's gun and scope weren't in his inv last night (recieved inv info, but my steal was blocked by Turkish Delight). If Mafia took it before nightkilling, they may have an unblockable kill in reserve to strike the killing blow when we think we're at Lylo. Unless we know where it went and I missed that?

Note 2: If Schazer and Solaris were masons, they should be able to confirm that Sol's inv went from 1 pog to 4 pogs after Night 2, and no items were stolen from them.

Note 3: As a thief, I can steal a bomb off a player whose role we really really need. I'm willing to do this to secure a win, though I can only do it once.

@Wheat/Mirdini: If I was scum, I'd have lied and fed Wheat's suspicions Seedy was lying or misinformed on my role, rather than outing myself as 3p Survivor. But I want us to have complete info here. I want a Town win. Just having a hard time keeping up w/ the game while traveling.

@Mirdini: I'll concede that I might've been redirected, but I get item lists before the night is over, and can elect to steal after that. For this reason, I'm pretty sure I got Pharms inv list, and am pretty sure Pharms is lying.

Night Actions

N1: Used Thief on CSJ. Inventory contained 1x Recipe Book. Chose not to steal. Opened present: 1x Toilet Paper Tube. Recieved 3x Pog++.

N2: Used Thief on Solaris. Inventory contained: 1x Pog++. Chose not to steal. Deposited 3 pogs. Schazer ought be able to confirm this?

N3: No stable net connection/downtime to catch up with day game. Used Thief on Pharmacy; Inventory contained: 1x Apple, 3x Orange, 2x Poison, 1x Toilet Paper Tube. Chose not to steal. Recieved 3x Oranges, 1x Turkish Delight, 2x Bone, 2x Toilet Paper Tubes, 1x Tinfoil, 1x Pog++, 1x Present.

N4: Used Thief on Granolaman; inventory contained: 1x Recipe Book, 1x Toilet Paper Tube. Could not steal; blocked by Turkish Delight. Recieved 2x Pog++. Opened present: 1x Cotton Pads. Deposited 1 pog to Granolaman.

My Current Inventory: 1x Cotton Pads, 3x Oranges, 2x Bone, 2x Toilet Paper Tubes, 1x Tinfoil, 2x Pog++, 1x Ammo.
Spoids the bombs just permanently roleblock you until you receive "medical attention"; they leave our inventories after a day so you stealing one wouldn't do anything 'cept also roleblock you forever.

Re: Granolagun unless CSJ stole it and also handed it off to a living scum teammate that has ammo I think it was probably on a dead person at this point.

Also if you're 3p you may be a 'buffer against a mafia majority' but also if it comes down to anything except a 3-person lylo mafia can just reveal and go 'hey vote with us or we kill you in the night' and you will (have to) side with them.

I mean, I'm honestly still willing to entertain you being a third party bc You Seem Legit but then... where the scum at, is it rly pharms-scum after all bc that poison counter-claim makes anything else sorta hard to believe and would have to make Pharms somehow immune to or the source of the poison otherwise she would have keeled over at the start of the day today (barring antidote shenanigans?)
(also congrats y'all we're in this hell day for another 48 hours, woo, I'm sure we're all overjoyed)
You keep talking about Granola's scope but there's nothing in the database named Scope or Sight?